Healthy Food for Less: 7 Ways to Eat Healthy on a Budget


HEALTHY FOOD FOR LESS:  Money tight? Here's some money-saving tips to eat healthy
HEALTHY FOOD FOR LESS: Money tight? Here’s some money-saving tips to eat healthy


Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money.  These seven money-saving tips are “college student-tested.”  They will allow you to save money while enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

Quality foods on a tight budget is a rare happenstance nowadays. It seems like everybody has a different view on what is healthy and what is not and that view changes from week to week. On top of that, within those weeks, prices keep escalating. Eating healthy is getting seemingly harder and harder to accomplish because of price, especially if you’re a college student.

For someone who likes to be on top of my finances and also eating healthy, I have to find ways to overcome those high prices. Sometimes it seems a lot easier to compromise what is healthy for the cheap route which is junk food. More than one-third of U.S adults are obese. That is 34.9% of obesity in America. We can see its many American’s are taking the cheaper route, because let’s face it, it’s easier. I hope I can share a few tips that could help make your home a little healthier without making your wallet empty.

1. COUPONS! One way I make my shopping trip less painful is by searching the internet for printable coupons I can use at the store. Even if I am able to save fifty cents here and there, that can add up! I usually go to this coupon website and browse through to see if there are any coupons that I could use when I go shopping. There are a ton of websites out there that offer coupons. If you take the time to look before you shop, it could help save you a decent amount of money in the long run.

2. BUY IN BULK! When you buy in bulk you can save a significant amount of money. Sam’s Club is a great place to buy bulk food items.

3. COOK AT HOME! Eating out is expensive. Period. Besides the cost, most restaurants and fast food chains have hidden carbs, calories, and sugars that you can be unaware of if you don’t pay attention to the nutrition guide. Not only will cooking at home aid in a healthier lifestyle, you will save money by not eating out as much. Plus there is a plethora of resources that have healthy, quick, and easy meals you can make from your stovetop.

4. EAT LESS MEAT. Now before you throw a fit, I am not advocating a vegetarian lifestyle. I’m the first in line for chicken, steak, or ribs, but it is usually the most expensive item we purchase. I wouldn’t cut meat out altogether, I would simply limit yourself on how many times a week you can have it. For all you gym rats out there, if you’re worried about the protein intake, don’t be. You can get plenty of protein through other foods such as almonds, soy, beans, and eggs.

5. DON’T OVERLOOK FROZEN VEGGIES & FRUITS! While fresh may seem like a better option, frozen veggies and fruits can help reduce your bill at the end of your shopping day. As long as you’re still checking the nutritional content of the frozen brands, you can get healthy food at a cheap cost. There’s no better feeling!

6. ELIMINATE FRIVOLOUS BUYS! We all seem to go to the store with an agenda that gets lost in the aisle way between soda pop and chips. We have an awesome determination to buy only healthy foods, then we suddenly cave. You should sit down and make a list of foods that you need and stick solely to that list. When you eliminate impulse buys, you are going to save a ton of money. Maybe even take someone with you to keep yourself in check while roaming the aisles.

7. SHOP ON THE WEEKEND! Shopping on the weekend is a smart way to save money because weekend coupons, and special sales will be happening. Not only can you get fresh items, but if you go in with your list you can get the most for your money and buy enough for the whole week instead of a few nights.

I hope this list can help train your brain on how to go about cheap healthy grocery shopping. It is a wonderful feeling knowing you are doing something healthy for your body while saving money. Especially in a world where junk is an easy an all too well traveled route when it comes to food. Be smart in your shopping and your eating!


by Liz Kaye

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