End Times Prophecy Headlines: August 16, 2013

End Times Prophecy Report Headlines: Bible prophecy in Today's headlines.
Bible prophecy in Today’s headlines.

End Times Prophecy Report
August 16, 2013

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Death Toll in Cairo over 600CHAOS!

Hoekstra: Mideast ‘Ablaze’ While US Has ‘Little Credibility’ in RegionCHAOS! Well, it certainly took the USA long enough!  It shouldn’t be long now…

Lindsey Graham: Egypt Cannot Become Failed State – Uh oh.  Since Lindsay Graham is almost always universally wrong about everything that matters, this is the famous “Graham Kiss of Death” over Egypt…

Syrian rebels McCain supports executes young boys – One of Graham’s partners-in-crime in the USA’s Middle Eastern  CHAOS Machine is John McCain…

Iraq in grave danger of unraveling, as sectarian violence spreads- 34 killed in latest bomb blastCHAOS!

Syrian War Fueling Attacks by Al Qaeda in Iraq, Officials Say – 2 narratives in one: 1- explaining the new Chaos! in Iraq and 2- promoting  “al Qaeda is coming!”  No wonder those guys at the NY Times get the big bucks…

At Least 3 Killed in Blast in South Beirut Suburbs – Ongoing CHAOS!

Nelson Mandela Dies, Greed Lives On [Video] – Back to the Mandela Death Watch…

Is ObamaCare a stepping stone to Government-controlled Health Care? – Do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?  Do the fine fellows at Fox News sometimes write articles as inside jokes?

After Grisly Mosque Attack, Nigeria’s Boko Haram  Muslim Terrorist Group Calls Out Secret Undercover Muslim President Obama – Just kidding about the “secret undercover Muslim President.”  Long-time readers know that he’s as much of a Muslim as Bill Clinton.

Million Muslim March planned for DC on 9/11

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer
WAS THIS PHOTO CHOPPED? Obama in the “situation room.”  Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reggie Love: Obama and I played cards during raid on Osama bin Laden – This is a good example of the use of so-called “gossip” sites to further a lie.  The gossip (Obama’s boy buddy, Reggie Love’s inside scoop) is the bait used to set the hook (lie) in readers (that Osama bin Laden was killed during a recent raid in Pakistan).

This is why gossip sites exist: not to fill readers in on the wrong-doing of celebrities or politicians.   It’s to peddle lies wrapped in the shimmering glaze of insider whispers and tied with a ribbon of dirt.

SEIU Needs Rubio McCain Immigration For Their Illegal Alien Members   –  I saw the headline and thought that perhaps a new human-`hybrid GOP politicians had been created: “Rubio McCain.”  Ghastly!

CORRECTION (h/t:T): Our headline from yesterday: Israel has plans for nuclear attack on Israel – This article is from January 2007.

Of course, it should have read “Israel has plans for nuclear attack on IRAN!”

Thank goodness for sharp-eyed readers!

25% of Americans eligible for Food Stamps don’t collect them – Some people will do anything to get out of work–including not signing up for Food Stamps!

55% Believe that there are too many Americans in Prison – Be interesting to see what this number is when the FEMA camps kick into gear!

Gallup: Obama’s Approval on the Economy Plummets to 35% – Sounds high to this writer…

ObamaCare Provision: Forced Home Inspections  – But only if your family is HIGH-RISK!  What’s high risk?  Tobacco users, mom under 21, ex-service members, kids not achieving well in school, etc…

Land of the Free!

The Eptome of governmental hypocrisy : Old court documents claim NSA was implementing phone harvesting program before September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Tornado Tech: How drones can help with Twister Science – OF COURSE!  Next up: a piece on how a TSA pat-down can help your feelings of being ignored.

“The makers of drones want the media to stop calling their unmanned aircrafts ‘drones.’ They don’t like the name drones. The manufacturers said, we prefer the term ‘surprise visitor. –Conan

COCA-COLA defending safety of Aspartame in new commercials!

American Style Christianity – I whack “Coach Dave” when he’s usually preaching rebellion; it’s only fair that I commend him when he changes direction and holds up the prosperity gospel to ridicule.  However, “Coach Dave’s” opening was not encouraging.

I didn’t “go to church” last Sunday.

I made the decision that I would rather spend some time at home reading my Bible than go down the street to the local social club. I’m glad I didn’t go.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that it is imperative that we “assemble ourselves together” and that the fellowship of the saints is important. But I find so much of American Christianity is shallow, and as a result, so many American Christian Biblical understanding is shallow as well.

American-style Christianity is different from any other Christianity that you will find anywhere.

Government admits Area 51 exists – Kinda hard to deny a place that has “NO TRESPASSING!  Lethal Force Authorized” signs posted all the way around it…

One iPhone uses more electricity than a refrigerator – Only if you turn it on…

Facebook Causes Depression New Study Says – It’s a depressing day for social media…

Facebook wants to be the new PayPal, but it’ll need to earn its users’ trust – Trusting Facebook with your bank account seems a bit risky…

QUAKE: 6.8 New Zealand

New Zealand – 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake 22km S of Blenheim followed by 7 aftershocks ranging from 5.5 to 4.7 Magnitude August 16th , 2013

Tropical storm ERIN forms in the Atlantic

Why Insects Have Gay Sex – Wow!  Even the Insect are homosexual!  Mother Nature is likely a lesbian…

A Magnetic Trick to Define Consciousness – Interesting because many people do not believe that magnetic waves affect brain activity.  Otherwise, you wouldn’t see that many people holding those funny little boxes up to their heads every day…

11 Historical Photos of the Panama Canal – Remember that big ditch the USA used to own?

Three things you can do to stay the course – Wide is the gate…

The Water Cure? – Not only is water the New Gold, it might be the New Cure-All!

(VIDEO) How to coil Cable

KNUCKLE-DRAGGERS: Do YOU use the King James Version?  Another attack on "KJV ."
KNUCKLE-DRAGGERS: Do YOU use the King James Version? Another attack on “KJV.”
[image: ETPR]
Why the King James is Not a Perfect Inspired Translation – A supposed Christian apologist apologizes for the King James Bible.  “It was good for its day.”

Reminds one of emerging church superstar, Rob Bell, who passed the same judgment on God Almighty in a recent video.

Naturally, the author talks manuscripts–NEW!, Improved, better than ever, now with 10% more Truth!–but NOT about why all of the imagined “best” ones mysteriously challenge the divinity of Christ, delete verses and turn others into a mirror image of the originals.

In fact, this self-labeled apologist comes off sounding like your ordinary, run-of-the-mill liberal college professor from the 1970s: There’s more than one way to attack the Bible!

The author starts off by setting up a straw man argument in the headline (“inspired version”) which might be inspired in itself–except that this tactic has become so commonplace among the anti-KJV brigade. 

There is a common united front against the KJV. Ever wonder why there aren’t well-financed, entrenched interests taking on any other version of the Bible except the KJV?

Besides being seemingly well-funded, they are assisted by pseudo-KJV supporters who purposely set up arguments meant for the anti-KJV’ers to knock down.  One of these is Gail Riplinger, an author who initially did good work but quickly delved into error by promoting Bible Codes and setting up ridiculous arguments (such as the KJV being “God-breathed”) meant to be overcome by her imaginary “opponents.”

Unfortunately, many who admired Riplinger’s early work appear as blind to the later errors as those who support the new Bible versions.

Along the way, the author also had the time to support the demotion of 1 John 5:7, the basic scripture supporting the Trinity.

“For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.”

Of course, all of the changes are in the best interests of scholarship and the truth. “We want to study the inspired word not a medieval Catholic’s additions (as in the case of 1 John 5:7 KJV).

The author doesn’t explain how his study changes to match the new editions of God’s “inspired word” every couple of years. And anyone who doesn’t believe as the author does is “misleading” and “trading on fear.”

But really, it’s not the King James Version that’s been under attack: it’s the entire idea of sola scriptura.  Plenty of people are paying it lip service these days while working feverishly to undermine it.

Once scripture is hammered into an “acceptable” new Bible version which supports Rome’s traditions, the attacks on what remains of scripture will cease.

In the end, an apostate Bible for an apostate church is being formed:  perfectly agreeable to pagans, Buddhists, the Roman Catholic hierarchy, Muslims and New Agers.  That Bible version will offer a neutered Jesus, stripped of his Sonship, as well as He being comfortably subject to another coming christ.

Several of the new versions are not all that far from that goal now.

It’s all so transparent, it would be laughable–if it weren’t so sad.  Millions are being led astray by the new gospel being drip-drip-dripped into lazy Christians every two years when God’s word–which is settled in the heavens–somehow changes once more via these new translations.

But it’s all about being so much easier to read and understand!

Sure it is.

And, eventually, someone will answer for it.

All apologies at that point will likely prove useless.

Science confirms that BMW and Prius drivers are the worst

“A new study came out that found the very worst drivers drive a Prius. Apparently, it’s very difficult to drive while patting yourself on the back.”

How the Temperance Movement Almost Killed Root Beer – Oh no!

That 70s Show Star Lisa Robin Kelly Found Dead

Bachelor contestant Gia Allemand Killed by Insecurity–and suicide by hanging  – Do those in the entertainment business make “deals with the devil?”  There are those who think so–and there is no end to the number of entertainers who sing about such deals.  From the article:

“Sources close to the 29 year-old model and actress said that she suffered from her own personal demons.”

Here’s another entertainment figure who seemingly had everything in the world to live for.

Do You Know Jesus?

James DiMaggio ‘Tortured and Killed’ His Best Friend’s Wife and Son, Warrants Reveal – Waxing worse and worse and worse and…

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