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Apostate America

DISCERNMENT INC RECIPE:  Lots of rabbit trails and deception; not much gospel of Jesus ChristDISCERNMENT INC: RECIPE: Lots of rabbit trails and deception; not much gospel of Jesus Christ

Wandering a Maze of Speculation


One of the signs of the times in which we live is the “discernment ministry.”  These organizations started appearing in the early 1990s; they claim to handle one of primary duties of the Holy Spirit: discernment.

Discernment ministries do have several clear functions.

  1. They warn of a few high-profile antichrist deceivers.
  2. They offer much speculation.
  3. They lead potential Christians away from Jesus Christ.
  4. They sell a variety of merchandise (DVDs, CDs, conference packages, books, etc.)
  5. They are silent about particular problems in the churches. For example, they all promote the lie that churches are centers of godly activity.
  6. They offer a wide variety of alternatives to sharing the gospel; offering a maze of rabbit trails in which to the aspiring Christian can easily get lost.
  7. They…

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Author: Jeremiah J Jameson

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