End Times Prophecy Headlines: November 15, 2013

End Times Prophecy Report Headlines: Bible prophecy in Today's headlines.
Bible prophecy in Today’s headlines.

End Times Prophecy Report
November 15, 2013

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RUSSIA: Russia to help Iran build second nuclear reactor

RUSSIA: Russia in the Middle East: The Return of the Bear

CHINA: Japan Business Mission to China shows gradual thaw – “Thaw?”  They were threatening war a few weeks ago?!?  More proof that events are scripted and the narratives announced in the Corporate Media for our consumption.

CANADA: British Columbian health provider and patients sue over prescription heroin access – IF this all sounds surreal, remember that heroin was first re-synthesized and marketed by those good folks at Bayer as a “non-addicting pain medication and cough suppressant.”

“The Canadian government has ruled its doctors are no longer allowed to prescribe heroin. Folks, I think the real story here is that until recently in Canada a doctor could give you heroin.”<

NORTH KOREA: N. Korea publicly executes 80; some for watching films, some for Bibles

NORTH KOREA: 20 Things I learned while I was in North Korea

SYRIA: North Korea denies aiding Syria in fight against rebels

SAUDI ARABIA: Tensions flare in Saudi Arabia amid mass deportations of undocumented workers

Tick, tick tick: Time is running out.  Do You Know Jesus?


IEA: USA to be top oil producer in world in 2015 – Oh wow!  Lower gasoline prices!  What?  They’re not?  Read the latest Corporate Media narrative to find out why not…

25 percent of Americans have or will donate money for the Philippines

WHITE: HOUSE: Taxes to hit 3 trillion in 2014: $29,673 per full-time worker – Relax!  There’s not many full-time jobs left in America…

FBI: Cyber-attacks more dangerous threat than terrorist attacks

American Indian leaders meet Obama to urge action on crime and poverty

“Yesterday at the White House, President Obama met with various leaders of the American Indian tribes. He promised them, “If you like your medicine man, you can keep your medicine man.”
–Jay Leno

2016?  Clinton far ahead of Democrats; Christie, Paul  in near tie – It’s nearly two years in the future and the puppets already are jostling for position.

Obama’s Secret Treaty Will Merge America Into The Emerging One World Economic System

OBAMA'S SECRET LIFE: The Secret Life of Barack Hussein Obama
OBAMA’S SECRET LIFE: The Secret Life of Barack Hussein Obama

Same-Sex Marriage Legalized in Hawaii by Governor Abercrombie – Interesting because Neil Abercrombie, the Hawaii governor (who previously represented Honolulu in Congress) by great coincidence, is the only person alive who claims that he saw Barack Obama, Sr, Stanley Ann Dunham and little Barack Hussein Obama together as one happy family.  This would have had to occurred within a 2-week window of opportunity in 1961.

No marriage certificate has ever surfaced and two weeks after Obama’s listed birth date, college records show Stanley Ann was enrolled for classes in Washington state–with Obama Sr staying in Hawaii until he left for Massachusetts and Harvard University.  Alas, there’s no proof that the happy family of Neil Abercrombie’s imagination was ever re-united…

Maybe that’s why Abercrombie prefaced his claim with “I may be the only person alive who can say this…”

And now look at him: Abercrombie is okaying gay marriage!  Par for the course.

Student Loans now pass $1 Trillion mark; delinquencies at all-time high

16 American cities foreign governments warn their citizens about

Survey Says: Yes, Businesses Are Cutting Jobs and Hours Because of Obamacare  – The Great Part-Timing of America’s Workforce is underway.  A people raised on prosperity and plenty will soon have to compromise their most basic of values in order to continue their lifestyles.  How many will compromise? How many will stand on Christian values?  Do You Know Jesus?


What is the Hebrew Roots movement? – As in the first century, so in the 21st century…

“O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you? This only would I learn of you, Received ye the Spirit by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith? Are ye so foolish? having begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh?”
Galatians 3:1-3

Argentinians protest Monsanto as increased pesticide use leads to increased cancer, birth defects – (h/t:L)

New Facial Recognition Technology at CMU could be the future of catching criminals – Drones that can scan your eyes from a distance?  Brilliant!

Do You Know Jesus?

Humans do NOT come from Earth – and sunburn, bad backs and pain during labor prove it, expert claims

Russell Crowe cast as Noah in new Bible movie (with VIDEO) –  Wonder what deceptions will be buried in this movie?  Will Christians ever learn that Hollywood despises and manipulates them?  Nahhhh, I didn’t think so either…

Emma Watson is Russell Crowe’s doubting daughter in first full length trailer of Noah… as the biblical adaptation is branded ‘narcissistic nonsense’ by Christians

Shocking Obamacare ads for real

Sometimes issues of the day seem so ridiculous, it would be funny if it weren’t for real. Like this controversial ad for Obamacare:

GOP eyes pope Francis as inspiration

“Pope Francis has been named the most discussed person on the Internet. The second most discussed person on the Internet is his daughter Miley Francis.”
–David Letterman

Turmeric improves skin health, helps protect from UVB radiation damage and aging – (h/t:L)

Shame, shame: How Lying affects men’s health


The Zombies are Coming!  The Zombies are ComingDaily Zombie Link    [Note to new readers: the Daily Zombie Link is not included because it is judged to be culturally significant; it is included to show the tenacity of the Corporate Media in fanning the flames of this meme.  The only items which receive as much consistent attention at the Corporate Media outlets are Bigfoot, vampires and UFOs/ETs.  Why this is continues to be a matter of speculation.]

Wal-Mart’s new Price First brand recalls the starkly labeled groceries of ‘Lost,’ ‘Repo Man’ – Back in the late 1970s, inflation was rising so quickly that one would go to the grocery store (in the days before bar codes) and there would be 5 different price tags on a can of soup–that’s how fast prices were rising.

The “starkly labeled” GENERIC food brands were supposed to be the answer to inflation.  They weren’t.

Christian ‘love guru’ who tells women they must know ‘how to shut up’ if they want to be dateable sparks outrage with ‘motivational speech’ at Texas high school

Victoria’s Secret transgender model?  – Where does it stop?  Read Revelation for the answer.

BBC Minimizes Christian Persecution – The persecution the media is fixated on these days always seems to involve a Muslim country–the future targets of American ire.

While this doesn’t minimize what is happening in those countries, what about persecution by the government and business of America?  What about the tyranny of the unnamed American minority that is relentlessly “offended” by all things Christian?  That story doesn’t merit nearly the attention in the Corporate Media.

Christians are being set up–in more ways than one.


New Sinkhole in Dunedin FL is growing; two houses to be demolished – Florida want to change its license plate motto: The Sinkhole State!

Bird Flu strain infects Humans for first time

Previously thought non-transmissible bird flu strain infects humans for first time

QUAKE: 3.4 Northern California

QUAKE: 4.7 Mindanao Philippines

QUAKE: 4.7 South of Java Indonesia

QUAKE: 4.6 Flores Indonesia

QUAKE: 4.7 Kyrgyzstan

QUAKE: 5.0 Solomon Islands

Small ash eruption reported at Indonesia’s Mt. Marapi Volcano

Krokodil hits America: Doctors confirm case of ‘cannibal heroin’ drug in St Louis  – Remember “bath salts?”  Now there is “Krokodil.”  Another chapter in the “Scary Drugs of America” saga.

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