End Times Prophecy Headlines: August 11, 2020

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August 11, 2020


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“And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.”
Matthew 24:4



EUROPE: The NATO Conquest Of Eastern Europe

EUROPE: The COVID Crisis Has Helped Make The Blueprint For A European Superstate

NIGER:  6 French tourists killed in gun attack in Niger

RUSSIA: Russia warns it will see any incoming missile as nuclear

MORE: Russia and the USA: End Times Members of Team Dragon

CHINA: Shipments Of 20,000 Fake IDs From China Seized By Feds Ahead Of Election – Guess the domestic fake ID market just isn’t doing a very good job anymore?

KOREA: South Korea floods, landslides kill dozens, displace thousands

“North Korea is creating its own time zone. It’s going to push the country’s time back a half hour. So it’s not bad enough that they don’t have food and they’re ruled by an insane dictator. Now they have to wait until 8:00 to watch “Wheel of Fortune.”
–-Conan (2015)

MAURITIUS: Leaking Carrier Risks Breakup Near Mauritius as Weather Worsens

World War 3 Watch: October 2, 2017

Ukraine, World War 3: What does the Bible Say?

USA War against the Muslims: Almost Time

Nuclear Holocaust: The End of the World According to Satan

CLIMATE CHANGE: The End of the World According to Satan

End-of-the-World Scenarios according to Satan


Days left in Trump’s term: 162

83 days until Election Day 2020 – Will it happen?

“Most people want security in this world, not liberty.
H. L. Mencken

SATAN’S MOUTHPIECE: The Corporate Media

The White House reportedly quashed part of an intelligence report that showed Russia is helping the Trump campaign

Trump says it ‘sounds like a good idea’ for him to appear alongside Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt on Mount Rushmore because of what he has accomplished during his first term in the White House – Donald Trump plays the part of the vainglorious buffoon better than ANY who have come before him.

Yes, yes: 1- There have been a great number of vainglorious buffoons in the Oval Office; and, 2- Donald Trump really IS a vainglorious buffoon–but the ones who came before him at least attempted to conceal it from the public–and the Corporate Media did not print a word of the buffoonery UNLESS it satisfied their aims.

But it should be remembered that Trump’s role requires him to flaunt his buffoonery in front of Americans.

Trump denies White House asked about adding him to Mount Rushmore

“Meet the new boss…same as the old boss.”
–The Who, Won’t get fooled again

Trump’s eviction ban would leave most tenants in peril

Trump Stands Between You and the Poverty the Democrats Have Ready for You

“Recently, Trump had dinner with over a dozen CEOs while on vacation at his New Jersey golf club.  One of the other CEOs at the dinner was from FedEx. At first, Trump was nervous, because those are the two things that cause him the most stress — the Feds and his exes.”
–-Jimmy Fallon (2018)

“Former communications director Anthony Scaramucci wants to turn his time in the White House into a sitcom. Networks say it’s impossible, because sitcoms have to last at least 30 minutes.”
-–Jimmy Fallon (2017)

“President Obama has called off a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin because of diplomatic differences. Also, Obama didn’t like Putin’s demand that the summit be held shirtless and on horseback.”
-–Conan (2013)

“Last night more than 55 Broadway stars led a musical protest of the Trump administration in front of the White House. The protest featured cast members from “Hamilton,” “Wicked,” and “Les Miz.” But nobody from “Cats” showed up, because, well, good luck getting a cat to do anything.”
–-James Corden (2018)

“Donald Trump insisted he’s always had a great relationship with women. He said, “I believe a woman can be anything she wants to be, whether that’s Miss USA or Miss Universe. Either one.”
–-Conan (2015)

“President Trump started his big vacation today. But before he left, he visited FEMA’s headquarters. FEMA said it was a nice change of pace to have a disaster come to them.”
-–Jimmy Fallon (2017)

“The Secret Service is asking people on Twitter to report any suspicious tweets. So now if your boss catches you on Twitter, just tell him you’re protecting the country.”
–-Conan (2013)

Donald Trump Prophecy?

“The whole idea of our government is this: If enough people get together and act in concert, they can take something and not pay for it.”
-—P.J. O’Rourke

QUOTES: A Few Thoughts on Voting

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”
Winston Churchill

Others might insist that a five-minute conversation with one of the political puppets is the best argument against democracy.

Things of This World: Faith and Trust in Politics

“But actually, he thought as he readjusted the Ministry of Plenty’s figures, it was not even forgery. It was merely the substitution of one piece of nonsense for another. Most of the material that you were dealing with had no connection with anything in the real world, not even the kind of connection that is contained in a direct lie. Statistics were just as much a fantasy in their original version as in their rectified version. A great deal of time you were expected to make them up out of your head.”
–On changing government statistics – George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

POLLS: Another Way to Lie

Do you believe the media? Then why do you believe their lying polls?

“Political campaigns today are all side shows, all honors, all bombast, glitter, and speeches. These are for the most part unrelated to the main business of studying the party scientifically, of supplying the public with party, candidate, platform, and performance, and selling the public these ideas and products.”
Edward Bernays, Propaganda (1928)

POLLS: The Fiction of Polls and Public Opinion

“There is no public opinion. There is only published opinion.”
–Winston Churchill

The Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Polls

“But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.”
John 20:31

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.”
-–Romans 1:16power-of-salvation-the-gospel-of-Jesus-Christ


“Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

And that he was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve: After that, he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once; of whom the greater part remain unto this present, but some are fallen asleep. After that, he was seen of James; then of all the apostles. And last of all he was seen of me also, as of one born out of due time. ”
1 Corinthians 15:1-8

“For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.”
-—1 Corinthians 1:18-19

The Gospel is Hidden to Those who are Lost



It doesn’t look like Trump’s executive actions on coronavirus relief will actually do much

Mnuchin ‘Willing To Listen’ On Stimulus As Pelosi Calls Trump Executive Orders ‘Unconstitutional Slop’

Trump’s Executive Orders Force Democrats to Call for Renewed Talks on Pandemic Relief

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”
–Franklin D. Roosevelt

Biden says he’s picked his VP — then jokes it’s a Fox News reporter

From Ferraro to Palin: What should Biden’s VP expect?

Joe Biden has secret meeting with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer days ahead of picking running mate

“Wendy’s is introducing a bacon burger that comes with bacon, mayonnaise, and bacon jam. A spokesperson for Wendy’s said, “And if that doesn’t work, we’ll just stab our customers in the heart.”
–-Conan (2017)

Nancy Pelosi Admits On CNN: “China Would Prefer Joe Biden”

White House Says China Is Targeting U.S. Election With Cyberattacks, But Pelosi Says Threats From Russia And China Are ‘Not Equivalent‘ – Long a story relegated to the back pages, Nancy Pelosi has–with a few choice quotes–single-handedly brought the story of foreign interference in US elections to the front pages.

This is Only a Test: The Most Important Test of All



End Times and Guillotines

The Corporate Media (Satan’s Mouthpiece) toss around the words “martyr”and “Christian” like they know what they mean.

The Meaning of a Martyrdom – When pretenders in the press try to write about Christianity, they ALWAYS run into major problems.

This is no exception.

The French priest–the “martyr” in question– claimed in media accounts to have been killed by a crazed Muslim terrorist, was NO martyr.

A martyr (witness), by definition, is one who gives his life in testimony to Jesus Christ; i.e., the ultimate witness.

As the linked story relates, the priest died with “Satan” on his lips, not Jesus Christ.

To many conservative Catholics, Father Hamel is an archetypal Christian martyr — killed in a sacred space by men motivated by hatred of his faith, dying with the words, “Go away, Satan!”on his lips.

Typical narrative by Satan’s Mouthpiece (the Corporate Media).

In a piece which claims to be about ‘martyrdom,’ there is not one mention of Jesus Christ.

MORE: Martyrs: End Times Choices

MORE: Suffering Persecution for Jesus Christ is Glory

Explaining Away the Obvious

Sarah M Broom: ‘There’s no easy way to write about your family’

HOW global warming is affecting our everyday life

“A California man is suing the makers of Heineken, claiming he found a gecko in his can of beer. But on the bright side, he did save 15 percent on car insurance.”
-–Seth Meyers (2017)

Few People Predicted Or Imagined Our “COVID-19 World”

Now we find that without a shot being fired or a bomb being dropped, in just a few months, our culture has been dramatically changed and transformed. The biggest problem is that this is not over. The number of people expecting things to revert to the way they were is rapidly declining.

The public is learning its coronalessons quickly.

  1. Shut up and put on your mask.
  2. There will be NO going back to the way it used to be.
  3. This is the new normal.

“Today is Smokey Bear’s 73rd birthday. You can tell Smokey’s getting older because now his motto is, “Just Let It Burn — I’m Watching ‘Judge Judy.’”
–-Conan (2017)

Businesses and states launch own relief funds as congressional talks stall

Hillary Clinton: Trump Going After Medicare, Social Security If Re-Elected – It was with good reason that one commentator labeled Hillary Clinton “America’s ex-wife.”

“During a fundraiser last night, Mitt Romney told Republicans that they need to pick a candidate for 2016 who can actually win. And Republicans said, “Yeah, I wish you told us that last year. But hey, thanks a lot.”
–-Jimmy Fallon (2013)

Emily Ratajkowski shows off her svelte beach body in a skimpy string bikini while playing football with her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard – Poor Emily Ratajkowski!

The woman has no discernible skills other than appearing in some state of undress.

But like the hundreds of similarly-talented girls down through the ages, the flower of her youth will soon fade and she will be long forgotten, replaced by another who will be both younger and less susceptible to age-related droopiness.

Poor Emily Ratajkowski!

“A new study of chain restaurants came out and it found that The Cheesecake Factory serves the unhealthiest food. When asked for comment, the CEO said, “Folks, it’s called ‘The Cheesecake Factory.’”
–-Conan (2017)

Introducing New York City’s Only Boyfriend-Walking Service

Donald Trump’s Reckless Economic Gamble

The Fantasy Worlds Created For and Inhabited By the Deceived During the End Times


fear, peace

It’s been over three  years since ETPR published something on PEACE (Peace and Safety) and nearly three years since one was released on FEAR (Fear of the LORD or Fear of Man: An End Times Choice).

So, it was decided to combine the two topics by serving up to the readers some reminders on both PEACE and FEAR.

1- PEACE and FEAR are closely related, though many might not initially connect the two.  In many cases, the presence of FEAR signals a lack of peace and the presence of PEACE is a good indication of a lack of FEAR.

2- God’s Word makes a number of promises concerning PEACE and it also makes a number of promises concerning FEAR.

Many of the promises having to do with PEACE are made to believers.  One of the great benefits of becoming a believer is the great presence of PEACE which marks one’s entrance into the kingdom of heaven. This is a PEACE beyond all human understanding. One can be told about it, but until one experiences it, one cannot possibly understand what this peacefulness is about.

“And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”
–Philippians 4:7

In fact, to one who has known mostly FEAR, the notion of exchanging that FEAR for PEACE seems a bit far-fetched.

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

3- Of all the many afflictions promised to the workers of iniquity, FEAR is probably the most disquieting.  The worker of iniquity WILL be afflicted by FEAR and a lack of PEACE.

This is a promise straight from the mouth of God.

“There is no peace, saith the LORD, unto the wicked.”
–Isaiah 48:22

“But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt. There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked.”
–Isaiah 57:20-21

4- FEAR is only a word (as is also PEACE) UNLESS one is afflicted with FEAR.  Then, the afflicted is paralyzed with fright, terror and, in some cases, madness. It matters not to a person gripped with FEAR that he has much material possessions: the ownership of cars, homes, buildings and other wealth fade in importance if one is confronted by overwhelming, heart-pounding-in-one’s-chest FEAR.

TERROR is promised as the lot of the wicked.

On the other hand, PEACE (instead of FEAR and TERROR) are promised to believers.

“Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.”
–Psalm 91:5-6

5- Protection from harm is a prime component of PEACE; the lack of such protection is very much a large part of what makes up FEAR.

God’s Word warns that the “wages of sin is death.”

“For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”
–Romans 6:23

But “death” is a wage which is not only payable upon one’s passing from this present life: sin has other rewards which are gathered and enjoyed in the world in which we now live.

One of the most prominent of these sinful rewards is FEAR.

“The fear of the wicked, it shall come upon him”
–Proverbs 10:24

“For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”

“The wicked man travaileth with pain all his days, and the number of years is hidden to the oppressor. A dreadful sound is in his ears: in prosperity the destroyer shall come upon him. He believeth not that he shall return out of darkness, and he is waited for of the sword. He wandereth abroad for bread, saying, Where is it? he knoweth that the day of darkness is ready at his hand. Trouble and anguish shall make him afraid; they shall prevail against him, as a king ready to the battle.”
–Job 15:20-24

“And I will set my face against you, and ye shall be slain before your enemies: they that hate you shall reign over you; and ye shall flee when none pursueth you. And if ye will not yet for all this hearken unto me, then I will punish you seven times more for your sins.”
–Leviticus 26:17-18

Sin makes men cowards. Whatever difficulties the righteous meet in the way of duty, they are not daunted.
Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary

Fear is a torment which is the province of the wicked.

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”
–1JOHN 4:18

MORE:  Torment, Fear and Affliction

While the wicked may have riches in this present life–which many times prove difficult to hold onto–they also have other considerations: FEAR being chief among them.

There is ONLY one source of real protection: God.

AND, the believer is well aware of this.
Fear and Protection in the End Times

6- The great difference in result between the PEACE of the righteous and the FEAR of the wicked is contrasted nicely in Proverbs 28:1.

“The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.”

7- Jesus Christ Himself explained the GREAT PEACE that believers would find in Him.

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”
–John 14:27

8- No matter how much money is spent on security measures and how much wealth is consumed by the wicked who desire PEACE, no PEACE will be had.

Only FEAR.

Think about this: with all of the increased security, pervasive surveillance and billions upon billions of government spending, is the nation any safer? Will there ever come a time when the government will announce, “We have enough ‘security‘ and the American public is now safe”?

Will “terrorist attacks” (or any outside threat) ever become LESS likely?

No, no and no…
Peace and Safety

9- PEACE is a natural part of the kingdom of God.  While the wicked chase after the temporary pleasures and things of the world, the righteous pursue those things which will last forever: righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

” For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.”
–Romans 14:17

10- FEAR is one of the direct rewards of wickedness.  There are other consequences–which the wicked reap in this life–but FEAR is one of the consequences which loom large over a wicked person’s reality.

MORE: Modern Man and the Truth: Believing a Lie, Daily Torment and Affliction

Make no mistake: many suffer physical afflictions brought on by their wicked behaviors.

BUT many more suffer from mental or emotional torment which is also brought on by their wicked behavior–particularly fear, anxiety and other doubts.

Man can be tormented with fears regardless of how unlikely it is that those fears will be realized.

Because fear is a torment.
–from Torment, Fear and Affliction


75 Most Important ETPR Articles

This black man shouldn’t spend life in prison for trying to steal hedge clippers

Big Pharma’s ‘Narrative’ Is Failing

This Abandoned Soviet Site Is Home to The Deepest Hole on The Planet

Alaska Diner Risked Causing ‘Irreparable Harm’ By Operating During Pandemic

“A study found that if given a choice, most Americans would not want to live to the age of 120. People don’t want to live to 120 except for one group — people who are at 119.”
–-Jimmy Fallon (2013)


Everyone LOVES to hear and see DRAMA, right?

And what is more dramatic than an apparent feud among the beautiful people, right?

Particularly if the “feud” is between celebrities, politicos or royal nabobs?

IN FACT, the rich and celebrated almost never disagree: they engage in feuds–sometimes for decades after they have ceased being celebrated for anything else.

What would the beautiful people do with themselves if not for their never-ending feuds?

Satan’s Mouthpiece (the Corporate Media) has always had a problem: what to do when too many of the rich and celebrated have NOTHING “newsworthy” to do. When the media gets tired of reporting what the rich and celebrated are wearing, they turn to the tried-and-true method of of fake “feuds” to generate cheap, plastic “news.”

One popular singer’s entire marketing campaign over the years seems to have been based on engaging in one “feud” after another. But, as the “victims” appear to be primarily the singer’s “fans,” it’s hard to get too worked up over the ruse.

Sports, politics and celebrity culture, European royalty–wherever the rich and celebrated congregate: these are the arenas where readers can most often find stories of “feuds.

Oh–and pro wrestling…

One can depend on those who labor for the mystery of iniquity to act, in not only an EVIL manner, but also in a very repetitive one as well.

Case in point: when two followers of Satan are working together, one of the first things they do is establish that they 1-do not like each other; 2- they hate each other; or, 3- are fighting against one another.

Democrats and Republicans, Russia and the USA, members of the same family who toil together for evil ends, famous celebrities who are “feuding” with each other: it happens so often, one occasionally has to wonder, “Does Satan have a university or school where he teaches his followers these tricks?”
—-University of Satan

Bray Wyatt: 5 Former Rivals The Fiend Should Attack (& 5 Fresh Feuds He Should Start)

The Presentation of Evil During the End Times



prepper alert!

There is no such thing as a “Christian prepper.”

Christian prepper” is a contradiction in terms.

Christian preppers gear up for survival

Either one relies on God Almighty OR one relies on himself.

“He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool”
–Proverbs 28:26

Christians rely on God, not guns, groceries or gold–or any other physical goods–to see them through what’s soon to come to pass.

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.”
–Proverbs 3:5

MORE: Can Anyone Physically Prepare for the End Times?

MORE: End Times Survival, End Times Preparation

The Mind of God: A Few Observations

Protesters torch police union building in Portland as officers declare a riot and use chemicals to disperse troublemakers on the 73rd night of unrest in the city – What kind of story would the reader first tell the public in order for the public to embrace the coming police crackdown?

California Will Soon Be Paying $1,250 To People Who Test Positive For Coronavirus

Police: 1 dead, 20 injured after shooting at Southeast DC cookout

“I’m not one of those ex-smokers who says, “I’ll never smoke again.” I would start smoking again in a heartbeat. The only thing stopping me is the painful early death.”
–-Craig Ferguson (2013)

Power Five leaders met Sunday to discuss viability of 2020 college football season, talks continue Monday

Disney World Cutting Hours as Theme Park Struggles Amidst Pandemic

Celebrity Chef Rachael Ray, Her Husband John and Their Dog Are ‘Safe’ After Fire at Their New York Home

Isaiah’s Covenant With Death is NOT a Peace Treaty


New Tropical Depression or Storm Could Form in the Atlantic This Week

Five former CDC directors explain dire mistakes in America’s coronavirus response – from sidelining science in favor of politics to ‘sugarcoating’ the severity of the pandemic – Essentially, these five are explaining WHY the stories about the coronavirus changed…

“According to reports, officials at the Department of Agriculture told staffers to avoid the term “climate change” in their research and to use terms like “weather extremes” instead. And instead of earthquakes, they’re now called “li’l shakeroos.”
–-Seth Meyers (2017)

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits North Carolina, most powerful in the state since 1916

Colorado Residents Told To Be Ready to Flee Pine Gulch Fire At Moment’s Notice

Dropped emissions during COVID-19 lockdown will do ‘nothing’ for climate change – Of course not.

MORE: Climate Change or Word of God: Make Your Choice

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”
–H.L. Mencken

Lake Erie’s Toxic Green Slime is Getting Worse With Climate Change

Climate change” is responsible for almost ANYTHING!

IF it is hot, scientists claim it to be “climate change.”

IF it is cold, scientists claim it to be “climate change.”

IF it is dry, scientists claim it to be “climate change.”

IF it is wet, scientists claim it to be “climate change.”

“Heads I win, tails you lose.”

MORE: Climate Change: Fake It Until They Make It

“I’m old enough to remember when the air over American cities was a lot dirtier than it is now.”
–P. J. O’Rourke

…and now that it’s cleaner and more clear, the elite spin their fables, trying to create fear over “climate change.”

Global warming is having a costly, and dangerous, impact on key military bases in Alaska

MORE: Global Warming: What does the Bible Say?

Decline in hydropower hampered by drought will impact utility costs

Rising prices?

There will ALWAYS be a good reason WHY they are going up.


MORE: Water shortages, Drought: End Times Signs

MORE: Coming Water Shortage: Drinking Water Vanishing from the Planet?

Ebola in America: What does the Bible Say?

End Times Survival, End Times Preparation

end times topics

WEEK OF 8-9-2020

A Simple Candle Healing Spell

HALLOWEEN 2020: COVID CAN’T KILL COSTUME SALES …Dress-Up at Home Will Be Huge!!!

Demons!– Part Thirty Two

New Zealand has an official Wizard who gets paid by city council

Dalai Lama is releasing a climate change book


The 22 Best Books About Witches For Adults, Teens, and Budding Practitioners – For that special person who wants to learn more stories about how things work.

Conservative, Pro-Trump Witches Are Flocking to Facebook

2018 Was once The 12 months American Girls Embraced Their Interior Witch

22 DIY Halloween Witch Costumes That Are Simple But Not Basic

Warwickshire Witchcraft – Long Compton Coven and Murder

Hindus, the last standing major pagan culture in the world: Hagia Sophia, AIMPLB and why secularism is a scam

Evidence of Other Memory

How To Use True Black Moon Lilith Astrology To Harness Your Power


“How can the reader know when the Corporate Media is lying to him (never mind the fact that the media is Satan’s Mouthpiece and Satan is the father of lies)? One easy way to tell is the use of “Why” and “How” in the headlines of an article. When the reader sees “Why?” or “How?” in the headline–occasionally “What” is used–that which follows will be a fairy tale, a narrative, a bedtime story spun by the media for the benefit of the media’s master. “Why” usually denotes an on-going narrative; “How” signifies a story line which explains past events. Not all narratives begin with “How” or “Why.” However, the most in-your-face, over-the-top ones usually do. ALL political “news” is narrative.

The Corporate Media

What is Media Mush?

MORE: The End Times Lie of Staged Newscasts

Puppet Masters of Public Opinion: The Corporate Media

REBRANDING EVIL: The Corporate Media is Satan’s Mouthpiece

Corporate Media: Satan’s Mouthpiece is the Author of Confusion

“American journalism (like the journalism of any other country) is predominantly paltry and worthless. Its pretensions are enormous, but its achievements are insignificant.”
H.L. Mencken

“Things are never quite what they seem. Events are seldom close to how the media and history portray them.”

“It is a free press…There are laws to protect the freedom of the press’s speech, but none that are worth anything to protect the people from the press.”
–Mark Twain, speech: License of the Press

“If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it.”
Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda

Journalists” are story-tellers. Nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes, there is an element of truth in their stories, but truth is not a requirement of what they do.

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”
–Adolf Hitler, Propaganda, the Big Lie and Adolf Hitler: 20 Hitler Quotes on Propaganda

Giant swamp rats invade a Texas park amid fears pests will damage local water supply and infect humans with parasites  – Because apparently swamp rats can’t get enough of chlorinated water.

MORE: Modern Man Loves a Good Story

Amazon and Mall Operator Look at Turning Sears, J.C. Penney Stores Into Fulfillment Centers


Woman who gouged out her EYES in crystal meth-induced psychotic frenzy receives her first pair of prosthetic eyeballs

MORE: End Times Lies: Tell Me a Story

NASA’s Rover Is Taking a Tree-Like Device That Converts CO2 Into Oxygen to Mars

MORE: MEN WANT TO BE LIED TO: Lie to Me. Please.

NASA’s InSight lander shows what’s beneath Mars’ surface

MORE: Bedtimes Stories from Outer Space

New CDC Guidelines Advise People to Wear Masks Without Vents, Valves

MORE: Science: A Collection of Stories

‘Hell ant’ found in 99 million year old amber

MORE: When Men Cease to Believe the Truth, They will Believe Anything



Witchcraft: Season of the Witch

Witchcraft: is there anything it cannot do?

HOW Witchcraft on Facebook Is Helping People Grieve

The group that Detloff posts his videos in and helps moderate, Pagans of the Path, is a sort of life raft for the eclectic Wiccan set. All 1,700+ members share the mutual interest of witchcraft, but in varied forms.

MORE:  Witchcraft in the End Times: Popular and Fashionable



Strange Phenomena in the Sky: Sightings are increasing worldwide

Periodically, the Corporate Media (Satan’s Mouthpiece) trots out its “Martians used to be on Earth” stories.

Have signs of Martian life been obliterated by meteorite blasts?

Researchers replicated meteorite blasts to find out if organic compounds can survive the extreme conditions. They found that rocks excavated from blasts may incorrectly imply the absence of life.

MORE: Science: A Collection of Stories

MORE: The End Times Alien Deception



differing reality

HOW America Lost its Mind – Impressive–IF ONLY for the sheer number of narratives stuffed into one article.

“We risk being the first people in history to have been able to make their illusions so vivid, so persuasive, so ‘realistic’ that they can live in them.”
— Daniel J. Boorstin, The Image: A Guide to
Pseudo-Events in America 

“People in the reality-based community believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality … That’s not the way the world really works anymore.”
—-Karl Rove, presidential advisor




ANCIENT ALIENS - Aliens are behind everything ever created in History! [image: ETPR]

Ancient Aliens: I don’t want to believe – Some may wonder why this show (Ancient Aliens) is featured on the HISTORY Channel.

But people have to remember the channel is owned by Disney.

Although the series is marked “Entertainment,” it is marketed as a sort of pseudo-documentary.  Many viewers believe the yarns spun by the series and its panel of claimed “experts” are facts rather than fiction.

And who, exactly, are these “experts“?

‘Ancient Aliens’ Cast: What Are Their Credentials? – This piece (though critical) actually gives the cast more credit than they deserve.

The endgame to such a show is the promotion of the end times “aliens” deception. This 70-year-old PR (propaganda) campaign has been waged by government, media, entertainment, education, science–in short, almost every facet of modern popular culture.

And it has been wildly successful: when it began in the late 1940s, only 2 percent of Americans believed in ETs, UFOs and aliens.

Supposedly, the latest figures show over 80 percent of Americans are now deceived about these fictions.




Soviet-style economic propaganda is useful for an American empire on way down.

The Corporate Media never misses a chance to indoctrinate Americans on how GREAT the American economy is!

This has been a regular feature of American propaganda for a long, long time.

The following is from a year ago.

5% unemployment is not a hoax! – Nosiree!  Everyone is working who wants to work! There’s jobs galore! The USA ‘s economy is going through the roof!   The government/media tells me so every day!

Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq Close at Records on Same Day for First Time Since 1999 – Wow! The economy is booming!  Just ask the government/media!

Macy’s closing 100 stores nationwide – Just a part of the booming economy!

Office Depot is closing 300 more stores

Only in America does the stock market set records while hundreds of stores close.

Only in America does the government/media attempt to convince Americans of the GREAT job market while the same papers are full of stories of more jobs lost.





“For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel: not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect.”
–1Corinthians 1:17

Someone (who was advocating that baptism is a necessary component of salvation through Jesus Christ) offered as “proof” what Jesus said in the opening verses of John 3, specifically John 3:5.

“There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews: The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him. Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

“Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother’s womb, and be born? Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.”
–John 3:1-7

Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

But John 3:5 is most definitely NOT about baptism.

We can know this in several different ways.

1- Nowhere in John 3 is either Jesus or Nicodemus talking about the subject of baptism.

2- Jesus is explaining to Nicodemus about being born again.  Clearly, Nicodemus did not understand the concept.  Jesus tells him a man has to be born both PHYSICALLY and then born a second time SPIRITUALLY.  Jesus talks of being born of water (physical birth) and of the Spirit (spiritual rebirth). To emphasize the point, Jesus uses the water/Spirit reference and then, in order that there is NO confusion, Jesus offers the flesh/spirit reference as well.

Born again means to experience a spiritual rebirth through Jesus Christ, God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Born again.

OR, as it is elsewhere referred to: a “transformation” OR to be “transformed.”

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”
–Romans 12:2

Born again.

It is what distinguishes believers from pretenders.


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