End Times Prophecy Headlines: July 27-28, 2013

End Times Prophecy Report Headlines: Bible prophecy in Today's headlines.
Bible prophecy in Today’s headlines.

End Times Prophecy Report
July 27-28, 2013

CommentaryAnd OPINION

Pro-military masses in Cairo wave banners saying ‘Obama Out! Putin in!’

More than 100 people killed and 1,000 injured in clashes in Egypt as deposed president Morsi is formally accused of murder and conspiracy with Hamas

Egyptian Army launches counter terrorism measures in the Sinai

Blast kills six, wounds dozens in Philippine southern city

More than 1000 inmates escape Libyan prison – CHAOS!

Protests hit Tunisia for second day after assassination

Sarah Palin - I was FORCED to keep quiet about Obama
SARAH PALIN – I was FORCED to keep quiet about Obama–but they did let me say I was a pit bull with lipstick. [photo: © 2009 DBKP]
Sarah Palin: I was forbidden to tell the truth about Obama – This is not a very good thing to be admitting if you’re Sarah Palin.

““I was not allowed to talk about things like that because those ‘elitists,’ those who are the brainiacs in the GOP machine, running John McCain’s campaign at the time said that the media would eat us alive if we brought up these things,” she said.”

This absolutely should HUMILIATE anyone who tries to portray Palin–and the  most prominent person attempting to do so is Palin herself–as a fearless, can-do woman-who-won’t-back-down.

But, but, but…she was FORCED to be quiet!

Then she should have quit or spoken out when she had the chance.  That she didn’t is a stark admission that Palin values power over principle.  Which means that she’s either gutless, spineless or without values–or all three.  Or, she’s lying to cover up her willingness to ‘go along to get along’ in 2008.  As stated, not a very good thing to be admitting on national TV if you are a politician.

Israel gives Vatican control above King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion – The unholy alliance of the Vatican, the Zionist leadership and the apostate church is so far progressed, it’ll be hard to keep it hidden much longer.

Obama has Secret Plan to give Temple Mount away to Palestinians – So I guess Obama and the pope will be mud wrestling on international TV for the right to the Temple Mount?  Now, that’s a narrative with pizzazz!

Molotov Cocktail Released During Pope’s Visit to Rio De Janeiro – The Mystery of Iniquity doth work…

Pope Francis and Atheists – Why is it when this guy speaks, you get the idea he could pull a Fidel Castro mask over his head and not miss a beat?

Man ‘too fat’ to live in New Zealand

– The 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I is Sunday, July 28, 2013.  The war lasted until November 11, 1918; estimates are that between 15 and 63 million people died.  This was .8%-3.6% of the world’s population at  the time.  Compare that with what the book of Revelation says is coming: 50% of the world’s population will die in short order. (One event of 25% of the world’s people and a second of 33%.)

CORRECTION: Of course, it is the 99th anniversary of World War I.  The war started on July 28, 1914.

Who is America at war with? Sorry, that’s classified

South African Bishop Tutu: I’d rather go to hell than worship a homophobic god – Sometimes God, in his grace and mercy, grants a person their heart’s desire.

Amazing Facts: Kleenex tissues were originally marketed as a cold cream remover, not a disposable handkerchief.

Gay Bars dump Russian vodka to protest Russian anti-homosexual laws – Boo hoo!

Sick and Twisted Human-Animal Hybrids now being Created in Labs all over the planet – From the article:

“Unfortunately, laws have not kept pace with these advancements, and in many countries there are very few limits on what scientists are allowed to do.”

Is it possible for laws to extinguish the arrogance of man?  Because that is what is at work here.  The author is claiming that if the right laws were in place, these events wouldn’t have happened–which is doubtful to the point of being  unbelievable. Especially since those governments responsible for enforcing such laws are the very same governments responsible for the experiments which make the laws necessary.  Do You Know Jesus?

Before the heresies of the Dominion Now/Kingdom theology, there was the “Taiping Heavenly Kingdom,” which was birthed out of the Taiping Rebellion in China (1850-1864).  It was one of the deadliest wars in history with at least 20 million dead.

The rebels announced social reforms, including strict separation of the sexes, abolition of foot binding, land socialization, and “suppression” of private trade. In religion, the Kingdom tried to replace Confucianism, Buddhism and Chinese folk religion with a form of Christianity, holding that Hong Xiuquan was the younger brother of Jesus.

Of course, “a form of Christianity” should be taken very loosely.  That’s like saying that if a group arises insisting that Mohammed was a horse, that’s “a form of Islam.”

Christianity is never Wikipedia’s specialty.

Magnitude 5.1 earthquake recorded off of Vancouver Island; no damage

Activity increases at Guatemala’s Pacaya Volcano  – Repeat from yesterday…

Central NZ hit by more than 1500 aftershocks in past week!

Siberian City of Snow and Ice hits record-breaking 90 degrees

El Hierro volcano, Canary Islands, alert level rises

King Salmon Die-off: Warm Weather Blamed

Thousands of dead eels wash ashore in China

Cyclospora Outbreak Sickens Hundreds Across Midwest – pestilence

182 Paraprosdokians – (h/t:B) What’s a paraprosdokian?(Winston Churchill loved them) are figures of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected; frequently humorous. Enjoy!  Example: I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.

181 more at the link.

A Lake at the North Pole

309 miles in 100 hours–on stilts!

At least one case of bubonic plague has been confirmed here in L.A. It was a squirrel. I hope the plague doesn’t spread. What would happen if bubonic plague came to L.A.? People could be turning ungodly shades of purple. Suffering in the streets. An utter disregard for human life. And then the plague would hit.”
–Craig Ferguson

Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit: ET Disclosure the End Time Delusion? – The author justifies his topic by pointing out that more people in the UK believe in ETs than God.  That’s the way to “evangelize the eschaton!”  Take a poll!  Now, am I saying that the Modern Prophecy Industry has it 100% wrong on this topic of end times delusion?  No.

BUT, hearing one of them actually preach the gospel of Jesus is rarer than a footnote to a Biblical source in their never-ending streams of books–or DVDs.

COMING SOON: Genetically modified Cabbage with scorpion’s poison! – Shrimp rolls at the Chinese buffet will never be the same…

How do we know we’re not false converts?

OBAMA: Ho Chi Minh was like Thomas Jefferson. [
OBAMA: Ho Chi Minh was like Thomas Jefferson. [image: ETPR]
Obama: Ho Chi Minh Inspired by Thomas Jefferson – Memorialized as Sweet Old Man Wanting to Take His Country Back?  – Actually, very, very occasionally, Obama gets one partially right…

Uh Ho: Obama Says Vietnamese Dictator Inspired by Founding Fathers – (h/t:T) The fact that Obama would say this in public is proof that the end is so near he doesn’t care what he says anymore.

Haliburton admits to destroying Gulf oil spill Evidence – Haliburton is Evil personified–and the King of the Frackers!

The Most Dangerous Cult

“”Who shall lay anything to the charge of God’s elect?”
–Romans 8:33 (h/t:B)

Texas oilman, the father of fracking, dies – Blame it on the dead guy–and since he’s dead, he’s not around to defend himself

Why do we crave chocolate?

57% Are Less Likely To Vote for A Candidate Caught in a Sex Scandal  – At least that’s what they claim…

Panelist on Hannity brings up the Real Huma Scandal – This is what is called disinformation–or rather a “limited hangout.”  Writing to try and convince folks that the “real” scandal is Muslim-driven (isn’t everything in the Corporate Media these days?)–and not the unseemly underbelly of The DC (Den of Corruption) to which Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, Bill & Hillary Clinton all belong.  The press isn’t refusing to discuss Huma’s “Muslim scandal.”  They are refusing to discuss her other scandals.  So, it’s easy to see which one is “real.”

“The Vatican announced that the late Pope John Paul II will become a saint after they approve a miracle where he cured a woman of severe brain injury, which is pretty impressive. Not as impressive, though, as the miracle of Anthony Weiner still being married, but that’s impressive.”
–Jay Leno

George Mason University Students Sign Petition to Legalize Fourth Trimester Abortion – As we mentioned yesterday: this is logical.  If inconvenience is grounds for murder, then what does man-made time limits matter?  Unfortunately, the same students signing petitions for MORE LEGAL MURDER will be eligible for some unhappy ends of their own soon.  “But,” they insist to the voices in their heads, “It could never happen to ME!

Ginseng found to help chemo cancer patients have more energy – (h/t:L)

Presidential Pets –  While they were in the White House, John and Abigail Adams had 2 dogs named Satan and Juno. This might appear strange–except that several USA presidents named their pets after pagan gods or occult references.  George Washington had a dog named Vulcan.  Rutherford B. Hayes had a hunting dog named Juno. Herbert Hoover had a dog named Weejie.  JFK had a pony named Leprechaun.

FEMA denies Aid to Religious Groups hit by Hurricane Sandy

(VIDEO) Two Chewbaccas meet on the Jimmy Fallon show

Occult America: White House Seances, Ouija Circles, Masons, and the Secret Mystic History of Our Nation

From its earliest days, America served as an arena for the revolutions in alternative spirituality that eventually swept the globe. Esoteric philosophies and personas—from Freemasonry to Spiritualism, from Madame H. P. Blavatsky to Edgar Cayce—dramatically altered the nation’s culture, politics, and religion. Yet the mystical roots of our identity are often ignored or overlooked.

How did America become Mystery Babylon?

Early American history is entwined with esoteric spirituality. North America’s first intentional mystical community reached its shores in the summer of 1694. That year, the determined spiritual philosopher Johannes Kelpius led about forty pilgrims out of Central Germany–a region decimated by the Thirty Years’ War–and to the banks of the Wissahickon Creek, just beyond Philadelphia. The city then hosted only about 500 houses, but it represented a Mecca of freedom for the Kelpius circle, who longed for a new homeland where they could practice their brands of astrology, alchemy, numerology, and mystical Christianity without fear of harassment from church or government.

Soon more mystical thinkers from the Rhine Valley journeyed to America, building a larger commune at Ephrata, Pennsylvania. A young woman named Ann Lee fled persecution in her native Manchester, England and relocated her esoteric sect, the “Shaking Quakers”–or the Shakers–to upstate New York in 1776. That same year, a Rhode Island girl, Jemima Wilkinson, declared herself a spirit channeler, took the name Publick Universal Friend, and began to preach across the northeast. The trend was set: America became a destination for religious idealists, especially those of a supernatural bent.

MOREWitchcraft in the White House – The Clinton and Nancy Regan episodes are well-known, as are Lincoln’s.  But there were others.

The week’s best editorial cartoons – One of the two best places to surf for memes which the Corporate Media is developing or has already developed.

55% See Marriage As Very Important To U.S. Society – The question did not define “marriage.”  Truly a Corporate Media poll for our time.

Paul Ryan: House Will Vote on Citizenship for Illegal Aliens in October – Didn’t we just mention him and his nefarious ways?

“Taco Bell announced that it will discontinue its line of kids’ meals because of low sales. You know your food’s bad when even little kids say, “I’m not putting that in my mouth.”
–Jimmy Fallon

Quebec town mourns victims of fuel-tanker train disaster – Lac-Megantic trains derailment/explosion will be in and out of the news for some time…

Boehner on Steve King: ‘No Place’ for ‘Hateful or Ignorant Comments’ in Immigration Debate – Both guys are experts at mugging for the cameras and pretending they stand for something other than themselves…

Have the promises of the apostate church in the 1980s and 1990s come to pass?   From Pat Robertson’s 700 Club or 7000 who have not bowed their knees to charismatic ecumenism

Pat Robertson: “The mission of the Christian Coalition is simple,” It is “to mobilize Christians — one precinct at a time, one community at a time — until once again we are the head and not the tail, and at the top rather than the bottom of our political system.” Robertson predicted that: “the Christian Coalition will be the most powerful political force in America by the end of this decade.” And, “We have enough votes to run this country…and when the people say, ‘We’ve had enough,’ we’re going to take over!” (http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/7027/quotes.html)

Ralph Reed (the former director of Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition) said, “An emerging partnership of Catholics and Evangelical Protestants is going to be the most powerful force in the electorate beyond the 1990s . . . [bringing together] people of faith” for the common good of the nation.”

Christians were led on a fool’s errand by Robertson, Falwell and their like.  That mission was to exchange the gospel of Jesus Christ for the illusion of political power in this world.  It was a deal with the devil.  And many Christians signed on.

FBI ignored Boston Bomers’ radical mosque – That’s one story the press hasn’t been shy about publicizing: the Boston Bombers’ Muslim ties.  Here a story which has gotten NO press: the Boston Bombers’ Russian ties.

27,000 square foot hammock

(VIDEO) Cat sees its owner for the first time in six months

Zero tolerance schools and cops: kids are not perps

States tell the feds to stay out over ObamaCare – Let’s see, the last time that was tried was in the early 1860s.  Expect the same results with more bloodshed this time around.

“A tourist came up to me today and she says, “I watch your show on and off.” And I said, “How do you like it?” And she said, “Off.”
–David Letterman

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