End Times Prophecy Headlines: May 22, 2013

End Times Prophecy Report: Headlines, News Commentary
Bible Prophecy in Today’s headlines

End Times Prophecy Report
May 22, 2013

Federal government now installing infra-red sensors along entire southern border – Why now?  Why close the border AFTER the immigration bills admits tens of millions of new illegals legally?

Maybe it’s to monitor people trying to get OUT?!?

Worst Tornado in the History of the world; time-lapse video of Oklahoma tornado

45 minutes of twister terror that left 24 dead and 7 children drown in school – Two-miles wide, 200 mph winds.  Is there a sense that we’re now seeing historic natural disasters with a clock-like regularity?

Oklahoma Tornado: Why aren’t more building shelters? – (h/t:L)

Syria and Israel exchange fire in the Golan Heights region

Gantz: Assad will pay the price for Golan escalation. Syria: We fired on Israeli patrol

Alaska’s Pavlof volcano grows more active; air traffic now disrupted

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Sometimes I get something in the email that demands a comment.Rush Limbaugh runs interference for Barack Obama – To those who still believe that Rush Limbaugh isn’t worth the $$$ his handlers are paying him: he’s worth every penny.  Limbaugh is claiming that it means nothing that half the country want Obama impeached.

“We can’t impeach Obama, it isn’t gonna happen,” radio powerhouse Rush  Limbaugh said on his program Monday, “but we can impeach the Democratic Party  and get it out of town by voting them out.”

Half the country wants to impeach Obama?  Rush Limbaugh will make sure that movement doesn’t gather much steam.

The talk radio host always has a reason why real change cannot occur.  He always has a reason why his show will not cover particular, newsworthy topics.  He always has a distraction ready for listeners to occupy their time. Think about it: what has Limbaugh ever done?  He creates controversies over inconsequential trivialities.  Rush Limbaugh is not the only one plying this trade–he’s only the best at it.   That is why he gets paid the money he does: He directs public anger by first creating and then funneling it into particular causes that are non-threatening to the established order..  In short, he’s good at herding his portion of public opinion–and that’s why he gets paid the big bucks.

(VIDEO) Extremely close call on a cliff – Don’t try this at home…

Sinkhole swallows man on forklift in NJ warehouse

Body of drowned man recovered from sinkhole in FL

Vermont signs euthanasia bill into law

Man kills biggest Burmese python EVER in FL – At some point, they ought to put a big fence around the state of Florida and send anyone convicted of a crime to serve out their sentence there…

Man pays fortune teller $212,000 for love spell

(VIDEO) The Real Human Chainsaw

Mystery illness kills 2, hospitalizes 5 others – (h/t:E) Coronavirus?!?

FCC proposes allowing MORE sex and profanity during prime time – (h/t:T) hard to imagine how they can shoehorn more in that time, but they will…

64% are happy to say where they work

(VIDEO) ABC News does story on why carry a concealed weapon won’t help during a terror attack – (h/t:B) What does ABC news advise in such a situation?  Lie down and die–and make sure you do it in such a way that it will make for a great camera shot.

Nine Good Reasons to invest in Archery EquipmentDaughter claims elderly woman dies in court gasping for breath after being refused medication

by Jeremiah J. Jameson

with Mondo Frazier

End Time Prophecy Headlines: May 21, 2013

End Times Prophecy Report: Headlines, News Commentary
Bible Prophecy in Today’s headlines

End Times Prophecy Report
May 21, 2013

Up to TWENTY-FOUR children feared dead in rubble of flattened elementary school after giant TWO-MILE tornado rips through densely-populated suburb of Oklahoma City

45% Rate Obama Administration’s Benghazi Response As Poor

USGS: Earthquake Magnitude 6.0 – ESE of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia

It’s claimed that more BIG missiles reach Syria

Russian Mediterranean fleet returns

(Video) Alpine coaster with no brakes – Very impressive!

PHOTO: Hail the Size of Grapefruit Falls Near Oklahoma City

Senate panel approves more stringent biometric ID measures

Evolving: Deadly H7N9 virus develops drug-resistance to Tamiflu – Good plot twist!

The Big One: Preparing for mid-America earthquake

(VIDEO) Hand-balancing – Not only is this incredibly hard to do but the girl is doing it while a child is present in the background!

Pesticide Content in Food Less Regulated by Codex Than Vitamins and Minerals – Yum!

Accused Ft. Hood shooter paid $278,000 while awaiting trial – Nice work if you can get it…

Nazi flag flies in Palestine – We’ll be seeing a lot of that soon…

Apple avoided $44 billion in taxes – No wonder the company is so profitable…


by Jeremiah J. Jameson

End Times Prophecy Headlines: May 20, 2013

End Times Prophecy Report: Headlines, News Commentary
Bible Prophecy in Today’s headlines

End Times Prophecy Report
May 20, 2013

Syrian rebel ‘explains’ his cannibalism – This is how the world ‘explains its actions: they’re justified because….!  The criminal mind has taken over those who inhabit the “news” of the world these days…

Powerful 6.8 quake off the coast of Chile; No tsunami

Shallow 4.8 magnitude earthquake strikes in Yellow Sea off the coast of North Korea

Obama To Sign U.N. Arms Trade Treaty ‘In The Very Near Future’ – Sold out by both Democrats and Republicans–according to plan…

Police state has arrived is civil war imminent watch how the crowd reacts :Adam Kokesh violently dragged from protest by police, arrested for ‘resisting arrest’, refuses to be booked – It couldn’t have ended any other way.  It wasn’t supposed to end any other way…

Two delicious blackstrap molasses recipes – (h/t:L)

The facts behind the mountain of student debt: 13 percent of students owe more than $50,000 and nearly 4 percent owe more than $100,000. Student debt grew by 284 percent from 2004 to 2013.  – Ah yes, my pretty…

Christianity in crisis – Muslims now control parts of Great Britain.  The Jesuits have schemed for centuries to overthrown all “heretic” (non-Roman Catholic) countries…

Report: Assad preparing missile strike against Tel Aviv in case attacked again – The plot thickens

The Civil War in Iraq has started and it will be worse than Syria – Of course.  Unlike Syria, there’s no need to justify why American troops are in Iraq…

Muddled Israeli-US policies on Assad set stage for Golan offensive against Israel

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE GOING MAINSTREAM The People are getting angry at every level.

(Video) How the border is closed each day between Pakistan and India – (h/t:T)

Doomsday Planet Niburu mentioned in new Star Trek movie – Of course, if one is getting their information from Space.com, at some point one is likely to be terribly misinformed.

1 killed, 21 injured in Tornado outbreak

4 fireballs seen in U.S. skies in last 24 hours

Manure menace: Mysterious foam causes explosions on hog farms

Beef prices hitting records highs – As stated a year ago: You ain’t seen nothing yet…

Same sex “marriage” signed into law in France – (h/t:T) The French rioted in response to this new law–unlike Americans.  BUT, neither approach worked…

Vitamin D helps asthma symptoms

Sheriff Joe to Congress: Investigate Obama’s eligibility – These types of stories are published to engender a false hope in the system…

(VIDEO) Pastor catches bird with bare hands – (h/t:T)


Half of America wants Obama impeached

Poll: 49% Approve Of Obama’s Job Performance  

both of these could both be true. Which is the world in which we live: lies are told, but technically, they could be true…

(Video) Lightening slowed down 300x

Obama IRS targeted many groups – (h/t:D)  This article is good as a teaching tool: perhaps we’ll come back to it later this week.

Article is interesting NOW because the author of the article is Wayne Allyn Root, the Libertarian VP candidate in 2008 (This writer conducted a long interview that same year with WAR).  Root was also the president of Obama’s Columbia U graduating class and stated that he did not know that Obama even attended Columbia until BHO was running for president.  Fox News interviewed 400 members of Obama’s graduating class and not a one of them remembered Obama from Columbia.  As stated: interesting.

by Jeremiah J. Jameson

with Mondo Frazier

End Times Prophecy Headlines: May 18-19, 2013

End Times Prophecy Report: Headlines, News Commentary
Bible Prophecy in Today’s headlines

End Times Prophecy Report
May 18-19, 2013

Average U.S. retirement age keeps rising -Retirement age may not be higher when there is no more Social Security–but it will seem to be…

‘Crazy Ants’ driving out Fire Ants in the Southeast USA

North Korea Launches 3 Short-Range Missiles

Huge Rock Crashes into Moon, Causes Tremendous Explosion – (h/t:E) NASA has been ‘monitoring’ the moon of eight years?!?  “Doesn’t that sound weird?”  Yes, it does–for any number of reasons.  But then, everything about the USA, NASA and the moon sounds weird when you take a step back and think about it.

Diagnosing bi-polar in kids: The DSM5’s controversial update

IRS Scandal threatens basic integrity of our government – Winner of “Most Unbelievably Hilarious” Award.  At the highest levels,  there is no basic integrity in the US federal government any longer.
IRS asked pro-life group about content of their prayers – The equation of perpetual perversity: “That which was perverse yesterday is news today and becomes routine tomorrow.”

It’s all part of the Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan.  These are the six steps:

  1. Some practice so offensive that it can scarcely be discussed in public is advocated by a RESPECTED expert in a RESPECTED forum.
  2. At first, the public is shocked, then outraged.
  3. But, the VERY FACT that such a thing could be publicly debated becomes the SUBJECT of the debate.
  4. In the debate, sheer repetition of the shocking subject gradually dulls its effect.
  5. People then are no longer shocked.
  6. No longer outraged, people begin to argue for positions to moderate the extreme; or, they accept the premise, challenging, instead, the means to ACHIEVE it.

When you think about it, every perversity of the last 60 years has followed this model to achieve widespread public acceptance in the USA (homosexual ‘marriage, abortion on demand, the welfare state, drug legalization, the state raising children instead of parents, many of the doctrines now being taught in churches, eliminating the name of Jesus in public, etc).

There will never be a lack of those who want to be on the “cutting edge of societal change.”  These people are the ones who implement step #1.  The tightly-controlled Corporate Media (including the ‘Christian’ mass media) accomplish #3 and #4.  The compromising, go-along-to-get-along American public–and particularly the compromising Church–eventually shrug their shoulders and complete the process.

Russia reveals identity of CIA chief in Moscow – Why there should be “gentlemen’s agreements” between two bitter enemies always mystified this writer.  This pinning the tail on the Moscow CIA chief just violated one of those agreements, however…

NYC Mayor Bloomberg: Average students should skip college and become plumbers and earn the same money without the debt – Finally!  Something Bloomberg said with which I can agree.

“A lot of critics are now comparing President Obama to President Nixon. The good news for Obama? At least he’s no longer being compared to President Carter.”
–Jay Leno

Want to know how the economy is REALLY doing?  Check out Wal-Mart’s revenues – The economy’s pending collapse is no longer a news item.  The elites have schemed for so long to take down the American economy.  At some point, it had to bear its rotten fruit.  That time is now.

The downside of digital multi-tasking – It makes people slower on the uptake.  When you take a step back and think about it: how can this NOT be true?  Who are the best at digital multi-tasking?  The attention-span-challenged youth generation.  Yet, the critical thinking skills of this group are abysmal.

Critical thinking has been programmed out of education by the public schools over the last 60 years.  This accounts for why our elders were much better at picking up on basic deceptions than later American generations. To avoid a public outcry over the state of this generation’s non-education, proficiency at non-skills like playing video games, manipulating an iPhone or holding one’s breath were substituted for math and English composition.

Stock market hits another record high – Yep–as long as they keep printing those little slips of green paper they call dollars.  It’s  called “inflation.”

In related news, t-bone steaks and ground chuck roast have also hit record highs!


So, you thought only the USA had outrageous bands?

(Video) The Leningrad Cowboys and the Red Russian Army Choir: Sweet Home Alabama – 3.7 million viewers can’t be all wrong. From a 1994 performance.  Finland’s got talent!
(Video) The Leningrad Cowboys and the Red Russian Army Choir: Delilah – Leningrad Cowboys performing with the Russian Army Choir was a (fairly successful) attempt to show the world that the Russian Army was not out to conquer the world any more.  From the video’s notes: “Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Red Army Choir has continued performing, entertaining audiences both inside and outside Russia.”

…and if you believe that last one, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Utah for sale…


4.4 Earthquake in Ontario felt in Detroit – Should read “4.4 earthquake in Ontario felt in what’s left of Detroit”…

Most Americans: I’m Immune from Disaster – We’ll see.

What’s worse than this headline is the truly sad realization that those MOST devastated by disaster are those who believe they will not have to face disaster; i.e., the unprepared…

Two Alaskan volcanoes at risk of eruption, exploding lava flows

Sinkhole shuts down Georgia highway lanes

Monster sinkhole swallows car in China

Volcano spews lava hundreds of feet into the air in Alaska

Dark, massive asteroid to fly by Earth on May 31 – Another chunk of rock comes close to the earth.  How many does that make over the last 12 months?

Earthquake: 4.4 quake strikes near Rio Dell California

30% of Bees wiped out in last year: Collapse of global food supply feared

Supreme Court sides with Monsanto over farmers – If you were expecting any other decision, you may want to check your “delusion” meter…

Hungary destroys all Monsanto GMO corn fields – Interesting to see what happens to Hungary…

Conn. Governor: If we don’t take people’s guns, more people will commit suicide – Like common criminals, the political elite never will run out of reasons for the illegal things they do.

World’s efforts to stop Iran’s nukes haven’t been very successful – Winner of the coveted “No kidding?” Award

CDC: 1 in 5 kids in USA has a mental health disorder – Paving the way for more drugs, more control, more government intervention

40-year-old Mother is six months pregnant by son–and plans to marry him – Days of Noah, Days of Lot, Days of our Lives…

“Tonight was the finale of the lowest-rated season in “American Idol” history. You could tell the show was in trouble when they said, “The winner is what’s-her-face.””
–Jimmy Fallon

Radioactive leak found at Palisades Nuclear Power Plant

Banks turn down porn stars over “moral issues” – VERY hard to believe.  Who knew bankers had “moral issues?”

by Jeremiah J. Jameson

with Mondo Frazier

End Times Prophecy Headlines: May 17, 2013

End Times Prophecy Report: Headlines, News Commentary
Bible Prophecy in Today’s headlines

End Times Prophecy Report
May 17, 2013

Pat Robertson tells wife of cheating husband to be grateful of marriage and make the home enticing (video) – (h/t:E) An abominably false teacher.  Notice how Robertson justifies adultery with material possessions.  (Does he provide a good home?  Clothing?  Food to eat, etc?)

This article does a good job documenting that this is only the latest in a long, long list of Robertson transgressions against Christianity.

In January, Robertson told viewers that “awful-looking” women can cause marriages to lose their spark.

Similarly, in 2010 the host advised a woman complaining about her husband’s flirtatious ways not to “hassle him about it” and just make herself as attractive as possible.

He also once told a husband upset that his wife didn’t respect him that he could always just “become a Muslim and you could beat her.”

“”I hate Alzheimer’s. It is one of the most awful things, because here’s the loved one — this is the woman or man that you have loved for 20, 30, 40 years, and suddenly that person is gone … I know it sounds cruel, but if he’s going to do something, he should divorce her and start all over again, but to make sure she has custodial care, somebody looking after her.” (The 700 Club, Sept. 13, 2011)”

Pat Robertson’s words brings reproach to the name of Christ.

Report: 10,700 Men Raped in the U.S. Military – No wonder the Pentagon was so anxious to bring open homosexuality into the barracks…

Pentagon recognizes transgender service members for first time in ‘symbolic’ move for LGBT community – Our military has become a hollow shell–except when taking on unarmed civilians.  But stories like this demonstrate that it was a consciously planned process–not one that just “happened.”

Israel tells Russia they will wipe out Syria if Assad attacks
Netanyahu to Putin: missile sales to Syria causing War to happen – Everyone is playing their parts
Showdown: Israel hints at new air strikes on weapons in Syria: Assad warns of immediate reprisals
Report: Russia sends Assad ‘ship killing missile’  – Hard for the plot to get much thicker…
EXPOSED: Angelina Jolie part of a clever corporate scheme to protect billions in BRCA gene patents, influence Supreme Court decision (opinion) – Without digging in and doing some massive research, can’t really say how much validity this has.  BUT, it does bring some sense to the TOTALLY-senseless story of Angelina Jolie’s senseless self-mutilation.  The entire premise for that action smelled.  But, as Jolie is part of the world-warped culture of MK entertainment, the announcement earlier this week caused more shoulder shrugs than determinations to dig into the actual facts of the story…

The Creepy Technology that allows ??? to utilize webcams the power to see faces, age, gender and more – Upon discovering this, there will always be those who shrug their shoulders and ask “so what?”  It’s suspected that these will be the first ones targeted by those who are to come…

Texas tornadoes kill 6, 14 missing

10 tornadoes–including one a MILE WIDE–wreak havoc on Fort Worth

One million flee Bangladesh cyclone

Two ‘known or suspected’ terrorists vanished from witness program – Isn’t that the purpose of witness protection programs?

World Health Organization reports first patient-nurse spread of new SARS-like virus – pestilences

Justice Dept. also tapped the House of Representatives’ cloak room

Half the USA dead after EMP attack? – Pick a number and we’ll make it happen!

“In a new interview, Joe Biden says he spends four or five hours every day with President Obama. In response, Obama said hiring that Obama impersonator was the best decision he’s ever made.”

Boston bomber left note in boat saying Boston was payback for Afghanistan – Just Discovered!  How Convenient!  Next on CNN!

Saudi Arabia sentences men to prison, lashes for women for Converting to Christianity

Governor orders Bibles returned to state parks – What should prove worrying: that the governor even thought of his action in the first place.  Sign of the times…

Is there a morale crisis in the U.S. nuclear force? – There is a morale crisis almost everywhere one looks these days–except in the heart that has Jesus.

Fukushima fallout threat continues – Duh?  How could it not continue?  Nothing to alter the situation has taken place since the event occurred…

Coup: U.S. military grants itself ‘right’ to deploy domestically without president or Congressional authority – Planned.  Everyone pretends this is legal–and so, it IS legal…

Eagle is upside down on White House Twitter Account

Question: Why is the guy in the video–supposedly a Christian–wearing a Gothic Cross around his neck?  There are Christians  who sport these crosses on their cars and bumpers and elsewhere.  Most do it out of ignorance, but some…?!?  As someone stated when the cross was pointed out, “Isn’t that the Satanic cross?”  Not exactly–but it will do in a pinch…

Pictures of Gothic Crosses
Meaning of Various Crosses – Because–as it says–you do “not have to worry about someone mistaking your gothic cross tattoo for a Christian tattoo.”
64% Think It Would Be Bad If Only Government Had Guns

30% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction – Once you start reporting on the fake polls, it’s kinda like eating peanuts: hard to stop with only one…

“The most notable thing to come out of the trial is that O.J. has put on a lot of weight in prison.  He’s hoping if he’s granted a retrial they’ll let him serve the remainder of his sentence under Waffle House arrest.”
–Jimmy Kimmel

(Video) Immortals, Time Travelers or Reincarnation? – Well worth the 5 minutes 23 seconds spent watching.  Since the Bible rules out reincarnation and human immortality, that only leaves “time travelers.”  However, a choice not presented is “descendents from the same bloodline.”  ?

Barack Obama’s Top Ten Insults against Britain: 2013 Edition – Even taking into account that Obama is little more than a puppet frontman, this list is still breath-taking…

Obama calls in Marines to shield him from the Rain – Great example of the distracting non-story that fills the contemporary corporate media.  What made this story interesting: The picture of Obama at the top of the article.  Is he aging right before America’s eyes?  OR, is he being made to APPEAR like he’s aging right before our eyes?  The White House has a full staff dedicated to the way the President appears in public.  Nothing escapes their notice.  LIKE HOLLYWOOD–that Ultimate City of Deception–If the president is looking visibly older and more haggard, it’s because he is made up to appear that way.

Another Abortion House of Horrors in Texas? – The “drip-drip-drip” approach of ‘exposing’ something.  At this rate, it would take a few centuries to uncover and “expose” the various house of horrors that kill babies in the USA.  This is the method used by a group to solicit lots of money from supporters–while at the same time making almost NO difference in the real world against the problem for which the money was supposedly solicited. .

Many advocacy groups do this.  The effectiveness of such groups can be seen when crunch time comes.  Millions of dollars flow through their coffers and yet, nothing of substance is ever accomplished in the field in which they labor.  YET they always need more money–a LOT MORE–for the next election cycle.  What a scam…

Christian leader gunned down by Islamic militants in Nigeria

“A town in Minnesota has appointed a 4-year-old boy to be its mayor. People got pretty annoyed when he said his first plan was “waising taxes.””
Jimmy Fallon

NASCAR legend Dick Trickle commits suicide – Picture of Trickle emphasizes the beauty of NASCAR.  A ‘sport’ that plasters the names of Corporations over the bodies of its drivers they have bought and paid for to become human billboards.  The only competitive enterprise that so far has been able to get away with such a practice.  This is why NASCAR is the envy of the NBA, NHL–even the NFL to a certain extent. Looking for the day when Monsanto sponsors a NASCAR driver running the “Delicious Frankenfood” car…

New Summer Movie: White House Down (video) – Apparently, there’s an attack on Washington DC (Capitol and the White House) and Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx ride to the rescue.  No word on who the bad guys are…

White House Down trailer: We’ve seen this somewhere before, haven’t we?

China announced it will no longer buy recycled trash from the U.S. I don’t have a joke here. I’d just like to give a round of applause to whatever genius has been selling trash to China.”

US Banks threatened by China if they back DISH’s bid for Sprint?!? – Whatever.  They’ll never run out of reasons for why something will happen…

More Police in Schools means more arrests for kids – Ah, the joys of childhood in our federal-financed educational gulag…

Smart phones make facial recognition searches as easy as Google searches for data – Like crack cocaine, some technology is so pleasing to the user that it continues to be indulged–regardless of the consequences. Your name and picture are not only big business, they’re Big Brother’s…

Toxic arsenic found in 90% of chicken meat – It’s believable about the arsenic.  What’s a little hard to swallow is the reason.   What is completely, totally unbelievable is that the FDA–and other so-called “federal watchdogs” aren’t completely complicit.  Notice that the article just breezes right by that fact–one small paragraph.  The article sums up this situation by claiming “This is a vote for ‘organic’.”  No, it’s another vote for “Our country has become the property of criminal enterprises.”

Scientist proves DNA can be programmed by SoundUSA’s 2012 Bill for Weather Clean-up more than roads or education


by Jeremiah J. Jameson

with Mondo Frazier

End Times Prophecy Headlines: May 16, 2013

End Times Prophecy Report: Headlines, News Commentary
Bible Prophecy in Today’s headlines

End Times Prophecy Report
May 16, 2013

Israel ‘will bring down Assad’ if he retaliates for future airstrikes – Just yesterday, the Russians warned Israel off Syria.  Israel-Syria looks to be the tinderbox of the coming Middle Eastern WWIII

Russian Pacific Fleet Warships Enter Mediterranean For First Time In Decades, Will Dock In Cyprus

Six Dead, Dozens Injured From Massive Texas Tornado

Experiment brings Human Cloning one step closer – Should read “…one step closer to public disclosure

Human Eggs for Sale? An article in April New England Journal of Medicine calls for a federal commodity market for human embryos – The call of the market to deal in ‘made-to-order’ embryos

Useful Dog Tricks #3 (video) – (h/t:L) Also titled “A dog and his best friend”

57% Want IRS Offenders Jailed or Fired – Apparently 43% believe that it’s okay to use the IRS as a weapon against those who disagree with the president.

Obama: Acting IRS commissioner has resigned – This highlights the new “pretend justice.”  Someone resigns and it’s pretended that’s the ultimate punishment–and no more is required of the criminals.  I wonder if the IRS would go along with that for people who mess up on their taxes?  “We promise not to do that anymore!”

Not even good for dog food: imported food from China loaded with chemicals, dyes, pesticides and fake ingredients

“First it was Benghazi, then the IRS scandal, and now this phone records scandal. Remember the old days when President Obama’s biggest embarrassment was Joe Biden? What happened to those days?”
–Jay Leno

Montgomery County MD asks residents to hand over their guns

Lesbian parents turn 11-year-old boy into girl

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Shooting Probably Took Place North of Altoona – Have to admit: there are plenty of interesting pix on this Bigfoot site…

Four updates to the Bigfoot shooting story

Poll: 61% say “no” to guns in homes of kids with mental health problems – That would be 100% of homes which have teen of today’s culture in them…  How about “NO” to homes which have anyone in them who makes up fake polls?

Men who are physically strong are more likely to be conservative right-wingers

“In [just-published novel] “Inferno” it turns out that the epic poem “Dante’s Inferno” is a set of clues. In “Dante’s Inferno,” Satan isn’t red and he doesn’t have a tail or pitchfork. But that makes sense. Why does Satan need a pitchfork? Is he doing a lot of farming down there?  The classic red-pitchfork devil didn’t appear until the 17th century, in John Milton’s “Paradise Lost.” I know what you’re thinking: “Oh, here we go. Another late-night talk show host going on about Elizabethan poets.””
–Craig Ferguson

4.0 Earthquake Gives Los Angeles Area A ‘Real Good Jolt’

40% Think U.S. Elections Are Fair, 41% Do Not  – Hard to imagine this poll number 20 years ago.  Of course, considering how believable poll numbers are, the latter number could be 81% instead of 41%…

Judge suppresses free speech of Christians over threat of Muslim Violence – They’ll never run out of reasons why they are doing something…

Bible Belief down despite hit mini-series The Bible – (h/t:L) After reviewing the mini-series, maybe the headline ought to read “Bible belief down because of the hit mini-series”?

Woman uses Bible to beat another woman

Eagle Is Upside Down On White House Twitter Page Video

House to take up student loan fix – Some “fix”:  rates will climb higher and loans will cost students more in the long run–but it looks better at first.  House Republicans plan to turn Uncle Sam into Uncle LoanShark (even more than he is now)…

“Officials in Belize say that a construction company accidentally destroyed a set of Mayan ruins that were 2,000 years old. Or as the Mayans put it, “Eh, it’s not the end of the world.””
–Jimmy Fallon

IRS criminality proves big government is lawless, unrestrained – As if…

Video: 5 Signs stock market will collapse in 2013 (h/t:E)

Planet reeling from a swarm of earthquakes over last 72 hours:

Billy Graham Evangelic Assn. targeted by IRS – The media continues to perpetuate the myth of Billy Graham.  What does one call someone who denies Jesus?  Can such a person be called a Christian?  Two interviews where Billy Graham denies that Jesus is the only way.

Video: Billy Graham denies Jesus on Robert Schuller
Video: Billy Graham denies Jesus on Larry King

Venezuela is running out of toilet paper – Typical slow news day fare…

Venezuela hopes to wipe out toilet paper shortage by importing 50m rolls Minister blames shortage on ‘excessive demand caused by media campaign generated to disrupt the country’

Alaska’s Pavlof Volcano rumbles- unleashes 20,000 ft cloud of ash

Massive underwater volcano discovered off the coast of southeast Alaska

by Jeremiah J. Jameson

End Times Prophecy Headlines: May 15, 2013

End Times Prophecy Report: Headlines, News Commentary
Bible Prophecy in Today’s headlines

End Times Prophecy Report
May 15, 2013

IRS tells pro-life ministry to promote Abortion

Record cold in the Midwest, Northeast – As someone–who doesn’t spend a lot of time pursuing the ‘news’–put it just today, “Look outside.  There’s something wrong with the weather.  And it’s been this way for awhile!”

1939 Jay-Z photo and celebrity look-alikes from the Past – (h/t:E) Proof that “conspiracy talk” about elite bloodlines might be true?  Especially check out Nicholas Cage pix.  This is not the first time photos of Cage and past look-alikes have been published…

“I was going to start off tonight with an Obama joke, but I don’t want to get audited by the IRS, so forget that.”
–Jay Leno

Jerusalem family Tattooing Pilgrims for Centuries – (h/t:E)  Hmmm…

The decline of the Colorado River – One of the main rivers of the Western USA is a mere shadow of its former self.  Of course, they’ve been trying to kill this river for some time…

Doctors to man who beheaded bus passenger: You Need to Get out More – Life is cheap–and getting cheaper by the day–in our Culture of Death…

Most Magical Cave in the Entire World? – Pretty impressive set of pix with this article.  Even creation testifies of the Creator…

“O.J. Simpson is back in court today. He’s trying to get himself a new trial. He was tossed into prison for a long time for stealing his own sports memorabilia. Double homicide, nothing. Stealing sports memorabilia, 30 years to life.   O.J. is trying to get a new trial. His lawyer said, “Look, O.J., we’ve been through this before. It’s a long shot.” And O.J. said, “You know what? I think I’ll take a stab at it.””
–David Letterman

Rolling Stone: “Mass release of floating radioactive particles in metro St. Louis” possible from inferno at landfill? Fire “smells like dead bodies” — 8,700 tons of nuclear waste nearby – (h/t:E) Underground fire has been burning nearly 2 years near St. Louis.  Judge said to be “considering plan” about what to do about it.  It’s fairly close to almost 9000 tons of nuclear waste.  Could be like “one giant dirty bomb” according to one expert…

Parents: British schoolgirl murdered by health care workers in India in order to harvest her organs – Culture of Death…

11-year-old Chinese girl found wandering on street with mouth sewn shut – “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”  Matthew 18:6

Question: In California, you can not take a picture of a man with a wooden leg.  Why not?  (h/t:L) Answer at bottom of page.

“Dead” Man wakes up at own funeral as mourners are paying respects – obviously there was no embalming…

Florida quietly shortens yellow light time in traffic lights resulting in more red light traffic camera tickets – That’s one way to make up tax shortfalls…

“Why do supermarkets make sick people walk all the way to the back of the store to pick up their prescriptions while healthy people can buy their cigarettes at the front? (h/t:T)

81% Think Immigrants From Countries with Terrorist Ties Should Be Screened More Closely – This means nearly 1 in 5 think immigrants from countries with terrorist ties SHOULD NOT be screened more closely?!?

STUDY: Border still open – One of those famous “dog bites man” studies.

Mormon canneries east of the Mississippi to close beginning in June

Exploding Manholes set cars on fire, cut power in Brooklyn

“On Friday, a truck in Ohio overturned on a highway and spilled hundreds of hot dogs. It got even more annoying when another truck came along and spilled two less buns.”
–Jimmy Fallon

Putin again warns Netanyahu hands off Syria

Mexican volcano looks like it’s ready to blow

Mexico’s ‘Popo’ volcano spews ash, molten rock

On Alaska Peninsula, another volcano awakens

“A new study says by 2030 household robots will dominate every phase of our lives. The study says the No. 1 field for robot growth is medicine. That makes sense. Robots already perform well in surgery. That is, until there is a power outage. Then it’s just a coat rack leaning over you as you bleed to death.”

–Craig Ferguson

The Six Healthiest foods you’re probably not eating – (h/t:L)

Convicted Abortion Doc gets life in prison

FBI opens probe of IRS – Fox Guarding Hen House ALERT #1.  Why not just have the Justice Dept. do the ‘investigation?’  Oh, wait… the FBI is part of the Justice Department…

Wal-Mart steps up inspections of factories in Bangladesh, remains ‘elusive’ – Fox Guarding Hen House ALERT #2

“Why don’t we ever see the headline, “Psychic wins Lottery?” – (h/t:T)

Facebook Scam Alert: What really happens when you ‘like’ – The temptation to write “absolutely nothing” was overwhelming…

IRS asked for Facebook posts, reading lists and thoughts

Syrian rebels battle Assad’s troops near Damascus

Associated Press gets the Obama treatment

Britain hit by snow, 65-mph winds and a town gets a month’s rain in one day

“It could probably be shown through facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except for Congress.”
–Mark Twain 1885

Document: IRS ordered conservative educational group to turn over a list of high school students they trained

Chem-trail pilot writes “LAST CHANCE” above New York City with his jet (video) – At least he has a sense of humor…

China conducts test of new anti-satellite weapons

Syrian Civil War: Not Just about Syria – Next on CNN: Is it really dangerous to juggle chainsaws?

A Tampa taco restaurant has pulled lion meat tacos from the menu due to protests from animal rights activists. However, lions announced today they will continue eating humans whenever they get the chance.”
–Jay Leno

Pentagon unilaterally grants itself power over ‘civil disturbances’

Hezbollah to open ‘new front’ in Golan Heights

Gog and Magog, Protectors of London

NIGERIA’S NEW BIOMETRIC ID cards double as ATM cards

“Don’t go to God for forgiveness of sins, come to me.”
–pope John Paul II, in the Los Angeles Times, December 12, 1984

Judge goes off deep end to suppress Christians

UK residents baffled by sudden appearance of ‘bubble storm cloud formation’

Massachusetts police investigate reservoir trespassing by foreigners

More Horror: Babies’ heads twisted off

Amazon launches own currency: Coins – Does the world really need another penny?

Q: In California you can not take a picture of a man with a wooden leg.  Why not?
Answer: Because you would need a camera to take a man’s picture, not a wooden leg.

by Jeremiah J. Jameson

with Mondo Frazier

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