End Times Prophecy Headlines: January 31-February 2, 2014

End Times Prophecy Report Headlines: Bible prophecy in Today's headlines.
Bible prophecy in Today’s headlines.

End Times Prophecy Report
January 31-February 2, 2014

CommentaryAnd OPINION


SWEDEN: Man offers burglar coffee after botched break-in

RUSSIA: Russia tested missile says US, despite treaty

RUSSIA: 10 second video of the lawlessness at a Russian intersection

ITALY: Amanda Knox convicted of murder–a second time – Ah, but will justice be done?  The Italian Supreme Court is to review this latest conviction again.  And then there is the fact that Ms. Knox–who fled to the USA after the first conviction was ‘overturned,’ has to undergo extradition.  And now the Corporate Media is saying that extradition is in “John Kerry’s hands.”

Oh, well.  Is there any doubt then that justice will be served?

UK: Prince Charles slams Climate-Change Deniers – And Prince Charles is every bit as much an authority as the pope or Al Gore or Bill Gates or Ted Turner or Milie Cyrus or Madonna or any of the other elites whose opinion the Corporate Media never tires of promoting.

RELATED: Climate Change Killing Baby Penguins – Another “baby penguin” narrative.


Texas Representative Louie Gohmert: Raise taxes on poor people because they can pay with welfare

Save the Internet: Stop Fast Track – Referring to the Trans-Pacific Partnership which our Congress will approve–though everything in the TPP will come to pass with or without Congressional approval.

GALLUP: Two-thirds say Federal Government “Too Big, Powerful” – The real news is that one-third think it is not.

Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin looking for a cheaper place

“Here’s something I find hard to believe. Anthony Weiner makes between three and four hundred thousand dollars a year as a political consultant. Anthony Weiner! How bad are you doing in the polls when you start saying to yourself, “What would Anthony Weiner do now?”
–Jay Leno

State Department to host rapper who called Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas “uncle Toms” – The State Department is hosting a rapper?  Your tax dollars at work…

Republicans = Democrats = Libertarians = Communists = Whatever: There are no political solutions to spiritual problems.
Republicans = Democrats = Libertarians = Communists = Whatever: There are no political solutions to spiritual problems.

Republican leaders sell immigration amnesty to members – What else would be required to demonstrate that both sides in Washington DC are on the same side?  Of course, there will be those playing along with the game who will call on the hapless folks back home to “punish the Republicans.”

But wait!  The Corporate Media has been setting up the GOP as the anti-Obama.  How can we punish them?

How is that to be done?  By rewarding the other side of the team?  Perhaps by starting a new party!  Yeah, that will show them!  And what makes anyone think that the third team will be on anyone’s side but the one team that’s calling the shots now?

But there are many Americans who insist that there is a political solution to all of this.   If only the politician did this or thought that way…

Many of these Americans are self-identifying “Christians.”  They are waiting for “just the right leader.” They are looking for a political savior.

They will get their wish.


House GOP wants legal status but no citizenship for illegal immigrants – Whatever.  The check’s in the mail.

If at first you don’t succeed: A short history of the Republicans’ attempts to repeal ObamaCare – Headline should read “A short history of the Republicans’ kabuki-for-the-public attempts to repeal ObamaCare.”

Oh, but then that would be giving things away and that’s not why Politico exists, now is it?  Politico exists in order to provide narratives on why things happen in Washington.  Not to actually inform readers of why things occurred, but to provide the cover STORY [fairy tale, legend, narrative] of why they happened.

Donald Trump is confirmed speaker at CPAC 2014 – This is the flagship media event for conservatives.  Donald Trump is every bit a conservative as Donald Knotts or Donald Duck.  Or John Kerry for that matter.  CPAC has always been a bit of a joke outside of the worlds of insider politics and the Media.

Now it is a joke the rest of the world can enjoy, too.

Hillary Clinton has commanding lead over Democrats

“This week in New Orleans, Hillary Clinton said she still doesn’t know if she’s running for president in 2016. Isn’t that unbelievable? With 315 million Americans, what are the odds she’s the only one in the country who doesn’t know she’s running for president in 2016?”
–Jay Leno

For the 2008 election, Hillary declared in February 2007.  The equivalent of that for 2016 would be February 2015.

Keystone XL Oil Pipeline clears Big Hurdle – Thank goodness.  Was wondering how many oil tanker trains would blow up before Keystone got approved…


NASA to make water on the moon and oxygen on Mars – Wow!  Cool!  Maybe NASA could make some water here on earth for all of the locations we’re told will soon be running short?

Could Lake Mead dry up? Shocking pictures reveal how Hoover Dam reservoir is shrinking so fast it could threaten Las Vegas water supply

Amid Drought, California Agency announces they will not allot any water

REPORT: NFL Player threatened to sodomize another – Read what the player actually said. Do heterosexuals talk this way?  When the NFL starts “outing” players, it will be like when Hollywood stars and celebrities first started coming out.  Tip of the iceberg.

The NFL stories have the additional “benefit” of the Corporate Media now being able to introduce “rough talk” into the mainstream via the sports pages and 24/7 sports channels.

Americans think they can compromise with the media.  “I’ll just watch sports.”  or “I’ll just watch news.”  There is no compromise with the mystery of iniquity or its media mouthpieces.

Zero.  None. Anyone who think there is, is only fooling their self.

The World’s Wisdom: 10 Sentences that can change your life

Stocks suffer through worst January since 2010 – Do stocks have any relevance for the economy?  The stock market showed record gains in 2013 and yet, that didn’t translate into good economic times for very many outside of a few stock-related professions.

NBC, MSNBC sink to the bottom of who the public trusts – The sad part is the flip side: there are plenty in the Corporate Media that the public trusts.

Baby-powered cart – The things one is sent on the Internet.  Daily Zombie Link

36 percent would rather reach someone by text than phone – Ah yes, the democracy of texting.  Where every man and every woman exercises comic genius–if only for 15 minutes or so.


Forget to take your Meds? The real cost of ignoring your doctor’s orders – Apparently, there are some who are resisting the medical profession’s obsession with prescribing meds to all Americans.  The Corporate Media wants Americans more heavily medicated.  This is another propaganda piece to achieve that end.

POLL: Most favor raising the minimum wage, oppose more jobless benefits – Seems the only ones who see any good in jobless benefits are those who’ve lost their jobs.

How to apply camo to a helmet – All in one 5-second animated GIF.  However, it is educational and informative–and neat.

(PHOTOS) The chicken from the egg-process

REMINDER: America’s second-biggest secular holiday–the Super Bowl–is this weekend.  This year’s halftime ritual will be performed by someone named Bruno Mars.

“The thing is, I want to raise the stakes,” Mars said when his performance was announced. “I want to give MetLife Stadium and the viewers at home a real musical experience, do something fun, do something exciting, maybe even a little unexpected.”

I’ll bet.

“There are still more than 11,000 Super Bowl tickets unsold. Why they would have trouble selling $1,500 tickets to an outdoor event being held in a blizzard that you can watch on TV for free, I don’t know, but they are.”
–Jimmy Kimmel

“The forecast for Sunday’s Super Bowl has improved in the last week. It’s expected to be in the mid-30s with winds of only 6 miles an hour. That’s a good temperature for New Jersey. It’s above freezing but not so warm that you can smell the bodies in the swamp.”
–Jimmy Fallon

Are there really batteries that are 2000-years-old?

Is the Hunger Games based on a true story? – The winning answer, as voted on by the readers, is a fairly funny read.

Transgendered candidate will challenge openly-homosexual state senator in Maryland – American Babylon.

(VIDEO) This is the most disturbing “Stay in School” commercial ever filmed

Nearly all of my professors are Democrats.  Isn’t that a problem? – Seems like realizing this point would qualify as “education.”  Most colleges are like the media and politics: they talk a good game about diversity (and diversity is fine for everyone else), but they are very much a club.  And that club includes people who think like they do.

Jermaine Dupri: Miami Beach cops profiled Justin Bieber–just like me

“Music industry executives are now defending Justin Bieber, saying that he was arrested because he was profiled by the Miami police. Well, how much longer will we put up with “the man” targeting rich white kids in Lamborghinis? When is that going to stop?”
–Jay Leno

How our World would look IF you were a bird – (h/t:G) A photo collection (40 total) of aerial photos of some of the world’s famous–as well as the not-so-very-famous–locations.  A “bird’s-eye view” is a very different view of things.  In fact, one never wouldn’t be aware of the history behind the term “bird’s-eye view” until one looked.

Before manned flight was common, the term “bird’s eye” was used to distinguish views drawn from direct observation at high locations (for example a mountain or tower), from those constructed from an imagined (bird’s) perspectives. Bird’s eye views as a genre have existed since classical times. The last great flourishing of them was in the mid-to-late 19th century, when bird’s eye view prints were popular in the United States and Europe.

This might be the appropriate time to point out that, though many moderns (and especially modern Americans) love to see themselves as the “pinnacle” of mankind’s development and achievement, there is much evidence to the contrary–some of it from the Bible.

This outlook is one result of Western civilization becoming enslaved by the secular religion of Evolutionism. With a belief in evolution permeating the science, culture, education and entertainment, we’ve come to believe it’s always “forward, always forward” to bigger and better things.  This is the viewpoint of the New Age–though history would argue differently.

And while many American Christians were busy attending to other matters, the New Age was busy becoming the country’s real religion.

Even those of us who know that Evolution is a religion, not a scientific concept, fall prey to the thinking from time-to-time.  It’s become instilled (particularly through public education) to the point where Evolution in only a little over 100 years, has become the default position of many Americans.

At any rate, the pictures are enjoyable.

So enjoy!

School seizes lunches from students and throws them away

Chinese Smog reaches all the way to Los Angeles

“According to a new study, smog is drifting across the Pacific Ocean from China and polluting our West Coast. Can’t we make anything in this country anymore?”
–Jay Leno

Bugs in Google Chrome browser allow websites to listen in to your conversations– What more can be expected from a browser whose symbol is a fairly blatant, stylized 666?  Photo at the end of this email.  Does that sound too conspiratorial?  Take a peek.  What does the reader think?  A few more popular brand logos have been added as well.  There’s quite a number of them adorning the many products the world uses every day.

These are included in an effort to get the reader to put on his thinking cap.

It’s later than you think.  It’s actually later than possibly 99% of Christians think.

Do You Know Jesus?

Jet in near mid-air collision with UFO – ET supposedly navigated across million of miles through space junk to get to earth.  You’d think he’d see a jet coming…

TIME: The Mindful Revolution – Last week’s cover story about the Mindful Revolution: basically finding the wonder in ordinary things.

Without God.

Nope, no God allowed.

Just the wonder of ordinary things which occur through the god of Random Chance.

It’s something about Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), which is what the Corporate Media has mainstreamed into the USA over the last 60 years while we weren’t paying any attention.  And now it’s called “behavior medicine!”

Doesn’t that sound official?  Doesn’t that sound positively scientific!

Naked yoga in becoming popular in NYC

Naked yoga has become increasingly popular in the United States since the 1960s, when it was a component in the hippie movement.

In 1975, the short documentary titled Naked Yoga was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Documentary, Short Subjects category.

“You’d think with technology they’d update Groundhog Day just a little. Maybe have Phil stay down in his hole and just tweet out his prediction.”
–Craig Ferguson


It’s colder than Alaska – This writer was outside sweeping his porch yesterday and was struck by a not-so-original thought.

“Gee, it is cold today.”

But then another thought followed.

“It is winter and it does get cold around these parts in winter.”

One suspects that much of the country never has this second thought.  At least this is the conclusion one can draw by reading the yellow journalism that passes for reporting the weather these days.

Sensationalism” would be the perfect word to describe reading about normal weather in 2014 America.

If it reaches 90 degrees in the summer, it’s HOTTER THAN THE SURFACE OF THE SUN!

If it gets down to zero for a day or two,  it’s COLDER THAN AN UNINHABITED PLANET!

If it’s rainy, then we read about FLOODING: NOAH WOULD BE SCARED!

And if it’s not doing much of anything, then we hear CLIMATE CHANGE KILLED MY DOG!

Americans have become something quite different from what their self-image has always been: a bunch of eight-year-old pajama party schoolgirls screaming in wonder at ordinary things.  Who knew sleepover generated so much MBSR?

Certainly the Corporate Media has led the country to this point.

But most of the country seems content enough to follow along.

62 percent say that winter has been worse this year – Mission accomplished.

Fake Geo-engineered snow? – (h/t:D)

QUAKE: 6.1 South Sandwich Islands

QUAKE: 5.4 Aleutian Islands Alaska

QUAKE 5.4 near east coast of Kamchatka Russia

QUAKE: 5.0 Carlsberg Ridge

QUAKE: 3.2 Santa Barbara Channel California

An earth-shaking mystery in Texas: Is fracking causing earthquakes in Texas?

Add “fracking” to the list of reasons discussed last week (why the increase in earthquakes don’t really count).

New eruptive phase reported at Ecuador’s Tungurahua Volcano

Scientists link two plagues of the past — and warn of future outbreaks

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