End Times Prophecy Headlines: May 24, 2013

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May 24, 2013

7.4-magnitude Quake Hits South of Fiji Islands

Two 5.7 quakes hit Northern California, 20 aftershocks

8.2 Russian quake felt in Moscow – Hmmm…. Are we seeing a HAARP/Scalar/electromagnetic war or something?!?

Unusual Number of Earthquakes Reported Since Monday in Central Arkansas

5/24/2013 — Back to back 3.5M earthquakes inside Arkansas Fracking Operation

Main Oil Pipeline in Yemen blown up – They’ve stopped pumping oil…

AMA wants to force Mandatory Vaccine trials due to low participation in volunteer trials – (h/t:E)

Global Stock Market Beat-down spreads

Cars, people sent tumbling into Skagit River WASHINGTON as I-5 bridge collapses – Includes Video

McDonald’s creates 1140-calory Box of McFries – It’s the whopper of fries; almost 2 1/2 times the size of a large fry and over half of the recommended daily intake of calories…

(Video) Bizarre Arnold Swartzenegger Commercial

Food freedom on trial in raw milk court case

60% Say It’s Likely Other Agencies Targeted Conservatives, Too

O.J. Simpson is waiting to see if a judge will grant him a retrial. Have you seen how fat O.J. has gotten? O.J. is so fat, he wants the judge to throw the cookbook at him”
–Jay Leno

Team Obama’s Endless Syrian Bungling – Apparently, former Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton has re-upped with Team Obama.  This article is an example of what Bolton does best: run interference for Obama by attacking Obama.

John R. Bolton
John R. Bolton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Billboard with portrait of Assad and the text ...
Billboard with portrait of Assad and the text God protects Syria on the old city wall of Damascus 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s see: the USA has boots on the ground in Syria masquerading as “rebels.”  Russia is well aware of the situation and has warned the USA repeatedly.  The Russian foreign minister has even hinted at nuclear war over the USA’s continued “meddling in the affairs of sovereign nations (Syria).”  And right on cue, Bolton accuses Obama of the laughable charge of “bungling” (code for “He’s not doing enough to remove Assad”)–all because “Assad remains in power.”

It’s certainly not because Team Obama hasn’t tried to remove the Syrian leader.  But, Bolton accuses Obama of “bungling” and throws in all the right buzzwords when discussing Assad: “brutal” (twice) and  “bloody.”  Meanwhile, the USA provides the bodies and munitions that the compliant press labels “the rebels.”

Bolton remains the best ex-UN mouthpiece that money can buy.  And this article shows on which payroll he’s now landed.

73% Expect to Pay More for Groceries

Protect you and your family from cancer-causing fluoride – (h/t:L)

Portland voters overwhelmingly reject water fluoridation – (h/t:L)

Senate approves Real ID bill; would require passport for citizen to fly within the USA if person rejects it – (h/t:E)

WV panel looks at tax hikes to fund WV roads – (h/t:T)  Money for roads?  No can do.  Money to tear down dozens of buildings?  Sure!

Nestle CEO: Water is not a human right

English: American political activist Medea Ben...
English: American political activist Medea Benjamin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who let HER in? Twitter erupts after Obama is heckled during national security speech by CODEPINK founder Medea Benjamin – (h/t: S) Winner of the “Worst Staged Event of 2013–so far” Award.  How does the Code Pink woman just get let in to an event with the president?  Probably the same way she just “happened” to appear at those events when Bush II was the prez.  Let someone else (who’s not in on the gag) try this and they’ll end up being detained–not “sparring three times” with Obama…

Teen Colorado homosexual thanks classmates for support – (h/t:T) “You can’t say anything about Jesus in school speeches, but you can talk about being gay…”    As someone I listen to puts it, “Everything is backwards!”

“For Memorial Day I’m going to the beach. Nothing gives you more comfort than your lifeguard sitting in the chair texting.”
–David Letterman

50 Things to Disappear during an Emergency – It would have been shorter to just say “Anything of value.”  But it supposed that wouldn’t have made much of an article…

Israeli Air Force warns of sudden war with Syria – Sudden = without further warning.  Since we’ve been given SOOOOOO much warning already.  The Air Force general in question is warning of war on “multiple fronts” which makes it right as a spark for WWIII.  Hold onto your hats.  Do you know Jesus?

Pastor pulls two Oklahoma tornado Tweets after criticism – You hate to say “compromise” and “timidity”–but what else is there to say?

The termite apocalypse: Stomach-turning pictures of swarms of insects spreading through New Orleans – At least it’s not locusts…

(VIDEO) Indoctrination in 6-year-old’s Common Core ELA Texts – As if the coarsening of society, culture of death and the 24/7 diet of depraved entertainment wasn’t enough, now we’re teaching elementary students to be socialistic Communist Nazis…

Boy Scouts vote to accept homosexuals

“In November, Colorado passed an amendment that legalized the recreational use of marijuana. It’s resulted in a surge of “pot tourism.” People come for the weekend to smoke pot and the next thing they know, it’s 30 years later they’re still there working in a carbon-neutral coffee shop.”
–Jimmy Kimmel

The Colorado River, The High Plains Aquifer And The Entire Western Half Of The U.S. Are Rapidly Drying Up

(VIDEO) Guy balances a chair over a precipice – Heck of a way to make a living…

Interstate bridge in Washington state collapses – Good photos

Anthony Weiner Show takes its circus to Harlem – I know it’s for mayor of NYC, but quick: who is running against disgraced perv Anthony Weiner?  Don’t know, don’t care?  Exactly.  The press–in the guise of disgust–has given Weiner almost non-stop 24/7 press coverage since he declared for the office.  The tightly-controlled Corporate Media know the equation “There is no thing as bad press, long as you spell my name right.”  Which is why Weiner is getting millions of dollars of free publicity and unbeatable name recognition.  Even as reporters pretend to rake Weiner over the coals.

NOTE: Weiner is involved in what is speculated to be a marriage-of-convenience with Hillary Clinton’s “personal aide” Huma Abidin.  Several VERY interesting articles about the Clinton-Abedin relationship appeared before Clinton announced her presidential run in 2007.

Included were such questions as “How does a 20-something woman making circa $20,000/year (for doing such things as carrying Clinton’s purse) manage to pay off a $500,000 Washington townhouse?”  Just when  the Hillary-Huma story started heating up, out of the blue, Anthony Weiner ( a not-yet-disgraced Congressman from NY) stepped forward to announce he was marrying Huma–and the speculation then dried up.

Might one hazard a guess that the NYC Mayorship be payback for “services rendered”?!?  That was the buzz a few years back when Weiner stepped down amid his personal pornagraphic sexting scandal. One suspects the tabloids might have a field day–and they are.

(VIDEO) Season Preview for ABC series 666 Park Avenue – This series got canceled after the first season.  But what the hey?!?  (At the :50 mark, during the interview of an actress, notice the logo in the backdrop for Comic Con–the all-seeing eye.)  They have given up on hiding things a long time ago…

Scores of TGI Fridays ‘caught selling caramel-colored rubbing alcohol as top-shelf scotch’ in crackdown – How many other products are getting this treatment?

In London as in Boston, terrorist-killers were known to security services – Imagine that!

Photos & Video: Thousands Of Tanks & Military Vehicles On The Move Through Louisiana & California – ‘As Far As The Eye Can See’

Foreign troops and armored vehicles spotted in America’s New Hampshire, Florida, and West Virginia

COMMENT: Things seem to be heating up on all fronts.  Do you know Jesus?  There’s still time…

by Jeremiah J. Jameson

with Mondo Frazier

Author: Jeremiah J Jameson

End Times Prophecy Report - Publisher and author

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