Coming Water Shortage: Drinking Water Vanishing from the Planet?

COMING WATER SHORTAGE: No life without water.
COMING WATER SHORTAGE: No life without water.

[FROM THE ARCHIVES: October 2007]


The next shortage for the United States that some predict? Oil? Gold? Food?

How about water. Those living in parts of many western states already know this as old news, but it’s something new to many parts of the country.

Three states: California, Texas and Forida account for over a quarter of all the water used in the U.S. The government projects that as many as 36 states could face water shortages in the next 5 years.

More from the story by Brian Skoloff, at the AP:
[The linked article “Many States Seen as Facing Water Shortage”  is not longer available.]

An epic drought in Georgia threatens the water supply for millions. Florida doesn’t have nearly enough water for its expected population boom. The Great Lakes are shrinking. Upstate New York’s reservoirs have dropped to record lows. And in the West, the Sierra Nevada snowpack is melting faster each year.

The AP story reported that “The government projects that at least 36 states will face water shortages within five years because of a combination of rising temperatures, drought, population growth, urban sprawl, waste and excess.” Since this article was published in October 2007, that “five years” projected date has come and gone (October 2012).

But does the missed deadline mean that the problem of a nationwide water shortage in the USA does not exist?

The AP article also claimed that the cost of renovating and replacing water pipelines alone could cost the nation “$300 billion over 30 years.”

In one way this figure dates the story. In an age where the government runs yearly deficits in the trillions, $300 billion no longer seems like such a scary number.

The AP story was finished off by a quote from a Florida utilities director who claimed that “Unfortunately, there’s just not going to be any more cheap water.”

The AP also cited such events as a “30-year dry spell” in Australia as proof that the times of cheap water were behind us.

The story goes on to tie the predicted shortages, with so many other things these days, to that boogiest of men: global warming/climate change. So another ill chicken is supposedly coming home to roost.

The oceans will rise, covering which states? Weren’t Florida and California included? So while 20 feet under water, they’ll be bereft of water. Talk about an inconvenient truth: these dire predictions from climate changers are going to require a clearinghouse to keep from contradicting each other.

Perhaps good news will come, as it often does in the mail. One suspects however that after battling the forces of a torrential downpour, the only thing that’s there is likely the water bill.

English: A poster for drinking water security ...
DRINKING WATER SECURITY?  Big Brother is watching you take a drink of water. A poster for drinking water security from the EPA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

UPDATE and ANSWERS: November 28, 2013 – Over six years after the original article.  We have lived through the North American Drought of 2012-13.

Several states, such as Colorado, now ban folks from collecting rain water for their private use.  Collecting rain water is now illegal in many states as the government claims ownership over our water.

At least one state has sent a man to jail for 30 days for collecting rain water for his own use in violation of the state rain water collection law.

Water shortages have become so severe and persistent in some countries, that it has become a premier political issue.  In fact,  Zimbabwe guarantees access to water in its constitution.  Not that it has done much good.

Billionaire T. Boone Pickens tried to corner the Ogalla Aquifer water market in the Midwest.  It’s been reported that Picken’s plans to sell water like he does oil have “unraveled.”  Will this be the last we see of someone trying to corner the usable water market?

Not likely.

Other super-weatlthy have quietly bought up the world’s water supplies over the last couple of decades.  Swiss food conglomerate Nestlé S.A. is one.

The family of George H.W. Bush is another, among others.  Profiting from your thirst: Global Elite rush to buy water worldwide

Does water vanish?  We know that it doesn’t.

We also know that the New World Order will tightly control all resources–including drinking water–in order to subdue the earth.  The one-world government will use any and all means to subjugate “all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.”  That includes control of drinkable water.

“…and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.”
Revelation 13:7

We also know that they will blame the shortages on the ever-popular global warming/climate change/whatever.  In addition, there will be plenty of Corporate Media coverage about how the planet is too overburdened with too many people using too much water.

In addition, we know that the amount of media coverage will only increase about the “water shortage” or the “vanishing drinking water supply.”  In fact, the Corporate Media’s preferred 2013 phrase appears to be “water crisis.”

It doesn’t get better; it only gets worse.

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