This Day in the Secret History: August 6, 2013

THIS DAY in the Secret History
THIS DAY in the Secret History

SECRET HISTORY: Originally, secret histories were designed as non-fictional, revealing or claiming to reveal the truth behind the “spin”: one such example is the Secret History of the Mongols. Secret histories can range from standard historical revisionism with proper critical reexamination of historical facts to negative historical revisionism wherein facts are deliberately omitted, suppressed or distorted.

AUGUST 6, 2013
On This Day
End Times Prophecy Report

258- St Sixtus II ends his reign as Catholic Pope
523- St Hormisdas ends his reign as Catholic Pope
768- [Constantine] ends his reign as Catholic Pope

1806- Holy Roman Empire ends; it was neither holy, Roman, nor an empire.

1861- Congress passes Confiscation Act. It freed the slaves of any rebelling Southerner.

1890- First use of electric chair in US; At Auburn Prison in New York, murderer William Kemmler becomes the first person to be executed by electric chair.

1901- Kiowa land in Oklahoma is opened for white settlement, effectively dissolving the contiguous reservation.

1914- World War I ratchets up. Austria-Hungary declares war against Russia. Serbia declares war against Germany.

1930- Judge Joseph Force Crater steps into a taxi in New York and disappears never to be seen again.

1934- US troops leave Haiti, which had been occupied since 1915.

1940- Estonia was illegally annexed by the Soviet Union.

1944- Deportation of 70,000 Jews from Lodz Poland to Auschwitz begins.

1945- Hiroshima Peace Day- Atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima by “Enola Gay” (August 5 in the West.)

1946- New World Order milestone: US officially submits to jurisdiction of World Court.

1951- Typhoon floods kill 4,800 in Manchuria.

1960- Cuban RevolutionCuba nationalizes American and foreign-owned property in the nation.

1974- Explosion and fire destroy Great Northern RR yard in Wenatchee, Washington.

English: President John F.Kennedy visits Pope ...
LORD GOD THE POPE – President John F.Kennedy visits Pope Paul VI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1978- Pope Paul VI (80) dies of a heart attack at his summer residence.

1981- NASA launches Fltsatcom-5, it failed.

1988- The Tompkins Square Park Riot in New York City spurs a reform of the NYPD, held responsible for the event.

1990- UN Security Council votes 13-0 (2 abstentions Cuba & Yemen) to place economic sanctions against Iraq

1991- Harry Reasoner, a member in good standing of the Corporate Media, dies.

2001- Erwadi fire incident, 28 mentally ill persons tied to chain were burnt to death at an Islamic institution at Erwadi, Tamil Nadu.

2010- Flash floods across a large part of Jammu and Kashmir, India, damages 71 towns and kills at least 255 people.

by Mondo Frazier

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