Demons Exorcised: Polish Exorcisms Available For Internet Addicts


Exorcisms are on the rise in Poland and across Europe with more trained priests ready to battle the Devil, evil, and the requisite demons who accompany them. We decided to look into the Ritual of Exorcism and the steps taken to perform one.

According to a story in the Boston Globe there’s been a resurgence in exorcisms performed by Catholic priests and other exorcist trained laymen. Courses are being taught in a Catholic university in Rome in exorcisms and the Church, in 1999, formally “revised and upheld the ritual for the first time in almost 400 years.”

According to the Church, evil is on an upswing with people’s lax attitudes about attending Mass and exposure to “doors of evil” such as New Age therapies, alternative religions, internet junkies and yoga enthusiasts.

Plans are under way in Poland to build the area’s only ExorcismsRus center:

The Rev. Andrzej Trojanowski, a soft-spoken Pole, plans to build a “spiritual oasis” that will serve as Europe’s only center dedicated to performing exorcisms. With the blessing of the local Catholic archbishop and theological support from the Vatican, the center will aid a growing number of Poles possessed by evil forces or the devil himself, he said.

The website, St. Michael, has some tips on whether one is actually possessed by demons and what to avoid in order to stay away from potential demon-infested activities:

  • The Ouija board is a popular occult board game and there is also Dungeons and Dragons. Satan’s main target in Dungeons and Dragons game is our youth. With Dungeons and Dragons, the most powerful and successful players are those who use magic. There is a Dungeons Master Guide that even teaches new beginners how to communicate with the dead, cast spells, and learn to chant.
  • The use of magic revolves around evil spirits, psychic abilities and contacting spirits. Magic is a power that does not involve God. It is a power that is derived from such things as voodoo, sorcery, primitive religions and Satanism. Most witches who use magic swear that they do not worship Satan but worship the gods and goddesses of nature (The gods and goddesses of nature are hardly Jesus Christ! Of course they worship Satan! Do not let someone who practices this occult tell you otherwise!). Many of these individuals are unknown because they blend in quite well. They can be found attending church services in every denomination and they practice their magic on the side. If someone tells you white magic is ok–don’t believe them!!
  • Use of new age tools such as crystals, divination, astrology, tarot cards, crystal balls, reincarnation, pendulums, Yoga, Transcendental Meditation
  • Those who make a pact with Satan or attend Satanic services or rituals.
  • Going to Séances, fortune tellers, Horoscopes, or spiritualist meetings for the purpose of contact the dead.
  • Those who use alcohol or mind changing drugs such as LSD, cocaine, marijuana
  • Sex out of wedlock, active homosexuals, masturbation, adultery
  • Those who have an abortion
  • Those who try to commit suicidal or have suicidal tendencies.

There are also ways the “innocent” can be victimized by evil:

In some cases, evil spirits enter an innocent victim. The victim may be an unborn baby who is cursed from the mother’s womb. The curse can be from a jealous relative, friend, enemy, or even the child’s own parents.

Innocent victims may also include children who are not loved, who are mistreated or abused or rejection by other children, siblings, parents, etc. The abuse can range from sexual abuse, mental abuse, or physical abuse.

There are standard rules and procedures when performing an exorcism such as the priest wearing an alb and purple stole before he begins the prayer. He will make the sign of the cross over the demon possessed and then wrap one end of the stole around the victim’s neck:

One may have two normal sized stoles sewn together in order to have a very long stole to extend from the priest to the victim’s neck. It is truly amazing how the blessed stole calms and controls the possessed person. Certainly one initially may encounter violent reactions, but that is to be expected. The stole not only symbolizes, but demonstrates the power of the priesthood. Jesus binds the evil spirits with the use of this sacramental.

The priest is instructed to place his right hand on the devil inflicted’s head and a Bible must be close by for “questioning and commanding the demons to respond.”

One wonders what type of rapport the priest finds when conversing with the demons who possess the poor victim? Are some demons better spoken, have a higher intellect than others?

The Bible comes in handy as some poor souls point out to the priest the “avenue” with which evil was able to enter them:

After invoking the Holy Spirit, there is surprising response and confirmation, which are keys to opening up and freeing the person. For example, a woman who had been a war orphan revealed through scripture that she was not baptized. Another woman opened the Bible to Tobias where it stated that she was not married in the church. A couple opened the Bible to the Old testament reading on abortion, which confirmed, at some point to unforgiven sin. Others opened to a passage focusing on a generational curse. While still others read a verse on incest in the family. One girl indicated the story of Jacob and Essau. Her twin brother was murdered at three months of age. She was the second to be born and like Jacob became the first through infanticide. Others have indicated a need for greater humility, faith and fasting. The Rite of Exorcism uses passages from Jn. 1:1-14; Mk. 16:15-18; Lk. 1:17-20; Lk. Source – St. Michael

Relics must be on hand, those are the rules. The “relics” must be “first class,” those of a saint. Handkerchiefs touched by St. Paul, the “shadow” of St. Peter, or the Blessed Sacrament of Jesus.

Medals also come in handy. The medal of St. Benedict is known for warding of evil spirits along with the scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and the Rosary.

The Rosary

The blessing of the rosary states, “Nos eriperes de potestate diaboli” Our Lord Jesus Christ through His life, death and resurrection has “snatched us from the power of the devil.” Abundant graces are granted through proper recitation of the rosary, “Ab omni hoste visibili et invisibili et ubíque in hoc sáeculo liberetur” (from every enemy both visible and invisible and everywhere in this lifetime be freed). St. Dominic freed a heretic from 15,000 devils, when the man had blasphemed the Blessed Mother and the Rosary. St. Dominic preached on the fifteen mysteries of the rosary and asked the faithful to pray and meditate. For every mystery, 1,000 demons left him in the form of burning coals until he was delivered. The rosary is the chain that Our Lady uses to bind Satan. It is often seen in a possessed individual, that the demon is irritated and they complain that the rosary burns them and they often destroy the rosary. Source – St. Michael

The Crucifix is essential, “symbolic of the defeat of Satan through the death of Christ.”

The long prayer for Solemn Blessing of the Crucifix, “Ut quóties triúmphum divínae humnilitátis, quae supérbiam nostri hostis dejecit” and (how often the divine humility has triumphed casting out the pride of our enemy). “Dignáre respícere, bene + dícere et Sancti + ficáre hanc creaturm incensi, ut omnes languores, omnesque imfirmitates, atque insidiar inimici, odorem ejus sentientes, efffugiant, et separatur a plasmate tuo; ut num quam lædatur amorsu antiqui serpentes” (Deign to care for bless and sanctify those being inflamed by passion and weakness, any sickness, deceits of the foe and suspicious resentments felt by them. Be cast out and driven away from your creature) and “Numquam lædatur a morsu antiqui derpentis” (Never to be hurt by the bite of the ancient serpent). Source – St. Michael

Guidelines have been established as to who can perform an exorcism. Priests must have explicit permission from higher-ups, the priest must be pious, prudent and have personal integrity.

The priest must be versed in all the tricks and shenanigans pulled by the evil entity.

The priest must be aware that “certain species” of the Devil cannot be overthrown unless faced with “prayer and fasting.”

During the exorcism no ad-libbing by the priest. Only the words of the Bible must be used. The priest must also command the evil dweller to state just how he entered the host.

The priest must be humble and rely only on God for direction. The priest must remember that evil spirits may lie and not tell the truth. The priest must refrain from asking the demon any questions outside the reference of the Bible and exorcism, such as “what does your mother think about you being a demon?” or “just when did you “go evil?”

In summary, according to St. Michael, it is only through prayer, fasting, and humility on the part of the priest and the willingness of the victim to get rid of their demons can an exorcism be successful.

We wondered if those who became possessed through the internet, if the computer used could be also be considered a “vessel of evil” and therefore, should be destroyed?

There you have it, evil is on the rise throughout the world and the Church is responding by recognizing its centuries old, but still effective manner of ridding poor infected souls of the devil and his minions, exorcism.

Unfortunately for Americans, with a lifestyle that just begs evil to enter their souls, there’s an acute shortage of qualified, highly trained exorcism specialists on hand, and since you are reading this with the help of the internet, you too, might just be in the same boat as us, possessed by evil.

If one can afford it, place yourself on the Polish Exorcist Center’s waiting list, where an exorcism is just a passport and plane ticket away.


Posted by Mondo Frazier on July 12, 2013

From the original DBKP article: Polish Exorcisms Available For Internet Addicts,  February 12, 2008

4 thoughts on “Demons Exorcised: Polish Exorcisms Available For Internet Addicts”

  1. When I was a teenager I was interested in witchcraft, of course, I wasn’t a believer. Once I had a true interest it seemed that many doors were opened for getting involved in witchcraft. A classmate actually introduced me to a “white witch” one that was just a pagan and not a worshiper of satan. I was told to make my decision and know that it would be one made for life. A few days after the meeting the classmate asked me what I wanted to do; he was going to return my answer to the witch. I said, “If Jesus Christ is real, He wouldn’t want me to do this.” All the doors immediately slammed shut! There was no more interest on my part, and opportunities to pursue witchcraft no longer just popped up. It still amazes me that just mentioning the name of Jesus Christ without any faith in Him relieved me of this evil desire and turned back the move of the enemy towards my soul. Jesus Christ is sufficient to protect us from the enemy. This false work by the Catholic church does nothing but support and continue their superstitions. Believers have nothing to fear for greater is He Who is in you than he who is in the world. Jesus Christ is our Deliverer and Protector and we have nothing to fear. Many of those afflicted by these addictions could find freedom by repenting of their sin and putting the faith in Jesus Christ as taught us in the Bible. God bless you:)


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