Tinfoil Hat Theology, John MacArthur, Conspiracy Theories and Tangled Webs

CONSPIRACY THEORY: When someone has caught someone with their hand in the cookie jar, "Conspiracy Theorist!" is one of the more useful things the thief might yell.
CONSPIRACY THEORY: When someone gets caught with their hand in the cookie jar, “Conspiracy Theorist!” is one of the more useful things the thief might yell.


Parts One, Two and Three


And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.
Matthew 24:4

It’s a rare thing when this writer responds directly to a piece on the Internet.  There are many pieces and only so much time and so…

But a series of pieces purportedly about “tinfoil hat theology” caught the eye.

One rule learned as a heathen investigative writer: when someone starts throwing around the pejorativeconspiracy theory“–especially when the author serves up a healthy portion of attitude and arrogance as a side dish–it’s time to take notice.  That usually signals an attempt to cast aspersions is underway.  At the very least, someone is trying to discredit what someone is saying by labeling it a “conspiracy theory.”

And so, Tin Foil Hat Theology, part one  was read to see who the unlucky fellow was and what he had stumbled across to deserve not just one piece, but THREE!

And Tin Foil Hat Theology (TFHT) didn’t disappoint: it’s a piece that’s LONG on attitude, name-calling and arrogance and short on Scriptural backing–and that’s just in Part One when the payoff is being set up.

Oh, by the way, we’ll get to the payoff part.  If there is any conspiracy afoot here, part three reveals who and what–with a surprise ending!  Discrediting an opponent is part of the conspiracy.  Get it?

Back to Part One.

There are two other parts to this piece.  The author starts Part One off with a bang, wrenching Isaiah 8:12 out of its rightful context to provide a little Scriptural cover for his not-so-novel idea “IF you believe in conspiracies, you are one kooky person!”

And that is an idea that is endlessly promoted by the world: the very phrase “conspiracy theorist” is a worldly one–as is the image of the person wearing a hat made of tinfoil to ward off evil radio waves, sound waves, waves of grain, whatever.

By comparison, the Bible is replete with tales of evil men who do their evil deeds where others cannot see them.  The apostle John was good enough to tell us why these evil men did their evil out of the sight of others.

“And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved [exposed].”
John 3:19-20

So, some guy takes a worldly idea, adds some worldly images and then tortures a Bible verse to try and make it seem like what’s he pushing is Christian?

What else is new?  The prosperity wolves on TBN perform that trick every day.

Though history is little more than one series of conspiracies after another–writing said history being one of the prizes for the winning side–the author attempts to lump them all together by citing the Manhattan Project.  And the Manhattan Project was certainly a large conspiracy.

Involving thousands of people.

Over the years it was operational.

Brought about by the US government.

To manufacture atomic weapons.

Without the American people knowing that such a conspiracy existed.

The author’s assessment?

“Those type of conspiracies are not bad.”

Okay, now that we’re assured the Manhattan Project has this guy’s stamp of approval, we’ll move on.

Like the typical “debunker,” the author lumps in various events which have invited alternative explanations–since the government/Corporate Media’s versions have proved so…let’s see; what’s the word? Untruthful?  Unpalatable?  Unbelievable?  Unaccepted?

Anyway, at about the halfway point, the author finally arrives at his point.


However, it is quite another thing to find men and women who name Christ as their Lord and Savior advocating conspiracy theories. Those folks go beyond being disturbing to grieving my heart.

This writer knows exactly what Tin-Foil Hat Guy means.  Every time someone pretends to put a Christian face on what is undoubtedly a worldly piece, with a worldly point-of-view, to achieve a worldly end, it grieves this writer’s spirit to no end.

As a bonus, the article then equates “fundamentalists” and “King James only types” with the word “crank.”

Let’s just be frank: it’s hard to remain meek in the face of such ungodliness.

Tin-Foil Hat Guy could have simply made a case for avoiding the distracting websites which feature fear-mongering 24/7 in the name of Christian preparedness.  And while that would have made the piece useful for Christians, it would not have accomplished the real end of the author.

Instead, he chose to serve up a regular mix of allusions, half-truths, and innuendo with some truth.  This particular mix has been infamously used by the intelligence services, advertising copy men, the Corporate Media, Satan, politicians, PR firms and a few others plying that same beat.

They all use it because it is effective.


SHHHHH - Conspiracy theorist at work.
SHHHHH – Conspiracy theorist at work.

Maybe one of the other parts in this series will feature a real Bible verse which actually pertains to an end time conspiracy? One suspects that wouldn’t help the author’s case though.  Psalm 2 talks of an end times conspiracy against the Lord and against His anointed (Jesus Christ).

“The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.”
Psalm 2:2-3

Revelation further tells us that these men involved in this “conspiracy” are successful.  They subdue every “kindred, tongue and nation”–for a season.

“And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.”
Revelation 13:7

Maybe Revelation is just one long inspired conspiracy theory.  Or maybe the events in Revelation just “happen,” huh?  No preparation, no forethought: they just leap into place without any planning; without any men “conspiring” to bring it about?

Here’s the really unnerving part for someone who believes what the Bible says about this evil conspiracy: the perps will LOOK JUST LIKE CHRISTIANS!  They’ll act like them and talk the talk.  They’ll even write like them!

The only way true believers will know them is when they speak because they’ll speak like their father: the dragon.  That’s a dead giveaway.

“And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.”
Revelation 13:11

So according to Tin-Foil Hat Guy–who doesn’t believe in conspiracies (unless they’re building an atomic weapon apparently)–the antichrist machinery just springs into being without the least bit of preparation.

This not only defies Scripture, it flies in the face of events over the last 2000 years.  Not too long after Christ resurrected, the apostle Paul wrote:

“For the mystery of iniquity doth already work:”
2 Thessalonians 2:7

Yes, it was already at work in Paul’s day.

Does Tin-Foil Hat Guy believes the spirit of lawlessness has stopped working?  Is this what the author is trying to say? It appears to be.  He appears to be saying “Don’t be concerned about the plans of evil men.  You don’t believe in conspiracies, do you?  Oh come on! Those guys would never conspire!  Are you crazy? You’re smarter than that.”

Did Tin-Foil Hat Guy give any credence to what the Bible said (outside of that lonely out-of-context verse he used as window dressing to start off his piece)?  Did the author mention anything about the many plans of evil men the Bible warns about?  What about the warnings of Jesus to not be deceived?

Was Jesus just making up those warnings?  Maybe instead of “Take heed that no man deceives you” Jesus really meant “Hey, don’t go getting all tinfoil hat on me now!”

No, it’s very doubtful this guy will tackle that issue.

He’s having too much fun knocking over his tinfoil hat-wearing straw men.

There’s something to warning Christians about chasing after false conspiracy theories.  There certainly are enough of them–and they’re mostly pumped out by many of the same folk who pump out those everyday narratives (lies) we call the “news.” The media has even owned up and admitted that they write “narratives.” The author could have made his piece about that; that would have been useful.

But that wasn’t what took place in this article.  Whether the author was aware of it or not–and there was some skill in the blending of untruth with truth in this piece–he crafted a piece which does little to help the Christian.

Jesus warned repeatedly of deception in the end times.  Deception means Satan (the father of lies) and his worker bees in the “mystery of iniquity” will be doing things behind the scenes.

In a manner that is not open for all to see.

What one might even call a “conspiracy.”

And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.
Matthew 24:4

Men will deceive in a variety of way; including, but not limited to, referring to the machinations of evil men as “tinfoil hat theology.”


CONSPIRACY THEORIST: What to say when someone is saying something that is true and you don't have anything else to say.
CONSPIRACY THEORIST: What to say when someone is saying something that is true and you don’t have anything else to say.

If the reader enjoyed part one of Tin-foil Hat Theology, he is in for a treat!  Part Two is more of the same!  More invective, more name-calling, more attitude, more snark.

Tinfoil Hat Guy even offers his ideas on web design, which is very thoughtful of him.

By the way, why is it that tin-foil hat theologians tend to promote their conspiracy theories with hideous, seizure inducing websites? Are there no Christian conspiracy people who can put together a decent looking website? Why must they all be bright, hi-liter yellow letters on a brown background with baby-blue flashing link titles and crude, rotating graphics?

Who says you can’t get something for nothing these days?

All levity aside, however, I am personally grieved when I hear of Christians who have succumbed to being influenced by tin-foil hat theologians and their conspiracies. The reason being is because such theology, if we can even call it that, is extremely detrimental to a Christian’s spiritual health.

For some odd reason, when ever Tinfoil Hat Guy gets grieved, this writer becomes grieved as well.  But one suspects the grieving is for much different reasons.

There’s not much new here to see.  Tinfoil Guy offers his opinions (no Bible verses) and there’s a near-mutiny in the comments section afterward.


THE BIG HIT: After the set-up in parts 1 and 2, TFH Guy gets down to business in Part 3.
THE BIG HIT: After the set-up in parts 1 and 2, TFH Guy gets down to business in Part 3.

The author finally gets around to the real reason for his piece in Part Three. He spends over half the piece trying to discredit one Bob Johnson, who writes at a website, The Watchman Wakes in Vain.  Mr. Johnson offers some compelling documentation to supplement information which has appeared on Ephesians 511 blog and visa versa.

Both of these websites have documented many ungodly associations and unbiblical pronouncements of one John MacArthur, the pastor at Grace Community Church in sunny California.

The latest is John MacArthur video – Doubleminded Confusion – Duplicity, shifting sand.

Mr. Johnson’s sin seems to be his authorship of  The Transformation of John Macarthur’s Grace Community Church, as well as asking Mr. MacArthur some inconvenient questions about his associations–which Tin Foil Guy commented on in Part Three–on more than one occasion.  On those occasions, the Grace “security team” made a few appearances.

And now for that surprise ending we promised.

From the About section of Tinfoil Hat Guy’s blog, we know that he is one Fred Butler.  Let’s let  Fred take it from here:

My name is Fred Butler.  I’m a graduate of Arkansas State University and The Master’s Seminary.  I currently live in the LA area and work at Grace to You, the radio ministry of John MacArthur, where  I have the honor of coordinating and directing the volunteer ministries.

So now we can put a name to Tinfoil Hat Guy: his name is Fred.  We can call you Fred, right?  One would think by this time we should be on a first-name basis.

Fred jumped through a lot of hoops for John MacArthur.

He penned a three-part series on “conspiracy theories” so that he could pin that label on Bob Johnson in Part Three and try to discredit what Bob has been writing about Fred’s boss.

One would suspect that Fred should be asking for a raise.

We apologize for the lack of Scripture on these last two parts.  It’s been hard to answer Fred’s use of Scripture since he hasn’t referred to any since Part One.

NOTE: We would not have been familiar with Bob Johnson except that we stumbled across his site yesterday looking for something completely different.  We read with interest a few of his well-documented pieces on John MacArthur.

Until about six months ago, we weren’t all that familiar with MacArthur.  Until we heard him preach about those taking the mark of the beast being able to be redeemed.

John MacArthur and the Mark of the Beast: Last Days Apostasy

Johnson also did some good work on Al Mohler.  We know.  We checked it out and Johnson was right on the money.  It was so good that Fred didn’t even try to contest that point.  He admitted Johnson’s contentions but claimed “Hey, it doesn’t mean what you think it means!”

Fred declares that Bob Johnson “claimed that Dr. Mohler was some undercover change agent for the United Nations who was tasked to infiltrate churches and destroy them.”

As an extra bonus, Fred launches into a defense of the United Nations.

Actually, after reading Johnson’s claims, there was no mention that Mohler was “undercover.”   Just that Mohler would prefer that his associations be kept quiet–as Fred apparently is working to keep his boss’s associations quiet.

So I guess Fred did give us a chance to use Scripture after all.

“Abstain from all appearance of evil.”
1 Thessalonians 5:22

That’s about it.

Oh, Fred: if you hadn’t been so ham-handed, your piece wouldn’t have stuck out and your attack on Bob Johnson would have likely gone unnoticed.

That’s a tip.

Speaking of conspiracy theories: Fred, you didn’t address this in your piece–and, well, it’s really interesting and it has to do with conspiracy theories–next time you see John could you ask him a few things?

John Macarthur and the Blood of Martin Luther King

So they took me. And in those days the police weren’t nearly as protective, forensics hadn’t developed to what they had and they didn’t necessarily protect crime scenes. So we went to the motel, up to the landing, saw the blood where Martin Luther King had been shot just hours before by James Earl Ray. I actually went to the little building opposite the motel, went up on the second flood, stood up on the toilet and looked out the window where James Earl Ray had shot him. And I was there at that very, very, very crucial time.

Can you ask your boss how he got into the crime scene where Martin Luther King was shot?  How that actually went down since the police testified they had sealed the area “within two minutes?”  MacArthur also said he went into the “bathroom” where King’s assassin shot King from.  Could you ask him about how he knew from where King was shot since it hadn’t been publicly determined yet?


There’s plenty of Scripture to close with, but how about some worldly advice–for a worldly piece of writing?

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive!”
Sir Walter Scott

UPDATE – 6-27-2014 — A look back through the thousands of links referenced at ETPR shows we referenced one of Bob Johnson’s articles over the last 12 months.  Whether it came from another site (highly likely), there is no way of knowing.


by Mondo Frazier
–with Jeremiah Jameson

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9 thoughts on “Tinfoil Hat Theology, John MacArthur, Conspiracy Theories and Tangled Webs”

  1. Thank you for introducing me to Psalm 2 in this context! Of course there are conspiracies then. We just must use God’s wisdom and pray for discernment in understanding these Last Days.


    1. You’re welcome!

      The phrase “conspiracy theory” or “conspiracy theorist” has only acquired a negative connotation in the last 50 or so years. Before the 1960s, “conspiracy theory” was a neutral term. Then the Corporate Media/government began to invest a lot of time, attitude and resources to discredit alternative views of events.

      Using “conspiracy theory” is a form of thought control. Those using it are attempting to influence someone by using their attitude, not facts, reasoning or the Bible. It’s akin to using “racist” to distract or try and influence the discussion when the speaker doesn’t have anything substantive with which to influence it.

      I have personally had a fair amount of experience with this.

      Psalm 2 is a clear end times conspiracy (“the kings of the earth take counsel together against the LORD and His anointed”). And again, we don’t get from Psalm 2 to Revelation without the machinations of evil men. A good rule of thumb: people who are heavy-handed in their attacks on conspiracy theories have something to hide.

      In effect, they have just painted a big target on themselves.

      And yes, we must pray for discernment in understanding these Last Days!

      God bless.


  2. Yes – something to hide, or they’re asleep or desensitized through all that is being thrown at them. There is a flood of ungodliness, so many lying voices.

    Yes, Psalm 2 must be speaking about the End of the Age. It makes us know that the rebellion is planned, deliberate, and that the Lord sees and knows all and is sovereign.

    With a prayer for you – God bless you too!


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