Marketing the Old as New: No New Thing Under the Sun

Nothing new under the sun

“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us.

There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after.”
–Ecclesiastes 1:9-11

Though men may boast and the ignorant may glory in the former things marketed as BRAND NEW AND IMPROVED!, “modern” man should keep in mind: been there, done that.

Back to the Future

Brand New, It’s Retro

Never before, never again

Though the children of men pretend it’s all new; all brand new…

…It’s good to be reminded from time-to-time: there is nothing new under the sun.

Nothing new under the sun

“For there is no remembrance of the wise more than of the fool for ever; seeing that which now is in the days to come shall all be forgotten. And how dieth the wise man? as the fool.”
–Ecclesiastes 2:16

Mere mortal men make their grand plans and plot their dark schemes. Those who live in darkness fall to their knees with their mouths wide open.

Mere mortal men shake their tiny fists at the heavens and shout bold blasphemies at the sky. Other men applaud and shake their head in amazement and approval.

“He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.”
–Psalm 2:4-5

Certain men accumulate wealth and earthly power. They believe they sit on top of the world.

ALL who trust in such things are deceived.

Certain men accumulate knowledge. They believe they control that knowledge.

ALL who trust in such knowledge are truly deceived.

Other men sit in darkness, accumulate lies and call it wisdom. They believe they control the future.

ALL who trust in pagan gods are hopelessly deceived.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
–Ephesians 6:12

There is nothing new under the sun

Though men bluster and boast and dream old dream and call them new…

…it’s good to be reminded from time-to-time: there is nothing new under the sun.

“That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past.”
–Ecclesiastes 3:15

It’s not yet too late to put aside that which cannot stand for that which is eternal.

Tender Mercies of the Lord: Will Not Always Be Available

Time is Running Out: Today is the Day of Salvation

“But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.”
John 20:31


“Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

And that he was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve: After that, he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once; of whom the greater part remain unto this present, but some are fallen asleep. After that, he was seen of James; then of all the apostles. And last of all he was seen of me also, as of one born out of due time.”
1 Corinthians 15:1-8

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.”
-–Romans 1:16

“Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? there is more hope of a fool than of him.”
–Proverbs 26:12


by Mondo Frazier
–with Jeremiah Jameson

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Author: Jeremiah J Jameson

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