End Times Prophecy Headlines: January 17, 2014

End Times Prophecy Report Headlines: Bible prophecy in Today's headlines.
Bible prophecy in Today’s headlines.

End Times Prophecy Report
January 17, 2014

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CHINA: China encroaches on U.S. dominance of the Pacific says top admiral

SYRIA: Rockets fired from Syria kill 7 in Lebanon

UGANDA: Uganda’s president opposes tough new anti-homosexual bill


The NSA collects 200 million text messages a day in untargeted sweeps – This prompts a few questions.  1- If they are admitting to this, what are the real numbers?  2- Of course the NSA has software to scan the text messages for particular words–and don’t be surprised if the words don’t include particular names and other personal info.  3- The NSA’s software no doubt stashes the messages into folders.  The folders most likely have “triggers” which set off various alarms depending upon benchmarks reached.

If the NSA can’t use the data, then it’s the same as not collecting it.  So, presume the worse.

US PRESIDENTS: Ever wonder why they're all pretty much the same?
US PRESIDENTS: Ever wonder why they’re all pretty much the same?

Obama to Democrats: I’ll act with or without Congress – Oh you know the narrative-writers loved this one!


Because they really enjoy writing Obama articles which make particular readers angry.  This was written to make certain readers scared and angry–that’s a two-fer.  When Bush II was in office, they wrote the same type of articles–only then, it was to make “liberals” angry.

The idea is for part of the country to really hate the president.  Then, whenever that president steps down, the part of the country that hates the old guy will be so thankful and happy that someone—anyone–new is coming into office they give the new guy a “pass” for a good while.

This is an old Corporate Media trick, but this writer began noticing it during the Bush I administration.  When Bill Clinton took over, there were so many people who were just happy that Bush I was gone; that Clinton wasn’t Bush.  By the time the Clinton’s left office, Americans were ready for someone new:  Bush II was given a huge honeymoon period.  Conservatives KNEW that Bush II would restore the “dignity” back to the presidency after eight years of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s criminal shenanigans.

So what if liberals knew Bill Clinton wasn’t really a liberal?  So what if his policies were suspiciously like H.G.W. Bush?

At least he wasn’t Bush!  He’s one of us!

Conservatives seethed for eight years because they “knew” that Clinton wasn’t even a legitimate president.  Ross Perot–the billionaire who was just an ordinary guy–ran twice and Clinton never even got 50% of the vote in either election.

Clinton was illegitimate.

The Corporate Media then enjoyed eight years of writing Dubya and Evil Dick Cheney stories that made “liberals” foam at the mouth.  The Yale graduate Bush II particularly enjoyed mispronouncing words, especially “nuclear.”  That convinced liberals he was a moron.

So what if conservatives knew Bush II wasn’t really a conservative?  So what if his policies were suspiciously like Clinton’s?

At least he wasn’t Clinton!  He’s one of us!

Liberals stewed for eight years because they “knew” that Bush wasn’t even a legitimate president.  He stole the election–both times.  The first time in Florida, the second time in Ohio.

Bush II was illegitimate.

Now America is enduring the Obama period.  And the Corporate Media never missed a beat manipulating readers.  The Obamas enjoy doing the things that infuriate “conservative” Americans.  Taking long, expensive vacations or playing golf when the country seems to on its way to perdition.  The media enjoys writing articles about Obama riding a bike like a girl, bowing to foreign dignitaries and dropping hints that this president is an undercover Muslim.

So what if Obama is not really a liberal? What if he continued many of the hated policies of Bush II?

At least he isn’t Bush II!  He’s one of us!

Conservatives fumed for eight years because they “know” that Obama isn’t even a legitimate president.  He isn’t even eligible to be president.  Obama is a foreigner.

Obama was illegitimate.

However, a very little-noticed fact of the 2008 election: neither candidate was constitutionally eligible.  Neither was born in the USA.

The only question about 2016: will the script change?  Will there be eight more years of a “conservative” that liberals are encouraged to hate?  A president that conservatives quickly discover is NOT conservative, but who will be forgiven since the next president will not be Obama?  Or will something “historic”–always a favorite way for the Corporate Media to justify almost anything–be thrown into the script?

Or will a new script be written?  Will a new object of middle class America’s wrath sit in the White House as the country continues to be dismantled–the better to stoke civil disobedience and the “coming civil war” meme which is becoming a Corporate Media favorite.

Whoever is selected for president, a few things will be certain.

1- Part of the country will loathe the new guy–and the Corporate Media will write articles to make this part of the country furious.
2- Part of the country will forgive the new guy when he betrays them; either because he will not be Obama or because s/he is supposed to be part of the “liberal team.”
3- The new president–for some reason–will in some way be viewed as an illegitimate president.
4- On the important points–that of moving forward on a loss of US sovereignty and integrating the USA into the New World Order–the new guy will be the same as the old guy.
5- The next president–no matter who it turns out to be–will be a lot like Barack Obama. And George W. Bush. And Bill Clinton. And George H.W. Bush. And Ronald Reagan. And Jimmy Carter. And…

Former CIA section head endorses assassination of Barack Obama and UK’s David Cameron – Well, that takes it up a notch.

Senior UK Defense Advisor: Obama Is Clueless About ‘What He Wants To Do In The World’  – No wonder the CIA guy was talking assassination, huh?


Maryland tops list of states with most millionaires – More than 7.7 percent of people living in Maryland have $1 million or more in assets.<

(VIDEO) Are you spiritual?  – Short video by Chick, the tract people.  Worth the watch…

New York City mayor: We need more surveillance cameras

The rise of the “Insta-Babes” – The object of this article is “Post revealing pix of yourself on social media and get a modeling contract!”

Duck Dynasty’s opening shows down in ratings – The interesting thing about this article is the comments.  These 181 comments (at the time this is written) are a good people meter.  Notice how the commentators divide themselves up into factions.  Particularly notice the incivility common to many public utterances these days.

“So either provide a link or you’re simply a liar.”

“To think that A&E or any other network would cancel a cable show that has 8.5 million viewers speaks to your ignorance as to how the business works.”

“What’s your problem anyway calling me a liar…Your post is a lie!”

“At any rate, Tommy, thinking that Christians are required to forgive a profit driven corporation for treating them like dirt adn showing NO REMORSE is plain stupid. And yes, I forgive you for being stupid. ”

Though some comments are likely manufactured, this is a sample of the way strangers talk to each other about a half-hour Duck Commander infomercial in 2014 America.

J.C. Penney Closing 33 Stores, Cutting 2000 Jobs – But the USA is doing wonderful!  Look at the stock market!

Waffle House customer charged $1,666 for breakfast has to fight for refund

U.N. calls on nations to take in Syrian refugees – It’s suspected “Nations” = “USA”

Google reveals the smart contact lens that can constantly monitor the tears of diabetes sufferers to check their glucose levels  – Would it be cynical to point out that glucose levels might not be all it monitors?

“And it came to pass in an evening-tide, that David arose from off his bed, and walked upon the roof of the king’s house.”
2 Samuel 11:2 – (h/t:B)

“We’re never out of the reach of temptation.”

U.S. Housing starts maintain strong pace in December – Building more houses that the middle class can no longer afford.

Poll: Utah evenly split at 48% on gay marriage – Sure it is…

Sugar-free fizzy drinks make people eat more food

U.S. factory output rises for fifth
month in a row
– The USA still has factories?

PA couple advertises home as “slightly haunted” – One supposes that has more of a cachet than “slightly demonic.”

Billionaires: Dump stocks, Prepare for massive wealth destruction

The best church of all time!’ Kanye West’s alter ego inspires a new religion called Yeezianity

“The third track on Kanye West’s lastest album, Yeezus, is called I Am God.

And now, according to the anonymous founder of a new religion, called Yeezianity, the rapper, 36, is its followers’ God.

A comprehensive website, called Yeezianity.com, naturally, touts the new faith as ‘THE BEST CHURCH OF ALL TIME!!!!!'”

Blasphemy is cool–and common-place–in 2014 America.

PepsiCo discontinues ‘Natural’ Gatorade

“…PepsiCo said it would stop using a chemical linked to a flame retardant in its regular Gatorade in response to consumer feedback.”

Republicans can win the War on Poverty – Sure they can.  The USA has only been fighting it for 50 years.  Give it some time.  This should win an award for stuffing the most media narratives in one article.  For example:

“Republicans lost some credibility in this arena when then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney uttered his infamous “47 percent” gaffe in 2012, bolstering the popular claim that the right doesn’t care about the poor.”

It’s all about image; it’s a “gaffe” to utter an “infamous” fact.  “Credibility” is something tangible; something that can be measured.

By the Corporate Media’s writers, of course.

Home Invaders didn’t expect to see .357 pointed their way – (h/t:B)

Apple Cider Vinegar: The Cure for What Ails You


Three Deaths attributed to H1N1, all in their 20s

QUAKE: 5.0 Ryukyu Islands Japan

QUAKE: 5.3 Bouvet Island region

QUAKE: 5.3 Bouvet Island region

QUAKE: 5.1 Greenland Sea

QUAKE: 5.0 Andreanof Islands Alaska

QUAKE: 5.8 Andreanof Islands Alaska

QUAKE: 3.8 Greater Los Angeles area

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