End Times Prophecy Headlines: February 23, 2022

2022 ETPR Headlines

End Times Prophecy Report
February 23, 2022

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“And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.”
Matthew 24:4


“The best way to keep a prisoner from escaping is to make sure he never knows he’s in prison.”
Fyodor Dostoevsky


UKRAINE: Russia orders troops into eastern Ukraine, raising threat of larger invasion

UKRAINE: Global Markets Fall After Russia Orders Troops Into Ukraine

RUSSIA:  Kremlin’s ‘Hollywood-style fake news factory: Moscow is accused of producing movie-like propaganda to inflame tensions with Ukraine 

RUSSIA: Putin orders Russian forces to Ukraine rebel regions

MORE: Russia and the USA: End Times Members of Team Dragon

CANADA: PM Trudeau wins vote on emergency powers in late-night session after he claimed protesters removed from Ottawa might create new blockade

CHINA: China concerned about ‘worsening’ Ukraine situation, warns nationals there

UNITED KINGDOM: Britain will drop COVID-19 self-isolation requirements on Thursday, Johnson announces

COLUMBIA: Colombia becomes latest Latin American country to partially decriminalize abortion

World War 3 Watch: October 2, 2017

Ukraine, World War 3: What does the Bible Say?

USA War against the Muslims: Almost Time

Nuclear Holocaust: The End of the World According to Satan

CLIMATE CHANGE: The End of the World According to Satan

End-of-the-World Scenarios according to Satan


987 days until Election Day 2024

Days left in Joe Biden’s Term: 1063

“Most people want security in this world, not liberty.
H. L. Mencken

SATAN’S MOUTHPIECE: The Corporate Media

Biden to impose sanctions on pro-Russian separatist regions of Ukraine

Biden has started interviews for Supreme Court pick – source

“Meet the new boss…same as the old boss.”
–The Who, Won’t get fooled again

Boom! Lawyered: HOW Biden Could Make—or Break—His Legacy With Black Women

Biden agency vacancies to drag on White House priorities

“In other Trump news, according to a New York Times survey of political scientists across both parties, Donald Trump has been rated America’s worst president ever. I had a sneaking suspicion. It’s pretty incredible because it’s the first time Trump has won a popular vote.”
–-James Corden 2018

Donald Trump Prophecy?

“If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it’s free.”
-—P.J. O’Rourke

QUOTES: A Few Thoughts on Voting

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”
Winston Churchill

Others might insist that a five-minute conversation with one of the political puppets is the best argument against democracy.

Things of This World: Faith and Trust in Politics

“But actually, he thought as he readjusted the Ministry of Plenty’s figures, it was not even forgery. It was merely the substitution of one piece of nonsense for another. Most of the material that you were dealing with had no connection with anything in the real world, not even the kind of connection that is contained in a direct lie. Statistics were just as much a fantasy in their original version as in their rectified version. A great deal of time you were expected to make them up out of your head.”
–-On changing government statistics – George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

POLLS: Another Way to Lie

Do you believe the media? Then why do you believe their lying polls?

“Political campaigns today are all side shows, all honors, all bombast, glitter, and speeches. These are for the most part unrelated to the main business of studying the party scientifically, of supplying the public with party, candidate, platform, and performance, and selling the public these ideas and products.”
Edward Bernays, Propaganda (1928)

POLLS: The Fiction of Polls and Public Opinion

“There is no public opinion. There is only published opinion.”
–Winston Churchill

The Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Polls

“But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.”
John 20:31

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.”
-–Romans 1:16power-of-salvation-the-gospel-of-Jesus-Christ


“Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

And that he was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve: After that, he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once; of whom the greater part remain unto this present, but some are fallen asleep. After that, he was seen of James; then of all the apostles. And last of all he was seen of me also, as of one born out of due time.”
1 Corinthians 15:1-8

“For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.”
-—1 Corinthians 1:18-19

The Gospel is Hidden to Those who are Lost


Ensuring That the Masses Are Fearful is an End Times Specialty of the Workers of Iniquity

Putin recognizes independence of Ukraine breakaway regions

Dems, GOP at odds over Biden’s proposed science agency

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”
–Franklin D. Roosevelt

Donald Trump launches his own social media app, Truth Social (VIDEO)

The dirty little secret of Donald Trump’s massive fundraising

A new survey named Vienna, Austria, the world’s best city. Vienna came out on top in this survey because it was No. 1 in three important categories: public transportation, clean air, and the quantity of teeny-tiny sausages.”
–-Craig Ferguson 2014

The US ambassador to the United Nations said Putin ‘wants the world to travel back’ to a ‘time when empires ruled the world’

CDC is refusing to publish data it has collected on booster effectiveness for 33 MILLION Americans aged 18-49 over fears it might show the vaccines as ineffective: FDA expert tells CDC to ‘tell the truth’

Oil jumps as tensions mount over Ukraine – To the reader who felt that gasoline prices are high NOW: you ain’t seen nothing yet!

The Fearful: WHO Are the Fearful And Why Does God’s Word Hold Them in Such Low Regard?



For HUNDREDS of YEARS, God’s Word was fairly stable.

And false teachers had to depend upon using smiles,  “aw shucks mannerisms and smooth talk to deceive their listeners.

BUT during the end times, God’s Word has been subjected to many great changes–most of them coming from the newer and ‘better’ translations of the Bible.

The VAST MAJORITY of these changes may be filed under “Corruptions to God’s Word.”


Because there are so many examples of these changes (compared with the old text) floating around on the Internet, this article will only examine a couple of these changes.


Old verse: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” (King James Version)
New verse: “ I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” (New International Version)
New verse: “I can do all things in him that strengtheneth me.” (American Standard Version)

Can the reader see the difference between the older translation and the newer ones?

Is the reader familiar with the newer translations?

Has the reader ever wondered why these newer versions delete “Jesus,” “Jesus Christ” or “Christ” (when specifically referring to Jesus)?  And the newer versions are VERY consistent about this omission.

DANIEL 3:24-25

Old verses: (King James Version) “Then Nebuchadnezzar the king was astonied, and rose up in haste, and spake, and said unto his counsellors, Did not we cast three men bound into the midst of the fire? They answered and said unto the king, True, O king. He answered and said, Lo, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God.”

New verses: (New International Version) “Then King Nebuchadnezzar leaped to his feet in amazement and asked his advisers, “Weren’t there three men that we tied up and threw into the fire?” They replied, “Certainly, Your Majesty.” He said, “Look! I see four men walking around in the fire, unbound and unharmed, and the fourth looks like a son of the gods.”

New verses: (American Standard Version) “Then Nebuchadnezzar the king was astonished, and rose up in haste: he spake and said unto his counsellors, Did not we cast three men bound into the midst of the fire? They answered and said unto the king, True, O king.  He answered and said, Lo, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and the aspect of the fourth is like a son of the gods.”

Was that fourth man that Nebuchadnezzar the king saw in the furnace a son of the gods–or was He the Son of God?

As was previously mentioned, if the reader has a little time and an Internet connect–AND, the interest in doing so–he will easily be able to find DOZENS of changes in the newer translations which completely CHANGE THE MEANING of the verses in question.

1- These ‘changes’ are CORRUPTIONS by Satan and his workers of iniquity.

2- These ‘changes’ are an unmistakable sign of the end times.

The Fearful

WHY Confessing Feels Good

‘They wanted to leave the world together’: Bernie Madoff’s elderly sister and her terminally ill husband died in ‘suicide pact’ in their Florida home

Fantasy Retail: The Great Unmasking

“Jeb Bush gave a speech yesterday. He had a pretty rough time. He accidentally said that ISIS has 200,000 men instead of 20,000, and then he mispronounced the name of the terrorist group Boko Haram. So if history has taught us anything, Jeb is well on his way to winning the White House.”
–-Jimmy Fallon (2015)

Money unites: Republicans and Democrats find rare bipartisanship over stocks – ‘Money Unites’–particularly in end times America!

Was the end of the Col War only an illusion?

Let’s Hear It for George Washington, Tiger Slayer!

75 Most Important ETPR Articles



chlorinated chicken

It is important that the Corporate Media be seen as an antagonist to those who loiter in the halls of power.

Instead of an accessory.

The FCC plans to police newsrooms – Why would they police their accomplices?

This article perpetuates the myth that the Corporate Media and the government are somehow adversaries. They are not.

They are both on the same team.

Team Satan.

The One-World United Team.

Team Dragon.

MORE: TEAM EVIL: The Devil, The Flesh and The World

Then why do this?

One suspects that it’s for propaganda/deception value only.

It is very important that the public believe the press and the politicians are opponents.

For Some, the End Times Unfold. For Others, the End Times Are No Big Deal–Until It’s Too Late

From There to Here, and Beyond

California’s Green-Energy Subsidies Spur a Gold Rush in Cow Manure

Spain’s ingenious water maze

WHY Tesla and GM want to be big in a new kind of car insurance business

“A team of military researchers is developing a pizza that can stay edible for three years. It’s been a weird couple of years for the military. One minute you’re hunting Osama bin Laden and the next you’re trying to outsmart Papa John.”
–-Jimmy Fallon (2014)


Everyone LOVES to hear and see DRAMA, right?

And what is more dramatic than an apparent feud among the beautiful people, right?

Particularly if the “feud” is between celebrities, politicos or royal nabobs?

IN FACT, the rich and celebrated almost never disagree: they engage in feuds–sometimes for decades after they have ceased being celebrated for anything else.

What would the beautiful people do with themselves if not for their never-ending feuds?

Satan’s Mouthpiece (the Corporate Media) has always had a problem: what to do when too many of the rich and celebrated have NOTHING “newsworthy” to do. When the media gets tired of reporting what the rich and celebrated are wearing, they turn to the tried-and-true method of of fake “feuds” to generate cheap, plastic “news.”

One popular singer’s entire marketing campaign over the years seems to have been based on engaging in one “feud” after another. But, as the “victims” appear to be primarily the singer’s “fans,” it’s hard to get too worked up over the ruse.

Sports, politics and celebrity culture, European royalty–wherever the rich and celebrated congregate: these are the arenas where readers can most often find stories of “feuds.

Oh–and pro wrestling…

One can depend on those who labor for the mystery of iniquity to act, in not only an EVIL manner, but also in a very repetitive one as well.

Case in point: when two followers of Satan are working together, one of the first things they do is establish that they 1-do not like each other; 2- they hate each other; or, 3- are fighting against one another.

Democrats and Republicans, Russia and the USA, members of the same family who toil together for evil ends, famous celebrities who are “feuding” with each other: it happens so often, one occasionally has to wonder, “Does Satan have a university or school where he teaches his followers these tricks?”
—-University of Satan

Logan Paul Returns To WWE RAW For WrestleMania 38 Feud

The Greatest Trick of the Devil?


how many?

Upon learning that the authorities have recently claimed that ONE MORE shot is needed to combat the ‘pandemic,’ someone posed a VERY germane question.


“Good question.”

“I’ve had not-one-but-TWO vaccinations; and then, a boster shot.  How many more?”

“Apparently, the shots are not working.  That’s why you have to have another–and then, another–and then…”

Good question, though.


End Times Deception: Man’s Eternal Salvation is a Decision of Man

Arizona state House panel passes bill proposing to make recordings of police illegal

Apartments In Huge Albany Park Fire That Also Destroyed Gym, Brewery Owned By Landlord With History Of Violations

“TLC is reportedly working on a spinoff of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” They’re calling it “You People Will Watch Anything.”
–-Seth Meyers (2015)

Grand Jury Indicts 19 Austin Cops for Alleged Excessive Force Amid Protests

Amendment to ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill in Florida requires schools to out students to their parents within six weeks

More than 400 Family Dollar stores are shut down after FDA discovers a THOUSAND dead rodents at Arkansas distribution center: Video emerges of worker feeding one a Pringle

During the End Times, There Are NO Happy Endings for the Wicked


Millions of Americans across Northeast are warned to brace for polar plunge as Storm Nancy blows in sending temperatures plummeting by up to 30 degrees before Storm Oaklee hits days later

A fourth COVID-19 vaccine may be recommended this fall (VIDEO)

“There is a big celebrity birthday today. Happy birthday to 15th century astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. Copernicus wasn’t just an astronomer. He also practiced medicine, but without a proper medical degree. He was like a 15th century Dr. Phil.”
–-Craig Ferguson (2014)

Kentucky tornado death toll rises to 80 after death of woman, newborn baby

Climate change and mental health: Expert tips on HOW to cope

MORE: Climate Change or Word of God: Make Your Choice

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”
–H.L. Mencken

Climate change is sickening, literally!

Climate change” is responsible for almost ANYTHING!

IF it is hot, scientists claim it to be “climate change.”

IF it is cold, scientists claim it to be “climate change.”

IF it is dry, scientists claim it to be “climate change.”

IF it is wet, scientists claim it to be “climate change.”

“Heads I win, tails you lose.”

MORE: Climate Change: Fake It Until They Make It

“I’m old enough to remember when the air over American cities was a lot dirtier than it is now.”
–P. J. O’Rourke

…and now that it’s cleaner and more clear, the elite spin their fables, trying to create fear over “climate change.”

Greenland’s Ice Sheet is melting from the bottom UP – and is now the largest single contributor to global sea level rise, study warns

MORE: Global Warming: What does the Bible Say?

Drought hits Mediterranean crops, rest of Europe in good condition

MORE: Coming Water Shortage: Drinking Water Vanishing from the Planet?

MORE: Water shortages, Drought: End Times Signs

Ebola in America: What does the Bible Say?

End Times Survival, End Times Preparation

end times topics

WEEK OF 2-20-2022

Hexes and Hearts Witch’s Ball gives back to the community

The Actor Who Intimidated Tom Felton On The Harry Potter Set

Across the U.S., Museums Are Exploring Spiritualism and the Occult as Powerful, Unsung Forces in Art History

The Strange Russian War Against Reiki

Pagan Community Notes: Week of February 21, 2022

Fighting Our Demons: 10 Demon Possession Books to Keep You Up at Night

Spring Pagan and Spiritual Fayre for witches and druids arriving in Thetford

Pagan & Shinto News: Pastor Greg Locke Threatens To Dox ‘Witches’ That Infiltrated Wife’s Bible Club

Top 10 Off The Beaten Path Things To Do In Portland, Oregon

Delving into Divine Diversity

Magic is Fun!

Obedience is better than sacrifice

Pastor threatens to out some church members as ‘witches’

Create your best witchy life with Wylde Flowers on Apple Arcade

Woman set ablaze on witchcraft suspicions, dies

The other side of the school of witchcraft and wizardry

Hollywood’s Go-To Psychic-Medium Patti Negri Is Making Appearances with YouTube’s Biggest Stars

The great cloutie debate: U.K. Pagans weigh in on the practice


“How can the reader know when the Corporate Media is lying to him (never mind the fact that the media is Satan’s Mouthpiece and Satan is the father of lies)? One easy way to tell is the use of “Why” and “How” in the headlines of an article. When the reader sees “Why?” or “How?” in the headline–occasionally “What” is used–that which follows will be a fairy tale, a narrative, a bedtime story spun by the media for the benefit of the media’s master. “Why” usually denotes an on-going narrative; “How” signifies a story line which explains past events. Not all narratives begin with “How” or “Why.” However, the most in-your-face, over-the-top ones usually do. ALL political “news” is narrative.

The Corporate Media

What is Media Mush?

MORE: The End Times Lie of Staged Newscasts

Puppet Masters of Public Opinion: The Corporate Media

REBRANDING EVIL: The Corporate Media is Satan’s Mouthpiece

Corporate Media: Satan’s Mouthpiece is the Author of Confusion

“American journalism (like the journalism of any other country) is predominantly paltry and worthless. Its pretensions are enormous, but its achievements are insignificant.”
H.L. Mencken

“Things are never quite what they seem. Events are seldom close to how the media and history portray them.”

“It is a free press…There are laws to protect the freedom of the press’s speech, but none that are worth anything to protect the people from the press.”
–Mark Twain, speech: License of the Press

“If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it.”
Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda

Journalists” are story-tellers. Nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes, there is an element of truth in their stories, but truth is not a requirement of what they do.

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”
–Adolf Hitler, Propaganda, the Big Lie and Adolf Hitler: 20 Hitler Quotes on Propaganda

Bacteria upcycle carbon waste into valuable chemicals

MORE: Modern Man Loves a Good Story

Why taking gut bacteria may boost your Covid recovery: Capsule of probiotics could speed up time it takes to get over the virus, study shows


Massive explosion on far side of the sun could have been catastrophic for Earth

MORE: End Times Lies: Tell Me a Story

Perseverance Mars rover marks a year on red planet

MORE: MEN WANT TO BE LIED TO: Lie to Me. Please.

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope captures the ‘clearest view yet’ of the dark side of a Hot Jupiter exoplanet, revealing it likely hosts iron clouds, titanium rain and 11,000mph winds

MORE: Bedtimes Stories from Outer Space

Scientists study a ‘hot Jupiter’ exoplanet’s dark side in detail for the first time

MORE: Science: A Collection of Stories

Crocodile, 93 million years old, found with baby dinosaur inside its stomach

MORE: When Men Cease to Believe the Truth, They will Believe Anything




The true born-again believer has already faced death and won.

“O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?”
1 Corinthians 15:55



PRE-CRIME: The government will keep the light on for you.
PRE-CRIME: The government will keep the light on for you.

Chicago police ‘Minority Report’ model to predict who might commit violent crimes – When the one-worlders institute pre-crime–and they will–the initial cases will all involve famous or infamous violent criminals.

Their removal from society (finally) will be cheered by the general populace. Pre-crime techniques will be hailed as a tremendous crime-fighting tool.

There will be stories about “How Pre-crime Saved my Daughter’s Life.”

This is the Corporate Media’s usual modus operandi.

But then…

MOREPre-Crime: What is Pre-Crime and Why You are Already Guilty

MORE: PRE-CRIME AND PREDICTIVE POLICING: Detaching Crime from Punishment

MORE: Media Promotes Pre-Crime



Pre-Flood Civilization and the End Times

Advanced imaging reveals a computer 1500 years ahead of its time – Another in a seemingly-endless series of “mysteries” which continuously “baffle scientists.”

An artifact is found, obviously man-made, obviously ancient–and it cannot be explained using the stories which we have been told about how the earth works or what has happened in humanity’s past.

A mystery!

“there is no new thing under the sun. Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us. There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after.”
Ecclesiastes 1:9-11

What we’re told about pre-flood civilizations does not square with the occasional technology claimed to be from that civilization which keep turning up.

The only way which “science” and “history” can explain these inconvenient happenings is “Aliens!”

Of course, shouting “Aliens!” only comes after the usual mis-dating of such artifacts.



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