Earth approaching objects – Thursday , December 12th, 2013

Space objects approaching the earth: December 2013

Space objects approaching the earth: December 2013

Handy guide of all objects approaching the earth over the next 30 days. There does seem to be a lot of space “junk” getting close to the planet these days. Or maybe, it’s just that there’s more reporting in the Corporate Media of it?

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Image Source  NASA


Earth approaching objects (objects that are known in the next 30 days)

Object NameApporach DateLeftAU DistanceLD DistanceEstimated Diameter*Relative Velocity
(2006 CT)10th December 20130 day(s)0.062924.592 m – 210 m5.12 km/s18432 km/h
(2009 XP2)13th December 20133 day(s)0.051620.124 m – 54 m7.15 km/s25740 km/h
(2008 TQ2)13th December 20133 day(s)0.153559.7170 m – 380 m6.82 km/s24552 km/h
(2006 YV1)17th December 20137 day(s)0.128750.1130 m – 280 m16.87 km/s60732 km/h
(2008 ON10)17th December 20137 day(s)0.151158.831 m – 68 m3.82 km/s13752 km/h
(2010 VA76)17th December 20137 day(s)0.198977.442 m – 94 m3.99 km/s14364 km/h
(2012 CL19)19th December 20139 day(s)0.0976

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Author: Jeremiah J Jameson

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2 thoughts on “Earth approaching objects – Thursday , December 12th, 2013”

  1. I think it is a bit of both. Space junk that has been forgotten or abandoned is making its way home and yes, there is more reporting. Just as there are more actually seeking the information.

    Thank you for the re-blog 🙂


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