World War 3 Watch: September 22, 2014

WORLD WAR 3 WATCH: Syria-Middle East-Iran-Israel-Iraq-Ukraine-Afghanistan-Pakistan-Russia-China-USA-North Korea-South Korea-Japan-Yemen-Egypt-European Union-United Nations
WORLD WAR 3 WATCH: Syria-Ukraine-Middle East-Iran-Israel-Iraq-Ukraine-Afghanistan-Pakistan-Russia-China-USA-North Korea-South Korea-ISIS-Japan-Yemen-Egypt-European Union-United Nations

September 22, 2014
End Times Prophecy Report


Syria – Middle East – Iran – Israel – Iraq – Afghanistan – Pakistan – Russia – China – USA – North Korea – South Korea – Japan – India- Yemen – Egypt – European Union – United Nations – Ukraine – ISIS

NEWS about World War 3.
Are we on the road to World War 3? How much time do we have? Is there anything we can do about the events which are soon to overtake those living on the earth?

September 22– Media talk about World War 3 was high for the second week in a row.

While violence continued in Iraq and Ukraine (and threatened to spill into Poland and the Baltic States), there were no single events which focused the World War 3 talk like the downing of the Malaysian airliner did a few months ago.

Russian President, Vladamir Putin, rattled his Russian sabre by declaring that Russian troops could overtake five NATO capitals within two days if he gave the word.

The US Congress approved arms for “Syrian rebels.” That’s not very helpful.

For those few who still are wearing rose-colored glasses, world war has happened before. The Bible says it will happen again before Jesus returns.

While World War 3 media mentioned stayed high, violent actions leveled off.

General chatter about World War III usually goes up a week or two before the next violent event focuses world attention back on the nuts and bolts (violent events) of world war. So World War 3 Watchers might stay alert over the next 7-10 days for that violent event.

That was what we said last week and it remains in effect.  We are expecting another event to focus the world’s attention on World War III this coming week.

Will it happen?


While chances for a domestic terror attack are up (due to increased media activity warning of an impending terror attack) in the near future, it is suspected that the IMMEDIATE chances of a domestic terror attack are in a holding pattern awaiting one more level of escalation in the pre-war propaganda campaign that has been taking place in the US Corporate Media over the six weeks.

Once more: for a little while longer, the regular media cycle will predominate.

1- An event takes place which could spark war; 2- The media covers said event 24/7; 3- Speculation continues about the event and its likelihood of causing World War III; 4- An uneasy return to “normal” until the next event.

Events in Ukraine will serve as distractions for actions in Gaza, Syria and Iraq. The current news cycle concerning Ukraine has just about outlived its usefulness. If Ukraine is to continue in this manner, new, more violent actions will have to take place in Ukraine. Those violent actions appeared to take place this past week with Russia allegedly moving tanks into eastern Ukraine.

The Ebola threat continued to be magnified by the media this past week. As did the constant media threat of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack.

Ebola in America: What does the Bible Say?

As always, regardless of what hot spot the media is featuring this week, one suspects that when WW3 does finally begin, it will begin in that most volatile of regions, the Middle East.

THE CALL: ISIS continues to grab the lion’s share of media attention.

From last week:

The Corporate Media will continue to keep the focus on the Islamic State (ISIS) with Ukraine running interference as a convenient distraction. Events in Syria have morphed from a civil war narrative to a tale of massive chaos not unlike a pro wrestling Battle Royal event. One suspects that ISIS will be the last man standing in the Syria storyline.

France began airstrikes on ISIS in Syria this past week.  The USA is contemplating following suit.

THE BAD NEWS: The propaganda campaign, which is necessary to prepare a country for total war, continued to escalate over the last week–as it has for the last two months. More than a solid month of  non-stop pre-war propaganda in the US Corporate Media has taken place.

THE GOOD NEWS: Asia has continued to be quiet. It is about time for a flare-up in one of the traditional Asian hot spots (North and South Korea, Japan, China) sometime in September.

What will this coming week bring?

UPDATES [September 22, 2014]

  1. Is World War 3 already underway?
  2. World War 3 a U.S. conspiracy? Ukraine’s nuclear weapons alleged to be an American plot
  3. World War 3 feared: Ukraine plans to restore nuclear weapons program after Pro-Russia rocket attack killed 10 civilians during ceasefire
  4. World War 3: Poland fears of a Russian invasion heightened as Ukraine battles ramp up
  5. Preparing for World War 3: Ukraine may restore its nuclear capabilities
  6. Vladamir Putin threatens World War 3, says Russia could invade Europe within two days
  7. World War 3 began with “massacres’ warns pope Francis
  8. World War 3: We are on the brink of a Third World War, experts warn
  9. Chinese Scholar: World War 3 will probably be a result of maritime disputes
  10. In 1952, Colliers magazine reported World War III in detail
  11. Bush in 2006: World War III coming if Caliphate Capital established in Iraq
  12. World War III will erupt over sea disputes says Chinese military scholar
  13. Marsden: Has World War III already begun?


World War 3: ANALYSIS

Ukraine – Violence in Ukraine has settled into a grinding guerilla-type warfare.  Accusations from both sides continue, as do Russian threats.

Baltic States (Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia) – Russia is growling at the Baltic States. All they can do is hope the West honors its commitments.

LIBYA: Chaos and violence in Libya continues.  From the way the propaganda is shaking out, our guess is that LIBYA will eventually become a part of a sprawling Islamic State.

IRAQ: Media chatter over the Caliphate continues. The world seems powerless to stop ISIS. Bombs don’t seem to stop them. It’s looking like only a full-scale war will do it. Iraq will be the epicenter of the Islamic State. News of a terror group “worse than ISIS” emerged this past week: Khorasan.  We’ll see if this story gets any traction in the coming weeks.

Turkey: At some point in the future, it’s expected that Turkey will get involved in some manner in the Islamic State.

GAZA: Israel and Hamas continue to kill each other’s civilians. The killing grinds on while the media is conveniently focused elsewhere.

SYRIA: Syrian violence has degenerated into a sort of free-for-all among the many factions who are all basically playing for the same team.

There’s a 42% chance of World War III; which is steady%. This is NO CHANGE from last week. This is the immediate likelihood of the commencement of World War 3. The long view is 100%. This is also no change from last week.  The number is due to the continued strong prewar propaganda push targeting the USA.

A continued chance of a domestic terror attack before October 2016 leading to war in the Middle East : [+77%}. That’s No Change. Continued talk in the media of a Muslim terror attack, terror cells already in the USA and terrorists coming across the purposely porous US southern border. The tone of the pre-war propaganda escalated sharply over the past two months. Expect this number to gradually increase until the actual attack takes place.

Asia continues “Quiet.”  This, of course, can change at any time.

Africa – quiet.

Nothing has changed over the last year in the following assessment: The Middle East and North Africa remain a tinderbox awaiting a spark.

TENSION ASSESSMENT: September 22, 2014

  1. North Korea – down
  2. Ukraine – steady in spite of sporadic heavy fighting
  3. Syria – HIGH on media talk of a Syrian front in the ISIS war. France began airstrikes; the USA may follow.
  4. Jordan – down
  5. East Africa – steady – This includes South Sudan
  6. China – down
  7. Japan – continued downward trend over the last month.
  8. North Africa – up slightly because of Libya, which has had renewed outbreaks of violence. Libya continues to generate its share of WWIII news due to the intentional “power vacuum” left by the US/West’s overthrow of longtime Libyan strongman, Muammar Ghaddafi.
  9. Russia – steady, with continued interest in Ukraine, Syria and Iraq, and the Baltic States. Poland appears to be about ready to enter this sphere.
  10. USA – up slightly with Iraq and Syrian war talk. Government interest in Ukraine is minimal; interest in Israel/Gaza is hands-off.
  11. Israel – steady. Ground war in Gaza grinding on.
  12. Egypt – down with continued pockets of domestic unrest.
  13. Iran – Quiet. Rumbles of Iran getting involved in Iraq continue.
  14. NATO – quiet
  15. Iraq – constant level of violence. Continued chaos by “ISIS.” USA has resumed its public war in Iraq, though it really never stopped.

The world is on a steady march to World War 3. There will be periods of calm, periods of violence. Even during the periods of quiet, nothing will deter the beginning of World War 3. It’s only a matter of “When?

The one question that never gets asked: How did the media know the latest events will lead to World War 3? The WW3 headlines began back last year in 2013.

In May of 2013 this writer had a conversation with a fellow about the media using the term “World War 3.” The fellow claimed “I haven’t seen it.” The response? “It’s just beginning.” At that time, the question was asked “How does the media know the events will lead to World War 3? Why is this outcome written as if it’s a foregone conclusion?

September 22, 2014 – ISIS continues to be the main focus of World War III speculation.  This is centered on Iraq and Syria. The Corporate Media continues to present the threat of ISIS as existential to America and therefore, it will take total war to wipe it out.

The pre-war propaganda concerning ISIS continues to escalate.

SPECULATION: Violence in Ukraine is a decoy. Even an outbreak of war in Ukraine will not bring about WW3. Events in Ukraine could be rolled into WWIII once it begins, but the spark will likely come from somewhere in the Middle East OR ACTIONS ATTRIBUTED TO ISIS or another Muslim terror group from a domestic US terror attack.

Domestic terror groups are beginning to receive media attention.  SPECULATION: The next terror attack on US soil could see allegations of domestic terror groups involved.  This would lead to increased crackdown on the civilian US population.

One suspects that there will be violence and chaos erupting soon from the Baltic States or Poland as well.

Overall Tension Assessment: Ukraine is holding steady.

Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia are about to join Ukraine as pieces of the Soviet Reunion.

Libya periodically erupts into violence. Events over the past three weeks threaten to make Libya a daily place to watch.

Iraqi violence continues.

Syria is a mess.

Israel-Gaza is a gritty, grinding, depressing little war.

It is suspected that Syria, Libya, Iran and China will take turns leading the World War III discussion before war actually breaks out.

The coming terror attack will be unexpected and it will feature something new; perhaps a bio attack or more likely an “EMP.” The next domestic terror attack will 1- provide the casus belli for WWIII; and, 2- provide a reason for authorities to clamp down further on the US population.

The next major domestic terror attack will likely see the introduction of auto check points throughout the USA, as well as further government controls on cash, movement and liberty. In the meantime, the US government pretends it is powerless to stop the “flood of jihadis” coming across the USA southern border. This is, of course, part of the narrative.

The world is still relatively quiet but time is running out. The media continues to stoke war fear. People are clearly nervous about the potential for World War 3. Enjoy the relative peace for at a little while longer.

Next week marks the one-year anniversary for World War 3 Watch.

There are signs the lull which has occupied most of the month of September is about over.

Will this week bring bad news? We’ll see.

Do You Know Jesus?


World War 3!

“And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.”
Revelation 6:4



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by Jeremiah J. Jameson
–with Mondo Frazier

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World War 3: Is Ukraine the beginning of World War 3?

Author: Jeremiah J Jameson

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  1. I thought in the end it would be “eating and drinking and giving in marriage” like in the days of Noah. Likewise, in the days of Lot etc. AJC


    1. AJC,

      You are right: the end will be “eating and drinking and giving in marriage”–for the lost. Just like in the days of Noah and Lot. They’ll be “living their lives” right up until Jesus comes back.

      World War 3 is not the end although the battle of Armageddon is toward the very end of this age.

      Good question!


    1. AJC,

      Well, I agree with you.

      I’ll only say that if they were really believers, they would live their lives like they were believers. There are a LOT who profess Jesus with their lips, but their “hearts are far away” from Him.

      More than once, Jesus said there will be many who say “Lord, Lord” but He won’t know them–and Jesus certainly knew what he was talking about!


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