End Times Topics: February 2019

ETPR end times Topics


A collection of Corporate Media headlines gathered throughout the month of February 2019 on various topics concerning the end times.

WEEK OF 2-3-2018

‘New Satanism’ filling America’s moral vacuum

I am privileged to be able to call myself a witch

The pagan religious power of ‘my truth’

We look at the “witchcraft” behind why dowsers usually find water

MORE: Dowsing, Water Witching and Familiar Spirits

MORE: The Curse of Divination

The Book of Cernunnos – Call For Submissions

For some, he is the Horned God of Wicca. For others, he is the Lord of the Animals and the Lord of the Hunt. Still others see him as a God of Liminality and of the Underworld.

The Queen actress Motsoaledi Setumo clears the air on witchcraft claims

Sick Judge at Gitmo a Victim of Witchcraft

Witches Back Putin in Russia, Oppose Trump in U.S.

Dorset witches of social media generation

The Witch’s Book of Self-Care by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Irish-American Witchcraft: Irish Pagan Resources

Nancy Pelosi’s Favorite Bible Verse Is ‘Supposed to Be in Isaiah’ – As someone who traffics in the power of the world, one suspects Ms. Pelosi couldn’t recite ANY verses that are actually IN Isaiah if you gave her the book from which to read.

The strategy of the devil when we are progressing in holiness – Whatever.

Infanticide Is The Historical Hallmark Of A Pagan Culture

The Twelve Tables of Roman Law, admired by Cicero, contains the command that, “A dreadfully deformed child shall be quickly killed.”

Will the US continue to devalue human life?

Are Irish people really Zen Buddhists in disguise?

My gut feeling is that paganism is still very much alive and kicking in Irish tradition today with a very thin cloak of Christianity veiling it.

This circumstance is common among the nations of the world, not just in Ireland.

Confessions: My wife does strange things at night, could she be a witch?

Pagan Community News: More Concerns over Stonehenge, Hindu Temple Vandalized, and more!

Which witch show is which?

But with five witch-centered series currently airing or streaming —including the OpenTV web series Brujos and an upcoming Chicago-based show titled BrujasThe A.V. Club decided it was time to take a closer look.

The Most Secretive Club in America

MORE: Bloodlines of the Rich and Celebrated and the Prince of This World

Guantanamo Bay Medical Emergency was a ‘High-Level Witchcraft Attack’

These Preachers Perform Mass Exorcisms—And Live-Stream Them

‘Mysterious Four States’ series turns to possession and exorcism

The Truth Of “A Witch That Can’t Hex, Can’t Heal”

Pagans celebrate Imbolc, Japan celebrates Setsubun

Snow come from the devil

Apocalypse is a chronic condition – Particularly in the Corporate Media (Satan’s Mouthpiece).

Millennials are turning to witchcraft to bring out the magic in their homes

According to pagans, spring is springing

Dancing On Ice’s Gemma Collins says she is a ‘white witch’ and can communicate with the dead

The worldview behind the many gods of paganism

You’re practicing witchcraft without knowing it

About 1.5 million people practice [Wicca] today, which is a sharp rise from the 8,000 who practiced in 1990 and 340,000 in 2008.
“It’s kind of weird seeing this trend take off and then people don’t even realize that some of the things they’re doing are part of being a Wiccan,” Nicole Lucaci said.

Reasons Why Spells Fail And Remedies For Avoiding Magickal Disasters

The 30 Best Movies about Witches

When Is Imbolc 2019? Facts About Pagan Holiday

Will ‘Siempre Bruja’ Return For Season 2? This Afro-Colombian Witch Series Is All About Love & Empowerment

Mother Obsessed With Witchcraft Convicted of FGM on Girl, Three, in UK First

Pagans prepare for St. Brigid’s Day and Imbolc

Faithful Retellings: Kelsey Kaufmann

The Witch’s Book of Mysteries

A Heathen Imbolc

Imbolc and Candlemas Candle Purification Rituals

Satanic sacrifice threats in Sebastian?

“White Witch” Model Jailed for Using Electrical Prod, Exit Mould to Kill Ex

Queerness & Transness in Witchcraft

The Magic of Imbolc

WEEK OF 2-10-2018

Satanic Temple member loses fight on Missouri abortion law

Tom Brady Says Wife, a ‘Good Witch,’ Helps Him Win with Altars, Stones, Mantras

The rise of Satanism in America: How members of The Satanic Temple focus on activism, religious pluralism and social diversity but surprisingly NOT devil worship

UPND has resorted to witchcraft to win elections, charges Mumbi

Therapist, Exorcists Comment on Satanic Catholic Priest

The Frightening Truth about Wicca in the United States

Witchcraft should mean something

Mystery of unsolved Valentine’s Day ‘witchcraft’ murder

Radio Host: Tom Brady Is Led by Gisele Bundchen’s Witchcraft

Tom Brady Says His Wife Is a ‘Good Witch’ and Her Rituals Help Him Win, but There’s More Going on Here

Octavia Spencer will get witchy with Anne Hathaway in Robert Zemeckis’The Witches reboot

Omens & Oracles: The Witch’s Pyramid for Beginners

Netflix ‘Siempre Bruja’ Review: A Promising Witch Story That Promotes Racist Tropes

Alana O’Herlihy, Fashion’s Favorite New Self-Portraitist, Is Obviously a Witch

Can you cackle like a witch? If so, Ryedale Folk Museum would like to hear from you

Fox News Guest Says Efforts to Address Climate Change Through Paris Agreement are ‘Medieval Witchcraft’

Witch LAUGHS at blood drinking Christians – ‘They are PAGANS’ – There are NO “blood-drinking Christians.” There ARE those who pretend to be Christians and who do all manner of things.

“Moreover ye shall eat no manner of blood, whether it be of fowl or of beast, in any of your dwellings.”
–Leviticus 7:26

Troubling signs that Satanism is infiltrating Catholic Church

Pagan paintings are magical

Abortion is satanic worship

I Am Not a Witch

Satanic Temple Leader: Women’s March Was Poorly Thought, Didn’t Achieve Anything

A Modern History of Satanic Panic in South Carolina

‘Hail and welcome’: Local pagan group honors the coming of spring

Seattle hears snow forecast, descends on grocery stores like the apocalypse is coming – There will be NO warning when “the apocalypse” shows up.

MORE: The Widespread and Constant Misuse of the Word “Apocalypse”

It Sounds Like Gisele Bundchen is Using Witchcraft to Help Tom Brady Win Games

Brother kills his elderly sister accusing her of witchcraft

Pope: ‘Hatred is “Satan’s breath”‘

Witchcraft Book Draws A Crowd To The East Hampton Library

Behemoth: The Satanist who took on the Polish government and won – Right, he “took on the Polish government and won.”

Satanists and the governments of men play for the same team.

‘I’m lucky to be a witch today. People accept and understand it more now’

A Discovery Of Witches To Air On AMC & BBC America In April

How to prepare for an investment apocalypse

Netflix’s New Show ‘Always A Witch’ Stirs up a Racial Controversy

Here’s The ‘Kind Of Crazy’ Ritual Tom Brady’s ‘Good Witch’ Wife Has Him Doing Before Games – AS IF the tightly-controlled entertainment which are NFL games needed any demonic power to decide the outcome.

Is Tom Brady A Pagan?

The pagan boom – why young people are turning to non-traditional religions

Video shows WITCHES meet in Moscow to cast spells… in support of Putin

Fascinating stories of Irish witches unearthed in new book as we look back at country’s most enchanting sorcerers

Defense Against the Devil: Priest Offers Keys to Spiritual Protection

Witchcraft is officially a thing – are you a basic witch? – The promotion and selling of witchery has been ongoing for some time now.  BUT, it is NOW a full-fledged growth industry–particularly in the media.

On Traditionalism, Authenticity, and Traditional Witchcraft

Spellbound: Ways of Using Binding In Witchcraft

Broom is the symbol of witchcraft – Fani Kayode reacts to giant broom erection in Abuja by APC

Phil Robertson: 10 lies the devil is using to ‘destroy’ America – ALL those who look to TV figures for spiritual assistance are looking to the WRONG spirits for help.

“Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”
–1JOHN 4:1

WEEK OF 2-17-2019

Highway To Hell; Satanic Group Adopts Stretch Of Road In Arkansas

Anxiety and witchcraft

Why is there suffering? A modern pagan response – The author takes a little time from compiling his tired list of narratives to offer the same tired lies about the Bible those in false religions have been presenting for centuries.

Jesus was a ‘sorcerer,’ Bible a ‘book of magic,’ say Christian witches ahead of first annual convention – There are NO “Christian witches.”

Just as there are no Christian murderers.

The Culture of consent: Are we there yet?

Despite calls for reformation and the presence of codes of conduct, abuse is still reported.  The Pagan And Heathen Events Code of Conduct, written and published by the Pagan and Heathen Symposium in 2015, is a straightforward document that outlines what is not acceptable behavior, as well as how to enforce and address any incidents that occur.

The demons that have haunted David Klemmer – The media writes AS IF demons were metaphorical constructs.

However, what they often end up detailing is bold demonic behaviors and activities.

Finn-Kirsten Iversdatter: Norway’s Forgotten Witch

Stained-Glass Demons of Strasbourg Cathedral

Review: ‘The Changeover’ Offers Witches, Romance, And A Cryptic Creeper

Benedict Cumberbatch to play ‘400-foot tall Satan’ in Good Omens

Christian Right Leader: Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a Witch or Demon-Possessed? – Hard to have one without the other…

Graveyard Witch, Supra Summus, Death Boys

Witch Hunt

5 ways to transform your home inspired by witchcraft

SPECIAL REPORT: Chilling child killings linked to accusations of witchcraft – In the media, it is NEVER a belief in witchcraft which is a problem.  It is BELIEF in witchcraft by non-practitioners which is the grave problem and a sign of primitive thinking.

A belief in witchcraft by supporters is wonderful.

14 movies for your next pagan holiday

Zolita on why she incorporates witchcraft into her music

Growing Number Of Black Women Leaving Churches For Witchcraft

Ostara Sabbat Index: Rituals, Crafts, and Recipes for Witch’s Spring Equinox

Remembering DJ Conway and her contributions to the Pagan community

Pagan Community Notes: Brady’s “good witch” wife, Witches in media, and more!

Mesopotamian Magic: Ancient Tablets Reveal a World of Witches, Sorcerers and Exorcists

Are the Gates of Hell in the UK? Anti-Witch Markings Found in Creswell Crags Cave

Totally witchin’: Unpacking witchcraft and its surrounding stigma – The only end times “stigma” for those who practice witchcraft comes from the apostate churches–where many also practice witchcraft.

Children as young as 13 joining Satanic Nazi groups, report warns

‘Agents of SHIELD’ Star Ming-Na Wen Channels Her Inner Demon for KISS

Witch ways: knowing your heart’s desire is modern witchcraft

Witches of St. Andrews raise funds to fight cancer

HOW the Gospel transformed a family practicing witchcraft

Why Is There Suffering? A Modern Pagan Response

Being a positive pagan in a dark world

Pagan Politics in Post-Christian America

Haiti’s explosive Rite of Spring: from pagan Russia to vodou ritual

Netflix’s Siempre Bruja centers a powerful black witch, for once

‘Gateway to Hell’: Hundreds of historic anti-witch marks discovered in Nottinghamshire cave

Enjoy a spell as witch expert at folk museum

Witch, please: ‘Wicked’ the movie flies to cinemas in 2021

Satanic Temple files discrimination complaint vs. Boston City Council

Pagans and the Gods of Love

Child Witch-Branding and the Rise of Pentecostalism Across Nigeria

Witchcraft becomes a political stance — and a booming business

Gatekeeping, Taboos And “Harm None”

Witchcraft should mean something

Is Catholicism Half-Pagan, & a Blend of Gospel & Lies?

WEEK OF 2-24-2019

[In response to a recent inquiry: There ARE usually more entries in the “witches” category.  This is a reflection of the daily end times Corporate Media, which have an absolute fascination with all things witchy.]

She’s a witch! She’s a Christian! But she’s not both – A grand narrative, full of tall tales and fibs.

But what more can be expected from someone who is billed in the linked piece’s introduction as “the Guildmaster of the Catholic Magicians’ Guild“?

In reality, “Christian witches” are neither Christians nor witches. A Christian cannot involve herself in sorcery, and being a witch is a self-delusion created by a narcissistic need to appear “special” and “important.” They don’t have special magic powers. The devil hates them as much as he hates the rest of us and doesn’t give them any powers. Further, the devil has absolutely no creative powers and thus only gives them the illusion that they have powers. He is, after all, the Father of Lies (John 8:44). God, instead, is the Sole Creator and is Truth Itself (John 14:6).

The best lies involve a vigorous mixing of the truth with falsehood.

“…being a witch is a self-delusion created by a narcissistic need to appear “special” and “important.”

This is only one more case of trying to be clever when asking “Hath God said?”

The Bible says witches and sorcerers have special powers–rather access to illegitimate supernatural power provided by their familiar spirits (about which the article is oddly silent).

The Bible is quite clear about a witch, her powers and where those powers originate.

The witches themselves are quite vehement about their power.

There are only two groups who deny witches and their power.

One group consist of those who have NO experience with witches and their power. The other group consists of those who DO have experience with witches and their powers–but for deception’s sake, deny such power exists.

US Catholic Bishops Give $322,000 to Organization Promoting Apostasy, Women’s Ordination, Witchcraft

Black Authors Writing Awesome Books For Pagans

Witches and the Woodland Alchemy

World’s first witch-hunt victims’ memorial comes up in Odisha

Hekate’s Horde: Spirits, The Restless Dead And Witchcraft

The new Alaska Apocalypse and its authors

Satanists make devil worship seem super chill in ‘Hail Satan?’ trailer

Here’s Why We Can’t Get Enough Of The Zombie Apocalypse

Three killed on suspicion of witchcraft

Ryedale Folk Museum appeal for volunteer witch

The Bargarran Witches – Devil’s Marks, curses and the witch trials of 1697

‘Christian Witches’ to Host ‘Magickal’ Convention in Salem

Connecting at Pagan conventions

Taming the Demon

Satanic Temple Co-Founder Lucien Greaves Hasn’t Received Hate Mail Over ‘Hail Satan?’ – Yet (Video)

Pagans and the Power of Nature (podcast)

HOW a modern exorcist fights evil

MORE: Fake Exorcists and Fake Exorcisms

MORE: Theater of the Absurd: Exorcism as a Spectator Sport

Big Name Pagans

These So-Called ‘Christian Witches’ Say Bible Is ‘Book of Sorcery’ – Here’s What the Bible REALLY Says

Witch who sued Kadaga thrown out of house by villagers

This is an actual Army report on witches in the Republic of the Congo

A Witch’s Broken Heart Repair Spell

37 Of Your Favorite Witchy History Reads

A case against magic: Wizards and witches and why they don’t help with real world problems

A Solitary and Big Pagan Functions

Progressives are the 21st century pagans

IF you loved the Hex Girls growing up, you’re probably queer now

Pagans give stamp of approval to Royal Mail’s celebration of one of their gods

Tanzania: Is Witchcraft New Enemy to Our Country?

Satanists sign up to keep Highway 300 clean

First Christian Witches’ Convention Coming to Salem

We look at the “witchcraft” behind why dowsers usually find water – “An understanding of geology” is NOT why dowsing is called “water witching.”

MORE: Dowsing, Water Witching and Familiar Spirits

‘Mental illness is one of the greatest demons of our time’ – Coroner’s message to family of caring dad who took own life

MORE: Mental Health Problems in the End Times

Violent neo-Nazi movements endangering UK are driven by SATANISTS who want global race war

Why I go to pagan festivals

Satanic Temple files complaint at MCAD

Rachel Carson’s critics called her a witch

Vampire, Witch, Angel, Demon: Upcoming supernatural shows we’re ready to get hoodwinked by!

Augusten Burroughs Writes “I Am a Witch” in New Memoir, Toil & Trouble

Jesus Christ was a WIZARD and the Bible a book of MAGIC, self-styled witches claim

Yisrayl Hawkins Proves There’s Pagan Roots to Modern Day Easter Traditions in New Article

Wearing the witchcraft label

Alita Battle Angel: part angel, part demon, part human?

Wicked mother-in-law uses witchcraft to ruin son’s marriage

Out of the broom closet: modern witches



“Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

And that he was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve: After that, he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once; of whom the greater part remain unto this present, but some are fallen asleep. After that, he was seen of James; then of all the apostles. And last of all he was seen of me also, as of one born out of due time. ”
1 Corinthians 15:1-8

“For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.”
-—1 Corinthians 1:18-19

The Gospel is Hidden to Those who are Lost



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