End Times Prophecy Headlines: July 11, 2022

2022 ETPR Headlines

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July 11, 2022


“And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.”
Matthew 24:4

NEWS“The best way to keep a prisoner from escaping is to make sure he never knows he’s in prison.”
Fyodor Dostoevsky


UKRAINE: Unity at G20 fails over differences on Ukraine war; Russia, US snub each other

RUSSIA: Satellites spot construction of Russian anti-satellite laser facility: report

RUSSIA: The wrong NATO signals to Russia could mean more war for Europe

RUSSIA: U.S. to send another $400 million in military aid to Ukraine; Russia hits out at West at G-20

MORE: Russia and the USA: End Times Members of Team Dragon

CANADA: Rogers network resuming after major outage hits millions of Canadians

JAPAN: Japan’s former PM Shinzo Abe assassinated at rally (VIDEO)

UNITED KINGDOM: Good-bye, Boris Johnson

UNITED KINGDOM: Cheered in London, Boris Johnson’s resignation is lamented in Ukraine

UNITED KINGDOM: Ex-Chancellor Rishi Sunak launches bid to be Conservative leader

MIDDLE EAST: Muslim pilgrims pray at Mount Arafat as hajj reaches apex

World War 3 Watch: October 2, 2017

Ukraine, World War 3: What does the Bible Say?

USA War against the Muslims: Almost Time

Nuclear Holocaust: The End of the World According to Satan

CLIMATE CHANGE: The End of the World According to Satan

End-of-the-World Scenarios according to Satan


848 days until Election Day 2024

Days left in Joe Biden’s Term: 924

“Most people want security in this world, not liberty.
H. L. Mencken

SATAN’S MOUTHPIECE: The Corporate Media

Biden signs executive order on abortion access

‘Stunned, outraged, and deeply saddened’: Biden mourns Japan’s Abe after assassination

“Meet the new boss…same as the old boss.”
–The Who, Won’t get fooled again

‘Be the effing President’: Democrat anger at Biden reaches boiling point as strategists say the White House is ‘one step behind’, being hurt by ‘fiery’ speeches from MAGA Republicans and the President needs to step up

“Some tech experts in Silicon Valley now believe that a robot would make a better president than a human. I don’t know about you, but at this point, I would vote for President Roomba.”
–-Conan (2017)

Donald Trump Prophecy?

“People with a mission to save the earth want the earth to seem worse than it is so their mission will look more important.”
-—P.J. O’Rourke

QUOTES: A Few Thoughts on Voting

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”
Winston Churchill

Others might insist that a five-minute conversation with one of the political puppets is the best argument against democracy.

Things of This World: Faith and Trust in Politics

“But actually, he thought as he readjusted the Ministry of Plenty’s figures, it was not even forgery. It was merely the substitution of one piece of nonsense for another. Most of the material that you were dealing with had no connection with anything in the real world, not even the kind of connection that is contained in a direct lie. Statistics were just as much a fantasy in their original version as in their rectified version. A great deal of time you were expected to make them up out of your head.”
–On changing government statistics – George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

POLLS: Another Way to Lie

Do you believe the media? Then why do you believe their lying polls?

“Political campaigns today are all side shows, all honors, all bombast, glitter, and speeches. These are for the most part unrelated to the main business of studying the party scientifically, of supplying the public with party, candidate, platform, and performance, and selling the public these ideas and products.”
Edward Bernays, Propaganda (1928)

POLLS: The Fiction of Polls and Public Opinion

“There is no public opinion. There is only published opinion.”
–Winston Churchill

The Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Polls

“But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.”
John 20:31

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.”
-–Romans 1:16power-of-salvation-the-gospel-of-Jesus-Christ


“Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

And that he was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve: After that, he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once; of whom the greater part remain unto this present, but some are fallen asleep. After that, he was seen of James; then of all the apostles. And last of all he was seen of me also, as of one born out of due time.”
1 Corinthians 15:1-8

“For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.”
-—1 Corinthians 1:18-19

The Gospel is Hidden to Those who are Lost

MAY 2022



The world–particularly the end times world–is a dark, dark place.

The darkness is caused by DECEPTION.

“And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.”
–1JOHN 5:19

[One of the deceptions is the Satan-approved Bible translations which change 1JOHN 5:19 from “the whole world lieth in wickedness.” to “the whole world lies in the Wicked One.” But ANYONE who has studied the verse in the original Greek KNOWS that the original KJV translation is the CORRECT ONE.]

“For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.”
–Isaiah 60:2

Though the world be covered in the darkness of deception, Jesus is the light of the world.

“And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”
–John 1:5

“…he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.”
–Daniel 2:22

“Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.”
–John 8:12

Time is growing short.

Follow Jesus Christ.

Follow the light.


The End Times

The US added 372,000 jobs in June, beating forecasts – Fake forecast featuring fake jobs…

Biden isn’t running out of ideas, Dems fear. He’s running out of time.

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”
–Franklin D. Roosevelt

Trump laments ‘bad news’ of Abe assassination

‘Trump, Trump, Trump’ Putin’s puppets demand billionaire’s White House return to end war

“It’s summer in New York City. It’s 91 and steamy — like Joan Rivers!”
–David Letterman (2014)

U.S. News Unranks Columbia University in 2022 Best Colleges Rankings

US Army SLASHES pay for 60,000 soldiers who refuse to get jabbed as Biden cracks down on unvaccinated – Is a financial penalty part of their enlistment contract?

Satan’s GREAT Advantage in the End Times: Man’s Ability to Quickly Overlook Bad Things

end times basics



“Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.”
–Daniel 2:20-22

The one question which should be occupying man’s mind as we approach the climax of human history (the return of Jesus Christ) is

“Why did God–who is in control of all things; who created all things EXACTLY as He desired; who could have created many things about the end times differently–create the end times as He did?”

Why the persecution and martyrdom of the followers of Jesus Christ?

[NOTE: Not ALL of the followers of Jesus Christ will be killed.  There are a FEW who survive to meet Jesus in the clouds upon His return.  However, God KNOWS each man’s heart, so He KNOWS who WOULD HAVE LAID DOWN THEIR LIFE.]

Why the raising up and then, the  HUMBLING of the wicked?

Why have His ONLY begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to hold some of the CENTRAL parts of the end times?

God created the end times as they are BECAUSE that is EXACTLY how God wanted them.

God’s reasoning?

“Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker! Let the potsherd strive with the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What makest thou? or thy work, He hath no hands? Woe unto him that saith unto his father, What begettest thou? or to the woman, What hast thou brought forth? Thus saith the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me. I have made the earth, and created man upon it: I, even my hands, have stretched out the heavens, and all their host have I commanded. I have raised him up in righteousness, and I will direct all his ways: he shall build my city, and he shall let go my captives, not for price nor reward, saith the LORD of hosts. Thus saith the LORD, The labour of Egypt, and merchandise of Ethiopia and of the Sabeans, men of stature, shall come over unto thee, and they shall be thine: they shall come after thee; in chains they shall come over, and they shall fall down unto thee, they shall make supplication unto thee, saying, Surely God is in thee; and there is none else, there is no God. Verily thou art a God that hidest thyself, O God of Israel, the Saviour. They shall be ashamed, and also confounded, all of them: they shall go to confusion together that are makers of idols. But Israel shall be saved in the LORD with an everlasting salvation: ye shall not be ashamed nor confounded world without end. For thus saith the LORD that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the LORD; and there is none else. have not spoken in secret, in a dark place of the earth: I said not unto the seed of Jacob, Seek ye me in vain: I the LORD speak righteousness, I declare things that are right.”
–Isaiah 45:9-19

God has not been shy about declaring his purpose in creating the earth and man.

“And I will set my tabernacle among you: and my soul shall not abhor you. And I will walk among you, and will be your God, and ye shall be my people.”
–Leviticus 26:11-12

“That they may walk in my statutes, and keep mine ordinances, and do them: and they shall be my people, and I will be their God.”
–Ezekiel 11:20

“And I will give them an heart to know me, that I am the LORD: and they shall be my people, and I will be their God: for they shall return unto me with their whole heart.”
–Jeremiah 24:7

God is looking for men who will worship Him as God–and He will be a God to them.

To such a purpose, God is NOT interested in finding 98 or 99% of the men who claim they are God’s.

God is interested in finding ALL of His people.

Because He is God, He is able to do all He desires.

“But our God is in the heavens: he hath done whatsoever he hath pleased.”
–Psalm 115:3

God wants men who will lay down their LIFE for Him. This is one proof that that man is committed WHOLLY to God.

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”
–Revelation 12:11

So, it was foreseen that the end times would have a component to them that featured persecution and martyrdom to the followers of God.

In this manner, God is certain that all who profess God with their lips are REALLY His.

This is why–among other things–the end times are structured the way they are: to allow God to fulfill his purpose by finding His people.

AntiChristian Tales

WHY it will probably be okay

Should Democrats end the filibuster to protect abortion rights? – Abortion rights are NOT going anywhere.

The Decline Of The American Work Ethic Will Exacerbate The Oncoming Recession

“According to a new report, millennials view smartphones as more important than deodorant. That makes sense. Nobody ever totals their car because they were staring at their deodorant.”
–Seth Meyers (2014)

Singer Macy Gray Has Been Re-Educated on What a Woman Is and It’s the Creepiest Thing You’ll See Today

Tackling Middlemen Should Be A Priority To Lower Prescription Prices

HOW the FBI Wiretapped the World




Recently it was lamented that a thief had cut a padlock off of the door of a small shed owned by an acquaintance and had stolen its contents.

Also lamented was the increasing likelihood of this action taking place.

It was then pointed out that a lock is only effective against the law abiding.

No lock stops a determined thief.

Even the strongest of locked containers (a safe) does not stop the very determined thief.

It may slow the thief down, but if he is really determined to have what the safe contains, he will break into it IF he has the time and inclination.

IF society is generally law-abiding, locks are generally effective protections against someone making off with one’s property.

IF society is generally lawless, then locks are generally not worth the trouble.

Perhaps this is reflected in THEFT being so prevalent in the end times.

It has NOTHING to do with the availability of locks.

It has EVERYTHING to do with the general lawlessness and sinfulness of man.

“Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.”
–Revelation 9:21

The End Times Are a Time Period of Any Unexpected Happening

‘Cognitive Immobility’ – When You’re Mentally Trapped in a Place From Your Past

HOW to spot fake Amazon reviews during Prime Day

Lessons of Russia’s War in Ukraine: You Can’t Hide and Weapons Stockpiles Are Essential

Fact Check: Did Joe Biden Say ‘Life Begins At Conception?’

“Over the weekend, Los Angeles experienced a massive heat wave. Some people were so desperate for air conditioning, they actually went to see the new “Transformers” movie.”
–Conan (2017)


Everyone LOVES to hear and see DRAMA, right?

And what is more dramatic than an apparent feud among the beautiful people, right?

Particularly if the “feud” is between celebrities, politicos or royal nabobs?

IN FACT, the rich and celebrated almost never disagree: they engage in feuds–sometimes for decades after they have ceased being celebrated for anything else.

What would the beautiful people do with themselves if not for their never-ending feuds?

Satan’s Mouthpiece (the Corporate Media) has always had a problem: what to do when too many of the rich and celebrated have NOTHING “newsworthy” to do. When the media gets tired of reporting what the rich and celebrated are wearing, they turn to the tried-and-true method of of fake “feuds” to generate cheap, plastic “news.”

One popular singer’s entire marketing campaign over the years seems to have been based on engaging in one “feud” after another. But, as the “victims” appear to be primarily the singer’s “fans,” it’s hard to get too worked up over the ruse.

Sports, politics and celebrity culture, European royalty–wherever the rich and celebrated congregate: these are the arenas where readers can most often find stories of “feuds.

Oh–and pro wrestling…

One can depend on those who labor for the mystery of iniquity to act, in not only an EVIL manner, but also in a very repetitive one as well.

Case in point: when two followers of Satan are working together, one of the first things they do is establish that they 1-do not like each other; 2- they hate each other; or, 3- are fighting against one another.

Democrats and Republicans, Russia and the USA, members of the same family who toil together for evil ends, famous celebrities who are “feuding” with each other: it happens so often, one occasionally has to wonder, “Does Satan have a university or school where he teaches his followers these tricks?”
—-University of Satan

Conor McGregor escalates Twitter feud with UFC lightweight Rafael Fiziev

Undertaker vs Kane’s Forgotten Final WWE Feud In 2010

end times basics


foot of God?

“And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself. And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God. And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.  And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.”
–Revelation 19:11-16


OF COURSE, the main event of the end times is the return of Jesus Christ and the commencing of His never-ending rule of earth.

To all of those who consider this a fiction: a couple of questions.

“WHAT IF it’s NOT a fiction?”

“What then?”

Those who do NOT believe God’s Word have no PLAN B to fall back on–beyond ‘Go to hell and think about it for eternity while being tormented.’

The return of Jesus to earth begins with the passage at this piece’s beginning (Revelation 19:11-16).

On one hand is the Word of God, which has stood steady (and TRUE!) for CENTURIES.

On the other are the many, many, many deluded and deceived men who have come of age surrounded by the same deceptions which will drag them to perdition.

Which is a good reason for the believer to pray for the deceived.

OF COURSE, there are other big events during the end times which come before the return of Jesus Christ.


At first, that worldwide authority will cause men to believe that they are in charge.

Later, the MAN OF SIN (one of Satan’s beasts) arrives and usurps control, becoming the leader of the world.

“And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.”
–Revelation 13:7

The world is NOW ruled by the one-world government.

IF the reader finds this difficult to believe, he only has to recall the many times that supposed ‘mortal enemies’ co-operated among themselves.

The many ‘nations’ move slowly and inexorably–AND OFTEN, IN AGREEMENT (regardless of their highly-promoted and published ‘disagreements’)–toward its end times goal of control over the whole world and its resources.

THIS is the ruling authority which Jesus will find in control of earth when He returns.


The world will NOT acquiesce to its loss of Satan-inspired control: the world will FIGHT (and lose badly) against Jesus Christ upon His return.

“And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon. And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army.”
–Revelation 16:16, 19:19

The reader need only ask himself of why the world is so obsessed with “threats from above“?

The world KNOWS that the ONLY ‘threat from above’ is the return of Jesus Christ.

The world and the man of sin (also called the false prophet) lose badly.

“And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.  And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls were filled with their flesh.”
–Revelation 19:20-21

Those who have labored for Satan will find that they threw their support to a losing cause.

“For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.”
–Psalm 84:10

The day Jesus Christ returns is a day of bloody vengeance for those who rebelled against their Creator.

One can either follow He Who Created ALL or one can follow one of His creations.  Those who burn FOR Satan will end up burning BECAUSE of Satan.

“For this is the day of the Lord GOD of hosts, a day of vengeance, that he may avenge him of his adversaries: and the sword shall devour, and it shall be satiate and made drunk with their blood: for the Lord GOD of hosts hath a sacrifice in the north country by the river Euphrates.”
–Jeremiah 46:10


“But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”
–Revelation 21:8

“He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God. “
–1JOHN 3:8-9


BEFORE Jesus returns, Satan brings the hammer down on those who follow Jesus and are still alive on the earth.

“And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.”
–Revelation 6:9-11

This is NOT something that is unexpected.

“Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”
–Revelation 12:12

TRUE followers of Jesus are prepared for Satan (the dragon’s) persecution, having been warned of it in God’s Word.

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”
–Revelation 12:11

Still, warning about persecution does NOT alleviate the discomfort: it does, however, prepare the believer for what is to come.

“Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.”
–2TIMOTHY 3:12

Persecution only strengthens the resolve of the believer: IF God’s Word is true about persecution, it is true about ETERNAL LIFE and THE BENEFITS TO BE ENJOYED.


God’s plan of finding a people who would worship Him as God and that He might live among finally is achieved.

Therefore, God moves His throne from heaven to earth–so He can dwell among men.

“And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful. And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.”
–Revelation 21:3-7

This comes as NO surprise: it has been God’s plan for SOME men for CENTURIES.

“And I will set my tabernacle among you: and my soul shall not abhor you. And I will walk among you, and will be your God, and ye shall be my people.”
–Leviticus 26:11-12

“And he said unto me, Son of man, the place of my throne, and the place of the soles of my feet, where I will dwell in the midst of the children of Israel for ever, and my holy name, shall the house of Israel no more defile, neither they, nor their kings, by their whoredom, nor by the carcases of their kings in their high places.”
–Ezekiel 43:7

These are but some of the MAJOR EVENTS of the end times–as they are recorded in God’s Word.

NOT as they are taught by ‘esteemed Bible teachers.’

Just so the reader knows.


pile newspapers




China’s Hypersonic Missiles: How Worried Should the U.S. Be?

China Likely Tested Missiles That Can Kill Aircraft Carriers in the South China Sea

A sizable amount of Satan Mouthpiece’s (the Corporate Media) resources are devoted to making the “opponents” of the USA appear formidable to the public.

MORE: AMERICA: Arming and Financing its ‘Enemies’ For Years

MORE: American Way of War: Arming the Enemies of America

July Fourth 2022: The Disconnect

OK, who blew up America’s ‘satanic’ Stonehenge? – The prime suspects might be revealed among those who most frequently labeled the monument “satanic”: the media.

Roger Williams, John Cotton and the future of the American experiment – Yet ANOTHER story with the central theme of “Oh my! America is SO good!

HOW the Georgia Guidestones became a magnet for conspiracy theorists

“Armed guards are being talked about by the right as a solution to school shootings. “f your solution to children being massacred is armed guards, you haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on.”
–Jimmy Kimmel (2022)

Antichrist, America & the End of Days – Instead of merely a descriptive word, ANTICHRIST has been turned into a spooky villain that people LOVE to hate–and tell stories about.

Particularly church folk.

PASTOR’S PEN: The remedy for America

‘Child Sacrifice Is a Very Satanic Practice,’ Trump Endorsed Candidate Said of Abortion

75 Most Important ETPR Articles

end times basics



“Woe unto you that desire the day of the LORD! to what end is it for you? the day of the LORD is darkness, and not light.”
–Amos 5:18

Never let is be said that the end times are only tough on one group of men.

The end times are HARD on ALL men: the wicked, the righteous, EVERYONE.

The RIGHTEOUS suffer at the hands of Satan and his minions–mostly because Satan knows his time is short.

“Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”
–Revelation 12:12

The WICKED, EVIL and FOOLISH suffer as God’s judgment is poured out on an unbelieving earth and its inhabitants.

“And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth.”
–Revelation 16:1

No doubt, SOME get caught in the crossfire and suffer both from Satan (mistakenly) AND God.

And, if God waits until the last moment to require the life of a believer, who is there who will argue that God is wrong?

The day Jesus Christ returns to earth (the day of the LORD) is one that is a HARD DAY for all who dwell upon the earth.

“Howl ye; for the day of the LORD is at hand; it shall come as a destruction from the Almighty.”
–Isaiah 13:6

So, don’t think that just because one is a believer or one is extremely wealthy, he will NOT suffer.

ALL will taste a little of the chaos, destruction and panic that the day of the LORD brings.

MORE:  Terror, Chaos, Panic, Fear: What’s Ahead for Unbelievers in the End Times

Satan and his workers of iniquity will NOT make it easy on the followers of Jesus.

They will cause as much pain as possible.

“Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”
–Revelation 12:12

NO ONE will be safe from the chaos the day of the LORD brings.

Fourth of July 2022

Inside ‘horrible,’ ‘icy’ first meeting held by new San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins

NYC health officials REINSTATE face mask advisory indoors and in crowds as all five boroughs enter ‘high’ covid alert

“Ever since the Uvalde shooting, Congress has been working hard to craft sensible gun safety measures that can be narrowly defeated at the last minute.”
–Trevor Noah (2022)

CALIFORNIA: High-Speed Rail Reaches Construction Milestone in Kern County

The Odessa water outage underscores a growing problem: Aging pipes in Texas cities are getting more fragile

Dam breaching is bad for Idaho

Celebrating the KING of Propaganda Holidays: Independence Day (USA)


The Hottest Temperatures Recorded in All 50 States

Man likely spread monkeypox at Texas bathhouse through sex with multiple men

Seattle could be engulfed by a TSUNAMI with waves up to 42ft within three minutes if a 7.5-magnitude earthquake hits the fault line off the coast, simulation shows

Researchers Can Now Explain How Climate Change Is Affecting Your Weather

MORE: Climate Change or Word of God: Make Your Choice

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”
–H.L. Mencken

5 stories on climate change you should read this week

Climate change” is responsible for almost ANYTHING!

IF it is hot, scientists claim it to be “climate change.”

IF it is cold, scientists claim it to be “climate change.”

IF it is dry, scientists claim it to be “climate change.”

IF it is wet, scientists claim it to be “climate change.”

“Heads I win, tails you lose.”

MORE: Climate Change: Fake It Until They Make It

“I’m old enough to remember when the air over American cities was a lot dirtier than it is now.”
–P. J. O’Rourke

…and now that it’s cleaner and more clear, the elite spin their fables, trying to create fear over “climate change.”

Methane much more sensitive to global heating than previously thought – study

MORE: Global Warming: What does the Bible Say?

Drought conditions found in much of the US

MORE: Water shortages, Drought: End Times Signs

MORE: Coming Water Shortage: Drinking Water Vanishing from the Planet?

Ebola in America: What does the Bible Say?

End Times Survival, End Times Preparation

end times topics

WEEK OF 7-10-2022

31 Different Types of Witches To Look Out For

Christian racism and misogyny during the Salem Witch Trials

Internet sleuths link Aaron Rodgers’ new tattoo to rumored girlfriend Blu of Earth

The Worst Thing That Happens To The Harry Potter Villains

Spirit Box

The bogus Satanic Panic is returning. Here’s a look at the original purveyors of myth — Chick Tracts – Satan does not like it much when someone calls attention to his exploits.


“How can the reader know when the Corporate Media is lying to him (never mind the fact that the media is Satan’s Mouthpiece and Satan is the father of lies)? One easy way to tell is the use of “Why” and “How” in the headlines of an article. When the reader sees “Why?” or “How?” in the headline–occasionally “What” is used–that which follows will be a fairy tale, a narrative, a bedtime story spun by the media for the benefit of the media’s master. “Why” usually denotes an on-going narrative; “How” signifies a story line which explains past events. Not all narratives begin with “How” or “Why.” However, the most in-your-face, over-the-top ones usually do. ALL political “news” is narrative.

The Corporate Media

What is Media Mush?

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Puppet Masters of Public Opinion: The Corporate Media

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Corporate Media: Satan’s Mouthpiece is the Author of Confusion

“American journalism (like the journalism of any other country) is predominantly paltry and worthless. Its pretensions are enormous, but its achievements are insignificant.”
H.L. Mencken

“Things are never quite what they seem. Events are seldom close to how the media and history portray them.”

“It is a free press…There are laws to protect the freedom of the press’s speech, but none that are worth anything to protect the people from the press.”
–Mark Twain, speech: License of the Press

“If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it.”
Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda

Journalists” are story-tellers. Nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes, there is an element of truth in their stories, but truth is not a requirement of what they do.

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”
–Adolf Hitler, Propaganda, the Big Lie and Adolf Hitler: 20 Hitler Quotes on Propaganda

Newly Discovered Dinosaur Species Shares the T. Rex’s Tiny Arms, But Has ‘No Direct Relation’

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Dark matter: Our review suggests it’s time to ditch it in favor of a new theory of gravity – MOST stories are ‘ditched’ because too few believe the old story.


‘Astonishing’ 500 million-year-old fossils preserved the brain of this creepy 3-eyed predator

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Dust Devils of Mars: See Wild NASA Views of Red Planet Whirlwinds

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A passing star shifting Neptune’s orbit could wreck the solar system

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‘The stuff of nightmares’: Fossilised BRAIN of a three-eyed prawn-like creature that swam the oceans 500 million years ago could shed new light on the evolution of insects and spiders

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masked man

Who is this man who seems to die in every terrorist attack? – When readers spot holes in the official government/media versions of calamities, never fear!

The media will rush to explain away such things.




“And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.
–Luke 12:15

A recent conversation had as its main topic the subject of COVETOUSNESS.

One of the more interesting thoughts expressed had to do with the ultimate satisfaction of he who covets.

When a person covets something, he fixes his attention on it until he obtains the object of his desire–IF possible. All the while the person is striving to obtain whatever it is he wants, he appears to be MORE satisfied with his affairs than AFTER he obtains the object of his desire.

There are several ways we can know this is true.

  1. As soon as the coveting person gets what he covets, he most usually turns his attention to obtaining something else.
  2. Those who are fixated upon obtaining the things of the world (coveting), always have a target in mind.
  3. It does not matter how many other similar objects (or even the same object) the covetous one has, he will covet more; always more.  This can be demonstrated by the actions of the super-wealthy person who always wants more.  How many billions of dollars are enough?  There is never enough of anything to the one who covets.
  4. Children will fight over a toy.  Many times, as soon as one gets the toy, they will discard it and look around for something else to grasp.

SO it is not the object of a covetous man’s desire.

Oh, it might appear that way to someone who is not paying close attention.

But it is not the physical possession of something which brings satisfaction.

It is the coveting itself–the act of coveting–which brings satisfaction.

And coveting is a sin.

Many of the wealthy cover this truth up by claiming “It is not the destination that is important, but the journey.”

It is the IDEA of having MORE.

MORE of everything; more of anything.

Just more.

And that is the sin of covetousness in the nutshell.

BLACK FRIDAY: Greed, Coveting and FUN!

MODERN LIFE: Modern Life and the Things of the World





“I must learn to love the fool in me–the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promises, laughs and cries. It alone protects me against that utterly self-controlled, masterful tyrant whom I also harbor and who would rob me of my human aliveness, humility, and dignity but for my Fool.”
Theodore I. Rubin


“A fool’s lips walk into a fight, and his mouth invites a beating.”
Proverbs 18:6

“Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent.”
Proverbs 17:28




NYSE resumes floor trading after more than 3-hour halt – One of the greatest fears in The World’s Greatest Christian Country Ever!™ is the fear of financial collapse.

Accordingly, the Corporate Media regularly plays to this fear.

What does God’s Word declare on the matter?

“Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
Matthew 6:31-33

Of course, Matthew 6:31-33 requires that one have faith.


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