Lithuania’s Amazing Hill of Hope: Hundreds of Thousands of Crosses, Signs of Enduring Faith or ‘Miracle’?

You gotta love the Daily Mail headline:

Mysterious hill of crosses where pilgrims actually believe Christ can perform miracles”.

Aside from the headline the article includes a short bio plus stunning photos of Lithuania’s “Hill of Hope” where an “estimated 200,00 crosses, carvings and shrines” have been placed after the KBG bulldozed down the ‘nuisance’ twice during the Soviet run era.

An astute Daily Mail reader left the following comment:

“I love it.It gives people hope and peace to visit. That would be impossible to have in the UK,political correctness…it would insult other religions.”

Back to the “wow, (paraphrasing) those people planting all those crosses actually believe Christ will perform a miracle” headline, which leads to the question of, “Can acts of Faith–the planting of the crosses, carvings, and shrines’–be, in of themselves, a ‘miracle’? The miracle of these particular ‘pilgrims’ enduring faith in Christ?
Some might argue according to ‘scriptural standards’ biblical miracles are ‘acts that only God can perform’.  But, in certain instances, can humans play a part–instruments of God–in performing a ‘miracle’?
A biblical model and definition, on the other hand, for a miracle is another thing all together. Not everything hard to believe can be quantified as a miracle according to scriptural standards. Miracles are those acts that only God can perform; usually superceding natural laws. Baker’s Dictionary of the Bible defines a miracle as “an event in the external world brought about by the immediate agency or the simple volition of God.” It goes on to add that a miracle occurs to show that the power behind it is not limited to the laws of matter or mind as it interrupts fixed natural laws. So the term supernatural applies quite accurately.
It’s very interesting that a common word used for miracle in the New Testament can also be translated “sign.” A miracle is a sign that God uses to point to Himself; the same way we follow signs to find a museum or an airport.

And yet it was humans who built the ‘mysterious’ Hill of Hope,  the thousands and thousands of crosses…. ‘acts of faith’ by humans seeking miracles from Christ, which, when viewed as whole, could be construed as a ‘sign’ pointed to God.

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