End Times Prophecy Headlines: March 18, 2020

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March 18, 2020

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“And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.”
Matthew 24:4



WORLD: How a small nuclear war would transform the entire planet

IRAQ:  Iraq Asks U.N. to Stop U.S. From Committing ‘Illegal Acts’ After Airstrikes

FRANCE: Thousands flee Paris as the French capital prepares to enter full coronavirus lockdown, with huge queues at train and coach stations“And make sure you bring your face mask!  The news might be taking pictures!”

FRANCE: French people ignored officials’ warnings to isolate themselves because of the coronavirus. Now they need a form to leave the house. – Oh, so it’s the FRENCH PEOPLE who are to blame, huh?

FRANCE: France bans all family and social gatherings

RUSSIA: WW3 warning: Russia’s missile which could breach US defence ‘Hypersonic destruction!’

MORE: Russia and the USA: End Times Members of Team Dragon

CHINA: China blasts the US after Trump called coronavirus ‘the Chinese virus’ as Beijing demands Washington ‘correct the mistake immediately’

EUROPE:  Coronavirus: Europe plans full border closure in virus battle (VIDEO)

CANADA: Canada closing borders to noncitizens because of coronavirus, US citizens exempt from ban ‘for the moment’

ITALY: ‘The worst case scenario is what WILL happen’: Italians warn rest of the world not to underestimate coronavirus with video messages they wish they could have played to themselves 10 days ago – In case all of the cancellations (including the US constitution), closings and hysteria was not enough.

World War 3 Watch: October 2, 2017

Ukraine, World War 3: What does the Bible Say?

USA War against the Muslims: Almost Time

Nuclear Holocaust: The End of the World According to Satan

CLIMATE CHANGE: The End of the World According to Satan

End-of-the-World Scenarios according to Satan


Days left in Trump’s term: 308

229 days until Election Day 2020 – Will it happen?

“Most people want security in this world, not liberty.
–H. L. Mencken

SATAN’S MOUTHPIECE: The Corporate Media

Trump recommends avoiding gatherings of more than 10 people and also urges Americans to avoid eating and drinking at bars and restaurants

Trump calls coronavirus the ‘Chinese Virus’ as he vows to protect US businesses, including airlines, from the economic fallout and says ‘we will be stronger than ever before’ – When a president uses the phrase “protect US businesses,” what he USUALLY means is “We’re going to give them a LOT of government money.

“Meet the new boss…same as the old boss.”
–The Who, Won’t get fooled again

Trump tells America to go on lockdown and releases ’15 days to stop the spread’ guidelines, saying old and vulnerable people must stay home, social gatherings over 10 must end, and bars, restaurants and schools should close – “Lockdown.”

Sounds like something they do to prisoners behind bars.

Mnuchin: ‘We are looking at sending checks to Americans immediately’ – Wonder if it will pass Congress?

“We are looking at sending checks to Americans immediately. And what we have heard from hardworking Americans, many companies have now shut down, whether it is bars or restaurants,” [Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin] said. “Americans need cash now. And the president wants to get cash now. And I mean now in the next two weeks.”

“President Obama is trying to get a Supreme Court justice through Congress. Today he announced his nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. Obviously, Republicans in Congress are unhappy about this. They’re accusing the president of deliberately trying to embarrass them by nominating someone who’s totally qualified for the job.”
–-Jimmy Kimmel (2016)

“Marco Rubio pulled out of the race after losing the Florida primary to Trump by almost 20 points. But he still has a great story. I mean nothing symbolizes America more than the son of poor immigrants growing up to run for president and being crushed by a billionaire.”
–-Jimmy Fallon (2016)

Donald Trump Prophecy?

“The average IQ in America is – and this can be proven mathematically – average.”
-—P.J. O’Rourke

QUOTES: A Few Thoughts on Voting

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”
Winston Churchill

Others might insist that a five-minute conversation with one of the political puppets is the best argument against democracy.

Things of This World: Faith and Trust in Politics

“But actually, he thought as he readjusted the Ministry of Plenty’s figures, it was not even forgery. It was merely the substitution of one piece of nonsense for another. Most of the material that you were dealing with had no connection with anything in the real world, not even the kind of connection that is contained in a direct lie. Statistics were just as much a fantasy in their original version as in their rectified version. A great deal of time you were expected to make them up out of your head.”
–On changing government statistics – George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

POLLS: Another Way to Lie

Do you believe the media? Then why do you believe their lying polls?

“Political campaigns today are all side shows, all honors, all bombast, glitter, and speeches. These are for the most part unrelated to the main business of studying the party scientifically, of supplying the public with party, candidate, platform, and performance, and selling the public these ideas and products.”
Edward Bernays, Propaganda (1928)

POLLS: The Fiction of Polls and Public Opinion

“There is no public opinion. There is only published opinion.”
–Winston Churchill

The Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Polls

“But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.”
John 20:31

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.”
-–Romans 1:16power-of-salvation-the-gospel-of-Jesus-Christ


“Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

And that he was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve: After that, he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once; of whom the greater part remain unto this present, but some are fallen asleep. After that, he was seen of James; then of all the apostles. And last of all he was seen of me also, as of one born out of due time. ”
1 Corinthians 15:1-8

“For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.”
-—1 Corinthians 1:18-19

The Gospel is Hidden to Those who are Lost


Coronavirus: The Media’s Latest Campaign–But Not Its Last

Times Square normally attracts 330,000 visitors a day but now lies deserted amid New York’s coronavirus lockdown – That coronavirus sure sounds SERIOUS!

Ford, GM, Fiat Chrysler under pressure to close factories to slow virus spread

McConnell says Senate will pass House coronavirus bill without changes

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”
–Franklin D. Roosevelt

Joe Biden wins statewide vote in Washington state

Joe Biden won a blowout victory over Bernie Sanders in Florida

Joe Biden won the Illinois primary, defeating Bernie Sanders in a state Sanders nearly carried in 2016.

Joe Biden’s victory in Arizona gave him a clean sweep of the March 17 primaries.

Here are the states that postponed their primaries due to coronavirus

“Texas Senator Ted Cruz said if elected president he would abolish the Department of Education. But not to worry. He promised to replace it with the less expensive Bureau of Book Learning.”
–Conan (2015)

Reported coronavirus death toll in U.S. tops 100Make sure you wear your face mask!

Trump administration eyes checks to Americans amid coronavirus outbreak; Trump’s economic aid could approach $1T, senators say

President Trump wants the government to send checks to Americans in an effort to curb the economic cost of the coronavirus outbreak. Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnunchin said, “We have to do this now.”

Money because you got sick?!?

Who is going to verify that coronavirus has been experienced?

Probably some sort of government “expert.”

Although it sounds like they will be raining money on SOME Americans–even if they were not sick.

[UPDATE: It sounds like the latest proposals will send ALL Americans money.]

Has this ever happened before?

Stocks plunge in largest 1-day drop over coronavirus crisis

The World’s Ever-Changing Version of the “TRUTH”



“I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.  Be ye not as the horse, or as the mule, which have no understanding: whose mouth must be held in with bit and bridle, lest they come near unto thee. Many sorrows shall be to the wicked: but he that trusteth in the LORD, mercy shall compass him about.”
–Psalm 32:8-10

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works. “
–2TIMOTHY 3:16-17

Much of the Bible is made up of instructions from God to man on how to avoid the numerous pitfalls of his short time on this earth.

IN FACT, the Bible has been tagged with a LOT of imagined ACRONYMS, but many of them have to do with its INSTRUCTIONAL VALUE.

Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (B.I.B.L.E.)

Best Instructions Before Leaving Earth

Biblical Insights for Basic Living Everyday

Basic Instructions Before Life Ends

Basic Instructions Before Life Eternal

Blessed Information for Basic Living on Earth

and so on…

But what about those instructions?

(Which FEW, in the times in which we now live, follow.)

A few questions come into one’s mind concerning the particulars of the instructions of God’s Word.

Do God’s instructions “work” because there is some unseen force at work which is unconnected to God?

OR, does God ENSURE his instructions work by fulfilling his promises usually attached to those instructions?

In addition, one further question on this topic was addressed this past week.

WHY do the wicked attach their stories to God’s instructions?

For instance, in Numbers 31, there are instructions for purifying various instruments of made of gold, silver,” the brass, the iron, the tin, and the lead.”

“Only the gold, and the silver, the brass, the iron, the tin, and the lead, Every thing that may abide the fire, ye shall make it go through the fire, and it shall be clean: nevertheless it shall be purified with the water of separation: and all that abideth not the fire ye shall make go through the water.”

There are also a number of instructions having to do with bathing in “running water.

“And when he that hath an issue is cleansed of his issue; then he shall number to himself seven days for his cleansing, and wash his clothes, and bathe his flesh in running water, and shall be clean.”
–Leviticus 15:13

The world has often used the verses as its “proof” that germs, microbes, viruses, bacteria and other invisible beings exist and were the reason behind God’s instructions to the children of Israel.

Never mind that FOR CENTURIES, the world mocked these same instructions as primitive and superstitious.

Never mind that the same world that employs the Word of God to “prove” their latest stories, DOES NOT BELIEVE the Word of God otherwise.

Never mind that the Bible has NOTHING to say about the stories themselves OR the Germ Theory of Disease.

Like Satan, the wicked will often twist the Word of God to meet their needs.

In Luke 4:1-13 and Matthew 4:1-11 is the biblical account of Satan tempting Jesus, which contains 3 instances of Satan twisting the Word of God to meet HIS needs.

All three times, Jesus rebuked the devil by setting him straight on the REAL MEANING of the Scripture Satan was quoting.

Satan (no dummy), finally accepted he was not to win this battle and left.

“And when the devil had ended all the temptation, he departed from him for a season.”
–Luke 4:13

Back to the basic questions of God’s instruction:

Do God’s instructions “work” because there is some unseen force at work which is unconnected to God?

OR, does God ENSURE his instructions work by fulfilling his promises usually attached to those instructions?

The reader might begin to answer these two questions IF he was to find all of the instances of God’s instruction to man in the Bible.  Then, see how many of those instructions come with an attached promise if the instructions are followed.

That’s a clue.

TEN QUOTES About Muggles

THE PANDEMIC PANIC SCAM: A trip to a local supermarket revealed MANY interesting facts.  What was observed:

  1. A LOT of shelves were empty–implying that customers are in a “panic” and buying HUGE quantities of certain items because of coronavirus.
  2. But almost all the shoppers in the store had shopping carts with two or three items in them (all they could afford?).
  3. The meat department, in particular had many empty shelves–which prompted the thought, “What?  Did everyone take out a second mortgage on their house in order to buy up the (very over-priced) meat at this store?”

Shocking footage shows packed Florida beach on same day Trump urged ALL Americans to avoid groups of more than 10 and practice self-distancing amid coronavirus pandemic – The Corporate Media (Satan’s Mouthpiece) has indulged in more than one case of “normal life shaming.”

ANY who try to ignore the government/media’s blather is held up for ridicule.

Coronavirus prompts Queen Elizabeth to temporarily move to Windsor Castle, cancel royal events

“Pope Francis said that one of the things he misses most about ordinary life is the ability to go out and eat pizza without being recognized. I wouldn’t worry. Nobody’s going to believe the guy who works at the pizza place when he says, “Hey, you know who came in today? The Pope.”
–-Seth Meyers (2015)

Ohio will CLOSE its polls for the Democrat’s Super Tuesday III ‘as a health emergency’ due to the coronavirus – but Florida, Illinois and Arizona will go ahead with their voting – But there was MUCH drama before the decision was finalized.

Ohio governor shutters polling places for Tuesday’s primary

Judge rejects Ohio’s bid to delay primary until June

Ohio governor recommends postponing Tuesday’s primary

[Originally, the three preceding headlines were all links to separate articles, but it looks like they have all been consolidated into one.]

75 Most Important ETPR Articles




“And recent scientific advancements, far from debunking these beliefs, almost necessitate some sort of supernatural explanation. “Experiments in quantum physics have reignited people’s religious or mystical imaginations,” he says. “It’s almost impossible to overstate the strangeness and the peculiar nature, the astonishing nature, of what’s been found in quantum physics experiments, over the past eight decades.”
Mitch Horowitz Reveals America’s Occult Roots

There are no coincidences.

REBRANDING EVIL: Science is an Ancient, Pagan Religion

Save Money: Buy a Weather Rope!

Try to have five portions of FUN a day: Doctor and comedian PHIL HAMMOND gives his prescription

Apple stores in US closed ‘until further notice’

WHY Wearing a Face Mask Is Encouraged in Asia, but Shunned in the U.S.

[Dr. William Schaffner, a professor in Vanderbilt University’s Division of Infectious Diseases] calls the evidence supporting the effectiveness of the general public wearing masks “scanty.”

Republicans Look to Give All Americans at Least $1,000 Each to Stimulate the Economy

“A giant snowstorm hit the entire East Coast today. People spent the morning posting pictures of the storm on Facebook, and Facebook spent the afternoon selling them.”
–-Jimmy Fallon (2018)


Everyone LOVES to hear and see DRAMA, right?

And what is more dramatic than an apparent feud among the beautiful people, right?

Particularly if the “feud” is between celebrities, politicos or royal nabobs?

What would the beautiful people do with themselves if not for their never-ending feuds?

Satan’s Mouthpiece (the Corporate Media) has always had a problem: what to do when too many of the rich and celebrated have NOTHING “newsworthy” to do. When the media gets tired of reporting what the rich and celebrated are wearing, they turn to the tried-and-true method of of fake “feuds” to generate cheap, plastic “news.” One popular singer’s entire marketing campaign over the years seems to have been based on engaging in one “feud” after another. But, as the “victims” appear to be primarily the singer’s “fans,” it’s hard to get too worked up over the ruse.

Sports, politics and celebrity culture, European royalty–wherever the rich and celebrated congregate: these are the arenas where readers can most often find stories of “feuds.

Oh–and pro wrestling…

One can depend on those who labor for the mystery of iniquity to act, in not only an EVIL manner, but also in a very repetitive one as well.

Case in point: when two followers of Satan are working together, one of the first things they do is establish that they 1-do not like each other; 2- they hate each other; or, 3- are fighting against one another.

Democrats and Republicans, Russia and the USA, members of the same family who toil together for evil ends, famous celebrities who are “feuding” with each other: it happens so often, one occasionally has to wonder,

“Does Satan have a university or school where he teaches his followers these tricks?”
—-University of Satan

10 Real Wrestling Couples Who Feuded On TV, Ranked

Ever Mindful of the Times


smiley - optimism

A remark heard the other day highlights the confusion surrounding those who are considered “nice.”

“I hate to be the one to tell her she’s wrong.  She’s so nice.  Someone else should have to tell her.”

Here was a woman

  1. who, apparently, was wrong.
  2. who was considered wrong in the eyes of the speaker.
  3. YET, there was a hesitancy on the part of the speaker to inform the woman of her error because “she’s so nice.”

MANY TIMES–particularly in the times in which we now live–those who smile and are “nice” believe they will lessen the number of confrontations with those who disagree with them.

BECAUSE they are “nice“–and few want to confront a person who is pleasant and cheerful and “nice.”

Acting “nice” is a STRATEGY.

It has been a successful strategy employed for years by those who control the buildings we call the churches.

Nice” has to do with a person’s outward personality or appearance or behavior.


  1. polite, kind
  2. pleasing, agreeable
  3. socially acceptable : well-bred
  4. virtuous, respectable

Nice” has NOTHING to do with a person’s intentions.

For instance, a great many believe that a witch is mean.  BUT, a witch can be “nice“–and in many cases, IS.

But that doesn’t make what a witch does any less of an abomination in the eyes of God.

“There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD”
–Deuteronomy 18:10-12

Being “nice” is a strategy not only used by those who want to be liked, BUT ALSO by those who have ulterior motives and want to appear to be “NICE.”

Con men are almost universally described by their victims as “nice guys” or nice ladies.”

Using honey to snare the unsuspecting

Just something the reader may want to keep in mind.


FEAR is a Useful Tool in the End Times

Coronavirus Updates: Millions in Lockdown While Daily Routines Grind to a Halt; Kentucky Derby postponed; NYC mayor ‘absolutely considers’ shelter in place order (w/VIDEO)

San Francisco announces three week lockdown: Residents are BANNED from leaving home after midnight on Tuesday for anything but doctor’s visits or grocery shops in battle against coronavirus

Military roadblocks, curfews: Latin America tightens coronavirus controls – You just HAD to know that somehow the military was going to be involved in all of this.  Though it is Latin America today, this is only preparing Americans for what is to come.

McDonald’s closes dining rooms at its company-owned restaurants across the US with service limited to takeaways, deliveries and drive thru amid coronavirus crisis – The entire fast food industry has made the medical judgment that they will be in danger by keeping the dining room open, but that they will be perfectly safe handing out food at the drive-through (or in some cases, handing out food in the store, but folks cannot EAT it there).

Sub-Saharan Africa Shuts Borders, Schools to Contain Virus – DOES the reader feel any safer due to all of the freakish changes which are blamed on the coronavirus: the closings, the cancellations, the orders to do this but not that?

OR, does the reader feel any safer because he is TOLD he is safer by those who are in control?

OR, does the reader fail to see how ANY of these actions make him “safer“?

Seven members of the same family are shot dead in a suspected mass murder-suicide in North Carolina

Prophets Are Obsolete. False Prophets? Not So Much.


Coronavirus could kill ELEVEN TIMES more Americans than cancer in 2020, new figures reveal

Blizzard Warnings Issued in Wyoming and Nebraska as a Winter Storm Will Blast Rockies, Plains

Five earthquakes in 15 hours rattle the Carolinas and Tennessee, geologists say

The 2020 vernal equinox will bring the earliest spring to the US in 124 years

How COVID-19 Is Like Climate Change – COVID-19 and climate change ARE both alike.

But NOT in any ways you’ll read in the Corporate Media.

MORE: Climate Change or Word of God: Make Your Choice

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”
–H.L. Mencken

How Will Climate Change Affect Island Nations? An Expert Weighs in

Climate change” is responsible for almost ANYTHING!

IF it is hot, scientists claim it to be “climate change.”

IF it is cold, scientists claim it to be “climate change.”

IF it is dry, scientists claim it to be “climate change.”

IF it is wet, scientists claim it to be “climate change.”

“Heads I win, tails you lose.”

MORE: Climate Change: Fake It Until They Make It

“I’m old enough to remember when the air over American cities was a lot dirtier than it is now.”
–P. J. O’Rourke

…and now that it’s cleaner and more clear, the elite spin their fables, trying to create fear over “climate change.”

Viruses expected to increase with global warming – expert

MORE: Global Warming: What does the Bible Say?

Drought affecting water supply in 18 Tuaran villages

MORE: Coming Water Shortage: Drinking Water Vanishing from the Planet?

MORE: Water shortages, Drought: End Times Signs

Ebola in America: What does the Bible Say?

End Times Survival, End Times Preparation

end times topics

WEEK OF 3-15-2020

How to Create a Witch Bottle for Protection

An Alternative View: Celebrating the Pagan in us All

A Master Distiller’s Answer To The Hand Sanitizer Shortage: Gin

Supporting Pagan Community During a Pandemic

Pagan Community Notes: More Cancellations, Pagan organizations statements on COVID-19 and more!

Bernie Sanders’ Pagan View Of Charity – OpEd

Witchcraft For Coping With COVID-19: Banish, Protect And Heal

Being a muggle isn’t the most terrible thing in the world

Pagan, Shinto & Other Religious Communities React To Coronavirus

Ancient Tradition of Kissing Blarney Stone Banned Over Coronavirus Fears

Specters of the Mayab.

This is the lamest apocalypse ever

Pagan festival and event updates resulting from COVID-19

A Pagan Response to the Coronavirus

The Protestant Astrology of Early American Almanacs

On Existence and Non Existence of Witches

The sinister reasons we fear Friday 13th from witches conjuring the devil to the torture & massacre of a religious sect

Green Witch Guide To Easing Flu Symptoms

Famed witch, Kelly Cutrone, sets up global meditation to aid coronavirus anxiety

2020 Witch Award: here are the top 12 finalists

WitchFest Austin draws thousands of attendees

Agnes Pelton Went to the Desert in Search of Solace. Her Paintings at the Whitney Show She Found Something Magical There


“How can the reader know when the Corporate Media is lying to him (never mind the fact that the media is Satan’s Mouthpiece and Satan is the father of lies)? One easy way to tell is the use of “Why” and “How” in the headlines of an article. When the reader sees “Why?” or “How?” in the headline–occasionally “What” is used–that which follows will be a fairy tale, a narrative, a bedtime story spun by the media for the benefit of the media’s master. “Why” usually denotes an on-going narrative; “How” signifies a story line which explains past events. Not all narratives begin with “How” or “Why.” However, the most in-your-face, over-the-top ones usually do. ALL political “news” is narrative.

The Corporate Media

What is Media Mush?

MORE: The End Times Lie of Staged Newscasts

Puppet Masters of Public Opinion: The Corporate Media

REBRANDING EVIL: The Corporate Media is Satan’s Mouthpiece

Corporate Media: Satan’s Mouthpiece is the Author of Confusion

“American journalism (like the journalism of any other country) is predominantly paltry and worthless. Its pretensions are enormous, but its achievements are insignificant.”
H.L. Mencken

“Things are never quite what they seem. Events are seldom close to how the media and history portray them.”

“It is a free press…There are laws to protect the freedom of the press’s speech, but none that are worth anything to protect the people from the press.”
–Mark Twain, speech: License of the Press

“If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it.”
Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda

Journalists” are story-tellers. Nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes, there is an element of truth in their stories, but truth is not a requirement of what they do.

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”
–Adolf Hitler, Propaganda, the Big Lie and Adolf Hitler: 20 Hitler Quotes on Propaganda

The Intense Heat from the Sun Helps Ice Form on Mercury. Wait… What?

MORE: Modern Man Loves a Good Story

Greenland and Antarctica are now melting six times faster than in the 1990s, accelerating sea-level rise


Heads Up! NASA Reveals Space Rock as Huge as Mt. Everest Will Pass on Earth in April!

MORE: End Times Lies: Tell Me a Story

Rocky asteroid Ryugu got its rubble from a porous parent, study finds

MORE: MEN WANT TO BE LIED TO: Lie to Me. Please.

Watching the Skies: Parade of planets

MORE: Bedtimes Stories from Outer Space

Scientists have discovered the origins of the building blocks of life

MORE: Science: A Collection of Stories

Mysterious Ice Age structure made from hundreds of mammoth bones discovered in Russia

These mammoth bone structures, dating to the Ice Age, have been found across Eastern Europe. But until now, the oldest ones found were dated to 22,000 years ago.

MORE: When Men Cease to Believe the Truth, They will Believe Anything




X-men Apocalypse trailer – The climax of human history is fast approaching.

The Armageddon propaganda is beginning in earnest on May 27 at a theater near you.


Since ancient times, the first and most powerful mutant, Apocalypse—immortal and invincible—has been worshipped as a god. But when Apocalypse awakens from hibernation and decides to end humanity, Raven and Charles Xavier lead a team of young X-Men to face Apocalypse and defeat him.

The demonically-powered mutants from earth (X-men) vs. a god….and Gee! The earth guys are the ‘heroes!’

This is the story of Armageddon as told by the losers.

With the outcome altered to agree with the lies now being told.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”
–Isaiah 5:20

It doesn’t matter how many movies the mystery of iniquity churns out, the fact remains that God’s Word is true and the forces of man and beast get utterly destroyed at Armageddon.

The plot line of the X-men movie is very similar to the heavily occult Lord of the Rings trilogy. In that occult fable, a collection of pagans, wizards and various demonic forms are the “good guys.”

The idea is to get the reader to cheer on the exploits of those the Bible calls “wicked” and “abominations.”

Demons, the Demonic: Cover Stories for Demons and Demonic Power



month after month after monthFRIDAY! Super Moon, Solar Eclipse and the Spring Equinox – Feels like this should be some sort of Super-Pagan Ultra-High Witch Hit and Run Holiday.



false prophets and false Christs abound

Doomsday Datesetters 2012 – One bit of research those who call themselves “Christians” might perform which is extremely easy: check out the archives of those who daily predict doom.

See what kind of track record they have.

Almost universally, it’s terrible.

There are NO more prophets–except for the false kind.

“God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds”
–Hebrews 1:1-2

In the case of 2012, many of the date-setters–such as popular writer, Tom Horn–have been consistently wrong for years (in Horn’s case, at least since 2008).  If Horn, et al. were paid on the basis of the accuracy of their predictions, one suspects they would have ceased writing long ago.

There are many who claim to be “Christian prophets” who have abysmal records of accuracy.  In Biblical times, one wrong prediction would have gotten them stoned. The New Testament says to mark the false ones, warn others and avoid them.. [Romans 16:17]

In 2014 America, many professing Christianity hold to much softer, gentler standards.

Instead of stoning or marking, many pew-sitters send donations, buy CDs or books and otherwise support these deceptive “prophets” while proclaiming their deceptive teachings alongside of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Those who contend with the doomsters have a much better record.


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para fine tempis - Prepare for the end times

Author: Jeremiah J Jameson

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