Explaining Away the Obvious


Nothing focuses one’s attention on the abject condition of a deceived and wicked world like an event with a CLEAR end times significance.

And so it was when the USA’s biggest chain SUDDENLY quit accepting cash payments for their goods–at least at SOME OF THEIR LOCATIONS.

It was so sudden, the lying Corporate Media appeared unsure of how to explain the change away.

The surprising reason Walmart is asking customers not to pay with cash – They will ALWAYS have a good reason.

Walmart asks customers to use their debit/credit cards instead of cash

Fact check: Walmart is not banning cash from its stores, despite national coin shortage – Here’s a FACT CHECK to USA Today’s “fact check.”

While not ALL Walmarts have banned cash, at least some have.  This writer was met ON FRIDAY BEFORE HE EVEN ENTERED A LOCAL WALMART by Walmart employees who proclaimed to all approaching the store, “We are not taking ANY cash at all.” When the employees were further questioned concerning their unusual announcement, they responded, “NO. No cash at all.”

Later in the day, another shopper at the same store was told by a checkout clerk that the store was “not equipped to handle cash.”  This particular Walmart had used only one cashier who accepted cash on Wednesday, so this store didn’t have far to go to achieve cashfree-dom.

This followed the store’s earlier banning of the use of cash at ALL of their self-serve checkouts–which remained largely unused–despite long lines at the remaining checkouts (which accepted cash) since the move was announced by employees.

Perhaps the most surprising part of this happening was that Walmart beat several other giant chains to the punch on going cashless.

But, who knows?

Perhaps the huge chain will change their minds and delay the cashless scheme if enough resistance is encountered?

Yeah, right!

While many shoppers were visibly upset at the events–having to return items from their cart back to the shelf–Americans are famed for their adaptability and love of being trained. It only took five or six weeks to train most of America to don masks in public.

Like circus clowns and seals, Americans will soon be trained; trained that cash is not important and to move on to something else “more pressing.”
End Times Prophecy Headlines: August 3, 2020

[NOTE: As with other events which have been heavily-promoted by false teachers (and about which the Bible is silent), going cashless will probably happen.  Otherwise, the immense amount of time and resources promoting the hoax would be wasted.  HOWEVER, avoiding the pitfalls of a cashfree existence DO NOT ensure that the reader will avoid the other snares about which the Bible repeatedly warns, such as worship of Satan and his man of sin and taking a mark to enable one to buy or sell

Though going cashless (by itself) means little–and is largely a clever deception–it IS a useful device to keep track of where the world is headed (tighter control of how one buys and sells) during the times in which we live.]

Such events are quickly explained away by even those who are clearly upset at the event in question.

“I was thinking that you would probably say it had something to do with the end times.”

Within the past week, when one such event DID happen, more than one of those who were relating their account of what happened were quick to point out that “this didn’t have anything to do with the Bible.”

Though the ones telling their individual stories claimed that “It doesn’t make any sense” and “This is hard to believe,” they did NOT want to attach any particular Biblical significance to the event–even though this event has been talked about for the past several hundred years in relation to the end times.


It is suspected that, as God’s judgments are raining down on the earth and those who dwell there, any number of moderns will be explaining away the massive earthquakes, the 100-pound hailstones, the Battle of Armageddon and the other cataclysms by wagging their fingers at any who will listen, while cautioning them to “not jump to any conclusions that this has anything to do with the Bible.”

IN FACT, sad as it may be, it is suspected that SOME will not be convinced of the validity of God’s Word until AFTER being condemned to an eternity of hellfire.

“Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels: And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.”
–Matthew 25:41,46

DOES the reader attach any significance to the steadily-increasing control over how one may pay for purchases?

DOES the reader cheer on those decisions by the courts and lawmakers to prevent certain groups from selling to another group?

It is not YET too late: there is still time to change direction (repent), place your faith (hope) for the future entirely on Jesus Christ and enter the kingdom of heaven.

DOES the reader believe he is saved?

Make Your Calling and Election Sure: End Times Survival

DOES the reader believe he is NOT saved?

Time is Running Out: Today is the Day of Salvation


“Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

And that he was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve: After that, he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once; of whom the greater part remain unto this present, but some are fallen asleep. After that, he was seen of James; then of all the apostles. And last of all he was seen of me also, as of one born out of due time. ”
1 Corinthians 15:1-8

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.”
-–Romans 1:16

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[Portions of this piece appeared originally in End Times Prophecy Headlines: August 3, 2020.]

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by Jeremiah Jameson
–with Mondo Frazier

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