Corporate Media

CORPORATE MEDIA: Bought-and-paid-for disinformation and propaganda, labeled as "news" and produced by a Gang of Stooges.
CORPORATE MEDIA: Bought-and-paid-for disinformation and propaganda, labeled as “news” and entertainment;  produced by a Gang of Stooges for the New World Order.





There are six corporations who control the flow of most of the information in the United States of America (General Electric, News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS).

These six corporations control 90% of all media in the USA

1 General Electric – Comcast, NBC, Universal Pictures, Focus Features, MSNBC

2 News Corp – Fox, Wall Street Journal, New York Post

3 Disney – ABC, ESPN, Pixar, Miramax, Marvel Studios

4 Viacom – MTV, Nick Jr, BET, CMT, Paramount Pictures

5 Time Warner – CNN, HBO, TIME, Warner Brothers, Time-Warner Cable

6 CBS – Showtime, Smithsonian Channel,, Jeopardy, Simon & Schuster

What is the Corporate Media?

“”Corporate media” is a term which refers to a system of mass media production, distribution, ownership, and funding which is dominated by corporations and their CEOs. It is sometimes used as a term of derision to indicate a media system which does not serve the public interest in place of the mainstream media or “MSM,” which tends to be used by both the political left and the right as a derisive term.”

Just what are some of the “derisive terms” used to describe the Corporate Media?

Mainstream Media, Lamestream Media, Corporate Mainstream Media (CMM), Drive-by Media, mass media, No-Nothing Media, Stooge Media, old media, new media, Corporate Alternate Media, traditional media, bought-and-paid-for media, propaganda media, DISINFO (disinformation) media.

And our personal favorite: Satan’s Mouthpiece.

CORPORATE MEDIA STOOGES: All your media are belong to us

What does the Corporate Media do?

Most Americans think that the Corporate Media provides “news” to readers, listeners and subscribers.

This is false.

What the Corporate Media provides is a steady stream of “narratives” about why certain pre-programmed or planned events have happened.

The 24/7 cable news channels and the Alphabet Networks Newscasts (ABC, CBS, NBC) provide explanations. Any real information or non-propaganda provided is purely coincidental.

Some viewers or readers may think that the Corporate Media sometimes “slips up” and real information is mistakenly aired.

This is false.

Every minute of airtime; every inch of newsprint is accounted and scheduled. Any “mistakes” (such as the 2004 Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show controversy) are planned in advance.

Americans are brainwashed into thinking that they have the “world’s freest press.”

However, many Americans can no doubt remember a story that NO CORPORATE MEDIA would cover. The John Edwards Scandal, from December 2007 until July 2008 is one example. No one word was printed or broadcast about this scandal for 10 months.

This included the Corporate Alternative Media as well–which has been presented as an alternative “new media” to the old, discredited media.

With so much of the informational superstructure in the hands of so few, Americans are presented a variety of narratives to tell them why things are the way they are.

This extends to sporting events, which have a separate set of media properties churning out narratives for each team. Most Americans recognize this going on in the world of pro wrestling, but it covers other professional “entertainment” sporting events as well.

The Corporate Media is the main conduit for government disinformation, propaganda and distractions.

These are labeled as “news” and the viewing and reading public consider this elaborately-constructed alternate reality as, in fact, reality.

The guess is that this consolidating trend in media will continue until all media is under the control of a central “Ministry of Propaganda” or some such government agency.

NOTE: Many have wondered at the sheer mendacity and duplicity of the Corporate Media.  Many are awakening to the truth that nothing published by the media can be trusted.

Though secularists will surely disagree, the Corporate Media is Satan’s mouthpiece: dedicated to lies and “cunningly devised fables;” devoted to spinning narratives and spreading deception.

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
John 8:44

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Corporate Media
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