End Times Prophecy Headlines: May 20, 2013

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End Times Prophecy Report
May 20, 2013

Syrian rebel ‘explains’ his cannibalism – This is how the world ‘explains its actions: they’re justified because….!  The criminal mind has taken over those who inhabit the “news” of the world these days…

Powerful 6.8 quake off the coast of Chile; No tsunami

Shallow 4.8 magnitude earthquake strikes in Yellow Sea off the coast of North Korea

Obama To Sign U.N. Arms Trade Treaty ‘In The Very Near Future’ – Sold out by both Democrats and Republicans–according to plan…

Police state has arrived is civil war imminent watch how the crowd reacts :Adam Kokesh violently dragged from protest by police, arrested for ‘resisting arrest’, refuses to be booked – It couldn’t have ended any other way.  It wasn’t supposed to end any other way…

Two delicious blackstrap molasses recipes – (h/t:L)

The facts behind the mountain of student debt: 13 percent of students owe more than $50,000 and nearly 4 percent owe more than $100,000. Student debt grew by 284 percent from 2004 to 2013.  – Ah yes, my pretty…

Christianity in crisis – Muslims now control parts of Great Britain.  The Jesuits have schemed for centuries to overthrown all “heretic” (non-Roman Catholic) countries…

Report: Assad preparing missile strike against Tel Aviv in case attacked again – The plot thickens

The Civil War in Iraq has started and it will be worse than Syria – Of course.  Unlike Syria, there’s no need to justify why American troops are in Iraq…

Muddled Israeli-US policies on Assad set stage for Golan offensive against Israel

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE GOING MAINSTREAM The People are getting angry at every level.

(Video) How the border is closed each day between Pakistan and India – (h/t:T)

Doomsday Planet Niburu mentioned in new Star Trek movie – Of course, if one is getting their information from Space.com, at some point one is likely to be terribly misinformed.

1 killed, 21 injured in Tornado outbreak

4 fireballs seen in U.S. skies in last 24 hours

Manure menace: Mysterious foam causes explosions on hog farms

Beef prices hitting records highs – As stated a year ago: You ain’t seen nothing yet…

Same sex “marriage” signed into law in France – (h/t:T) The French rioted in response to this new law–unlike Americans.  BUT, neither approach worked…

Vitamin D helps asthma symptoms

Sheriff Joe to Congress: Investigate Obama’s eligibility – These types of stories are published to engender a false hope in the system…

(VIDEO) Pastor catches bird with bare hands – (h/t:T)


Half of America wants Obama impeached

Poll: 49% Approve Of Obama’s Job Performance  

both of these could both be true. Which is the world in which we live: lies are told, but technically, they could be true…

(Video) Lightening slowed down 300x

Obama IRS targeted many groups – (h/t:D)  This article is good as a teaching tool: perhaps we’ll come back to it later this week.

Article is interesting NOW because the author of the article is Wayne Allyn Root, the Libertarian VP candidate in 2008 (This writer conducted a long interview that same year with WAR).  Root was also the president of Obama’s Columbia U graduating class and stated that he did not know that Obama even attended Columbia until BHO was running for president.  Fox News interviewed 400 members of Obama’s graduating class and not a one of them remembered Obama from Columbia.  As stated: interesting.

by Jeremiah J. Jameson

with Mondo Frazier

Author: Jeremiah J Jameson

End Times Prophecy Report - Publisher and author

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