End Times Prophecy Headlines: January 10, 2013

End Times Prophecy Report Headlines: Bible prophecy in Today's headlines.
Bible prophecy in Today’s headlines.

End Times Prophecy Report
January 10, 2014

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CHINA: China’s wealthy are fleeing the country – Seriously: where will they go?  Sounds like there’s not much of a prepper movement in the Communist country…

39 percent say that Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have increased the terrorist threat – How many still believe the wars were about a “terrorist threat?”  Americans have such short attention spans.  It’s been 12+ years since 911–about time for another ‘reminder’ for the American people.

NORTH KOREA: Dennis Rodman helps North Korea’s Kim Jong Un celebrate his birthday

“Do you know who had a birthday today? North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Hey, come on! Can’t a guy oppress his people without being judged?”
–Craig Ferguson

“Here’s why Kim Jong Un had his uncle executed. According to the official statement, his uncle, quote, had improper relations with several women, was wined and dined at restaurants, was ideologically sick, used drugs, and squandered foreign currency at casinos. That sounds like Dennis Rodman’s Wikipedia page.”
–Jimmy Kimmel

JAPAN: Japanese fighter jet chases Chinese planes over disputed islands (w/VIDEO)


snopes: The Debunkers Debunked--again.
snopes: The Debunkers Debunked–again.

This picture is worth $678 Million – (h/t:B) An email has circulated showing the president and Michelle Obama pictured with the vice-president of a Canadian health care company that has received over $670 million worth of contracts with the US government over the last several years.

Including millions for the construction of the infamous ObamaCare website.

By the greatest of coincidences, that CGI Federal VP–the one pictured in the email–just happens to have graduated with Michelle Obama and ran in some of the same social circles back when they were both Princeton undergraduates.

Small world.

Snopes.com, a “rumor debunking” site labeled this email “Mostly False.”  Which is par for the course for Snopes and its ilk.  Such sites as Snopes, PolitiFact and FactCheck.org are all masters at what they do: provide cover.  They debunk a few trees to ensure that the pruned forest then grows more vigorously.

And so it is with this email and snopes’ response to it.

Mostly false?!?

Did Michelle Obama and Toni Townes-Whitley, the VP of CGI Federal, graduate together from Princeton?

Well, yes.

Did Michelle Obama and Toni Townes-Whitley belong to and work for the same social/professional organizations while at Princeton?

Well, yes.

Did Townes-Whitley and her husband get invited to a 2010 White House Christmas party and have her picture taken with the Obama’s?

Well, yes.

Did CGI Federal receive hundreds of millions of dollars in health care contracts from the U.S. government while the Obama’s have been in the White House?

Well, yes.

Did CGI Federal have the contract for constructing the notorious ObamaCare website?

Well, yes.

Do White House visitor logs show that Townes-Whitley visited the White House four times in 2013?

Well, yes.

Did Toni Townes-Whitley contribute any money to Barack Obama that is on record?

Well, yes.

Might there be other contributions which weren’t on the record–something that has been known to happen among former acquaintances when million-dollar contracts get discussed?

Snopes “debunked” one fundraising claim made by the email (it could not find any record of a large contribution in an online database) so it labeled the entire premise “mostly false”–which is close enough for most Americans in a hurry.

Or for government work.

This writer is not a big fan of email forwards.  Many are limited hangouts constructed by the very ones the emails purport to expose. Such emails would not be effective damage control tools  unless other tools such as compliant “debunking” sites like snopes.com existed.

One could spend the entire week doing nothing else but debunking what appears on Snopes, FactCheck.org and PolitiFact.

But they are only a few tiny cogs in a many-wheeled machine.

Obama’s Attention Deficit Disorder

“Critics are accusing President Obama of having attention deficit disorder. He responded to the accusation by saying, “That is ridiculous. Look, a bird!”

Members of Congress won’t read this bill – “This bill” refers to the budget bill.  It’s suspected that few congressmen ever did read the legislation for which they voted.  The philosophy of much of the political class is “Life is too short.”

As in “Too short to spend any time reading this nonsense.”


Scandal of the Week: BridgeGate continues!

‘Humiliated’ Governor Chris Christie apologizes for scandal, fires aide– Hey! What are aides for?

This is how elite power politics works.  You get caught and you “apologize”–not for your behavior, but for other people’s reactions to what you did or did not do.  The press helps you out by describing you as “humbled” or “humiliated” or “shamed.”

Which is amusing: one would not be in the political power elite if one was capable of feeling shame.

Then you fire someone else if you remembered plausible deniability.

At the very worst, you quit.

That’s the sum of the consequences in 2014 America for one of the favored class.


That such a Plebian concept.

“Crime and punishment” is for the little people.

Instead, it’s shame for the unshamable; humiliation for those who laugh at such a quaint idea as “humiliation.”

For the elite, the only shame is if they have no money and no hope of power.

Nearly 25,000 children caught trying to cross the US-Mexican border

Americans no longer in the labor force soar to 91.8 million – Yet there are still plenty who yell “Get a job!

The young and college-aged still pretend they are preparing for the America of 1985.  The jobs their colleges promised them are not worth the paper their diplomas are printed on.

And how many boomers still think that 90% of society’s ills can be solved if “Those lazy people would go get a job!”

The reality of 2014 America: there are scant jobs–most of the good ones have been eliminated except for the connected few–and there will be even less of them as the year goes on.

It doesn’t get better. It only gets worse.  Much worse.

Do You Know Jesus?

Food Stamp Users Will Get Hit Again

WATER EMERGENCY in SOUTHERN WV – A ‘chemical spill’ in Charleston shuts down tap water in nine counties and parts of others?!?  WV chemical spill declared federal disaster

A federal disaster declaration has been issued for a West Virginia chemical spill that may have contaminated tap water and prompted officials to order residents in nine counties not to bathe, brush their teeth or wash their clothes.

Statement from the Secretary of State’s office (the SoS is running for US Senate)

“I urge all of our citizens who live in the affected areas to remain calm and follow the instructions coming from health officials and emergency crews,” Secretary Tennant said. “This is a very difficult time for this region, because for the time being we cannot depend on a steady and safe supply of a precious resource. I also urge everyone who lives in these areas to share their water with their neighbors if they have any to spare, and check on elderly family members and neighbors. West Virginians care about each other, and I am confident that our compassion will show once again as we all face a very trying time together.”

This fits nicely with the “water is the new gold” theme that the Corporate Media has been pushing for some time now.

Does that sound too conspiratorial?

PROFESSOR TESTIFIES: Abortion Care costs more than their monthly rent – What an absolutely awesome American name for ‘murder’: we’ll call it ‘Abortion Care!‘  It makes it seem so…so clinical; so morally-neutral.

In 2014 America, it’s all about not being held accountable for one’s actions.  Abortion is having someone else paying the ultimate price for one’s decisions–and then getting angry if someone else has the bad manners to point it out.

Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) – That’s what they’re calling it these days.  About 4000 babies die each year of “no apparent cause.”

We had another power outage at my place this morning – (h/t:B) Not what you think

STUDY: Is It Possible to be Fit and Fat?

“Here’s something that goes against everything you’ve been taught. A new study says that being overweight actually extends your lifespan instead of shortens it. You know what that means? Instead of getting on Jenny Craig, go back on Sara Lee.”
–Jay Leno

As Americans nearly freeze to death, the EPA pushes to criminalize many wood-burning stoves – (h/t:L)

Duck Dynasty vs American Idol – The media is already hyping next season’s match-up of the new American idol against the old American Idol.

Father of Kung-Fu Movies Dead at 100

“In Hong Kong, the man considered to be the father of the Kung Fu movies has passed away. His last words came after his lips had already stopped moving.”

EXPLOSION: Middlebourne, WV Drill Site shut down after sixth fraccident

HAM SHAM: Starbucks suing pork pushers for $5 million

“Starbucks is suing a company in New Jersey for supplying it with low-quality pork. Even worse, it was for their Frappuccinos.”
–Jimmy Fallon

TV = VILE: Judd Apatow is latest proof of the contemptible nature of television.
TV = VILE: Judd Apatow is latest proof of the contemptible nature of television.

JUDD APATOW: An Al Goldstein for the 21st Century

How utterly contemptible and vile has television become?

Here’s what the a lady who is seen on a TV show “nude at random times” replied when asked by a reporter about it.

“But I totally get it. If you’re not into me, that’s your problem and you’re going to have to work that out with professionals,”

So if you’re not thrilled turning on your TV set and seeing this woman naked at random times, then you have a “problem”–a :mental’ problem”?

Of course, “mental problems” were a favorite excuse used by the Soviet authorities to put away dissenters.  Americans will be hearing much more in the near future about “mental problems” from people with whom they disagree.

Fascists the world around think and act alike–it makes no difference if they’re dressed in camo and a Che beret or tricked out in Hollywood glad rags.  If you disagree with them, you’re the enemy and you are to be shut up.  This was the apparent mindset behind producer Judd Apatow’s browbeating response to the same reporter.

If Apatow ever loses his Jollywood gig, he’s got the skillz to run some Third World dictator’s Ministry of Compliance. Even the questioning of nudity on the TV show was enough to get Apatow–who the Corporate Media once hyped as “fresh” and “cutting edge”– frothy at the mouth.

“That was a very clumsily stated question that’s offensive on it’s face, and you should read it and discuss it with other people how you did that, It’s very offensive.”

They always dress up appealing to lust in pretty Free Speech clothes.  Actually, it’s one of the few times these types ever see the usefulness of putting clothes on anything in public.

But, whatever they insist, it’s still shedding one’s duds to attract attention: It’s the idea behind both Playboy and seedy strip clubs.

The mystery of iniquity is a strict mistress: there’s a price to be paid for fame and fortune and Judd Apatow is paying it.

And that is how Apatow has devolved into nothing more than just another Al Goldstein retread.

See a shrink, lose your gun – Even for outpatient treatments!

Is Revival of our nation possible? – Well, it certainly is the focus of American pew-sitters.

Apostasy or Revival?  To Everything there is a Season


“You know what’s going on in Las Vegas this week? The CES. That stands for Consumer Electronics Show. It’s a huge convention where they unveil the latest TVs, gadgets, and electronic doo-dads. CES is basically the Super Bowl for nerds.

Basically, CES is where they unveil technology that 20 years from now we’ll be laughing at for being so out of date.”
–Craig Ferguson

This joke prompted a recollection by this writer.

Was in Indianapolis about 25 years ago for a speaking engagement in the convention center connected to the old RCA Dome.  Wandered the dome–watched the Colts practice–killed time before the next meeting; stumbled upon a midwestern technology show.  Inside, the high-tech gadgets of 1989 were being displayed, hawked and promoted.

The most futuristic of any of the office machine technology was a fax machine which used plain copy paper instead of rolls of thermal paper commonly used at the time.

The price tag?


For a fax machine.

A lesson for the youth so in love with today’s technology.  In 20 years–if we’re still here–people will mock you for using your “cutting edge” iPhone or whatever must-have, latest, hippest, coolest, technology with which you’re now so enamored.

The Iron Law of Electronics Technology: What’s cutting edge today is outdated in 10 years and scorned in 20.

Court rules that website has to give up names of Anonymous posters – “Decision could reshape rules for online consumer reviews of products, businesses”

(VIDEO) The Incredible Physics of Fire Ants – Ants that act like both a liquid and a solid.  Interesting.

“In my flesh shall I see God.”
Job 19:26 – (h/t:B)

Who owns the moon?

U.S. plywood industry next to go down?

From the War on Crime to World War Z: What the Zombie Apocalypse can tell us about our current culture of fearDaily Zombie Link

NASA telescope captures “Hand of God” photo – IF it were the real hand of God, it’s doubtful that NASA’s telescope could capture it.  It’s also a certainty that NASA would have never released the photo.


Giant Waves give birth to iceballs on Lake Michigan

Spectacular photographs show the moment Niagara Falls FROZE in polar vortex

QUAKE: 5.0 Cuba-South Florida region

QUAKE: 2.6 near the coast of northern California

QUAKE: 2.7 Baja California, Mexico

QUAKE: 5.5 Kuril Islands

QUAKE: 5.6 Kermadec Islands region

QUAKE: 5.2 Fiji Islands region

Kangaroos, emus, parrots drop dead, as Australia sizzles in record-breaking heatwave

Zoos use ice treats to keep animals cool, as Brazil suffers through heatwave

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