Assembling Together, Fellowship and the Apostate Church

DO NOT forsake the assembling together with other believers. DO preach the gospel.
DO NOT forsake the assembling together with other believers.
DO preach the gospel.

Assembling Together and Fellowship


IN the times in which we live, one is sometimes tempted to forsake the “assembling of ourselves together.” This goes hand-in-hand with the difficulty of finding a church which sticks strictly to the Word of God.

As opposed to finding plenty of churches which claim to stick to the Bible but who insert tons of their own doctrines, advice, speculation, etc.

Almost inevitably, a church will be recommended, visited and evaluated. Almost as inevitable, it will be found wanting in the very basics of what a Christian church should be.

True believers–very familiar with this situation–will offer their sympathy and talk then usually turns to “There will be better times when Jesus returns.”

The more worldly usually respond with the devil’s favorite retort: “There are no perfect churches.” 

The time may soon come when believers will find it necessary to assemble together as they once did: in homes outside the buildings of an organized church.  Which is one huge reason organized religion is pushing the retooled Shepherding Movement, intent on getting everyone “submitted” to a higher church authority.

It won’t do to have independent, Bible-believing true believers outside the authority of the wolves, hireling and false prophets and apostles of the apostate whore Church of the dragon.


But fellowship with other believers is a blessing, no matter how few may be the number. At one such recent assembling, many topics were touched upon.  One topic which invites further discussion is preaching the gospel and what that does and does not entail.

Many confess a reluctance to share (preach) the gospel with unbelievers because they have the errant notion that they will “not do it right” or that they will “mess it up.” This comes from false teachers who exalt themselves whenever someone makes a profession of faith for Jesus.

We are to preach the gospel.  The Holy Spirit will lead the person to the Lord–not us.  Then, that person will either accept or reject the free gift of eternal salvation.  Other than preaching the gospel (a very short and concise message), we really have nothing to do with it.

The latest craze from the apostate Church is that preaching the gospel is no longer enough; that instead of preaching the gospel, man should insert himself between the Holy Spirit and the possible convert.  The “convert” should be “discipled” in the fables of man; that prideful man does a better job of “schooling” the “convert’ than the Holy Spirit.

This is the wide road to further apostasy.

Which, it’s strongly suspected, is why “discipleship” is such a big topic with the apostates.

The Discipleship Deception: The Apostate Church

There is much confusion today over what constitutes the Church, the Body of Christ, the apostates and the buildings Americans erect in which to gather themselves together. There is a great confusion between church buildings and the assembling of true believers; some of this is real confusion; some of this is feigned.

It is not going to get any less confusing.

The devil is one tricky fellow.

[This article first appeared essentially in this form in End Times Prophecy Headlines: November 3, 2014.]


by Jeremiah J. Jameson
–with Mondo Frazier

images: pd/ETPR

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Author: Jeremiah J Jameson

End Times Prophecy Report - Publisher and author

5 thoughts on “Assembling Together, Fellowship and the Apostate Church”

  1. P.S. I mean shepherding in the church I used to go to was strange I used to hear them use the word and push it from the pulpit but I really didn’t know what it was At the time, I just figured it was o.k. and scriptural. The church had so many problems. Rebuking, slain in the spirit, gibberish referred to as tongues and cell groups where the leader went over what the pastor said in church and then let the group clean his apartment. Sounds rude but most of the people (me too) in the group were confused . I finally got it, avoid cell groups (ones controlled by the church with a rigid format) and repent big time for being taken in (or at least for staying in the group as long as I did which wasn’t that long) I get it (thank you Father and Christ) I get it Thank you, Thank you Father AJC If you need to know something or need something, read the word. If it’s in your church but not in the word – flee. AJC

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