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The new, corrupted Bible translations are a popular topic–as they should be.  However, the subject of the new translations and their obvious corruption has served as a Trojan horse for other corruptions.


New World Order Bible Versions (2014) February 2014

Director: Paul Wittenburg
Framing the World Productions
Writer: Steven L. Anderson
Stars: Steven L. Anderson, Roger Jimenez, Joel Lampe
Time: 1:46:45
Website: New World Order Bible Versions – Order DVD

This writer cannot quite remember how he came across New World Order Bible Versions, but the documentary was compelling enough that it was watched completely through–twice!–on the first sitting.

Here are a few thoughts about this project.

(VIDEO) New World Order Bible VersionsAre there problems with the King James Version?  Sure there are.  Maybe a dozen verses or so could use mending/re-translating.  But the solution was NOT to create the demonic new versions which chop a couple dozen verses and turn the original meaning of hundreds of other passages completely on their heads.  Along the way, the modern versions, with their notes and footnotes, turn the Word of God into a sort of loose-leaf Cliff’s Notes.  When a Bible version is “updated” and changed every couple of years, it casts doubt: does the Word of God change every couple of years?

This video has some valuable information on the “easy-to-read” versions.

Some may say “I don’t believe this.” Do your own research; it’s not hidden.

Don’t assume that because you use a particular version, it’s not corrupted because YOU use it.

Apostate American Church: Sanctification through Participation

NOTES: The film has issues–especially when it strays from its claimed purpose. There are other narratives behind the alleged purpose of this video.  Here are a few of those narratives (which may not be evident to every reader):

  1. Makes the deceptive claim that the New World Order (obviously evil, obviously occult, obviously of the devil) is the end-all of the end times before Jesus returns.  It is not.  The NWO is a deceptive distraction; a sham; a clever ruse which will rise up and then be sacrificed in order to usher in the man of sin–who will use the apostasized Church as his base–and who will be cheered on by the vast majority of those inhabiting the American Church.
  2. Confusing the Word of God (a Christian’s spiritual weapon) with guns (earthly weapons).  This comes at the 23 minute mark when, after talking about Satan disarming Christians by altering the Bible, the film subtly begins talking of gun control and how many people have died because of earthly disarmament. Instead of focusing on Jesus and our spiritual warfare, the confused message becomes: don’t let anyone take your guns.  This reinforces a theme of giving Christians reasons to rebel against civil authority (totally contrary to the Word of God).
  3. At the 1:10:00 mark, the film AGAIN attacks the notion that Christians are to submit to the civil authorities even if those authorities are persecuting Christians. [1 Peter 2:13-14]  The film is another in a long line of attacks against Romans 13, though it does not address the other six or seven Bible verses which echo Romans 13:1-8.
  4. IN conjunction with attacking Romans 13, the film elevates the US constitution to a level with the Bible. The film gives away one of its deceptive narratives by the amount of time it spends corrupting the clear message of Romans 13.
  5. The film claims that modern corrupted versions promote a “falling away.”  That may or may not be.  More likely, the new corrupted versions are a SYMPTOM of an apostasized Church which values ease of reading over the truth.  It’s a matter of history that modern corrupted versions of the Bible have sprung up over the last 140 years or so.

All that being said, the film does have its pluses.  It features a variety of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The film does have a great clip of pretender George W Bush, saying (about 59:30) there is more than one way to heaven and that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. That short 30-seconds should be enough to convince any Christian that George W Bush is not nor ever has been a Christian.

There are also clips of Billy Graham essentially saying the same thing. Of course, Graham has his very unbiblical doctrine of “knowing Christ, whether you are conscious of it or not.” An audio clip of Joel Osteen’s brand of non-Christianity is included as well.

The film presents Dr. James White as a “Bible scholar/expert.”  The errors scattered among White’s work are legion–and that word is not used without reason.  In one scene, White uses one of the favorite smokescreens of deceivers: deception is about money–not about deceiving the world as the Bible clearly states–it’s about making money from deception.

These are two very different things.  Although there are quick-buck artists who make merchandise of God’s Word, one may be tempted to evaluate deception by whether a profit motive is present or not.  This is non-biblical.  The man of sin and the dragon both engage in deception that has NOTHING to do with making a quick buck.

White also promotes the lie that “information equals truth.”  Jesus repeatedly warned of end times deception.  Yet Daniel 12:4 says of the end times that “knowledge shall be increased.” More knowledge has nothing to do with fighting deception, as White suggests.

One of the narrators in the film makes the statement “I believe the King James Version is the Word of God and is without error.”  This is demonstrably untrue and sets up a straw man for proponents of modern corrupted versions to easily knock down.  The KJV does have errors (most notably the error in translation of 2 Cor 5:21).

The film points out the dangers of the New King James Version.

The film also points to the churches being filled with “unsaved people.”

The comments section on the video at YouTube (4747 comments as of this writing) is a good sample of the inane “KJV vs the World” dialectic. The KJV has faults.  It is not inspired. It is not “without error.”  Anyone who says so is selling something.

The corrupted versions (NIV, NKJV, ESV, etc) are corrupted–badly in many cases.  Believers have the Word of God.  Every translation has passed through the hands of men.  Men are fallible.

“Study to show thyself approved unto God”
2 Timothy 2:15

Regardless of the Bible version, the believer is commanded to study the Word of God.

Back to New World Order Bible Versions.

Steven Anderson seems likeable enough. However, there are a number of characters in the film using satanic hand signs, which is a good indication of who ultimately controls this production.

So why link to it?

The film gives a lot of good information about modern corrupted versions.  IF the reader is aware of the caveats, it can be used for the Christian’s edification–IF the reader wants to pick through the minefield of errors and underlying narratives to find the bits of truth scattered about it’s story line.

EVALUATION – A very mixed bag, as all “Christian” productions are these days. Better than many, but this is not for those who have not been warned before watching.

[Much of this article originally appeared in End Times Prophecy Headlines: November 4, 2014.]


IMBD: New World Order Bible Versions


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