End Times Prophecy Headlines: October 17, 2013

End Times Prophecy Report Headlines: Bible prophecy in Today's headlines.
Bible prophecy in Today’s headlines.

End Times Prophecy Report
October 17, 2013

CommentaryAnd OPINION

Shutdown over: House approves Senate budget deal; avoids debt default

Senate leaders announce agreement to end shutdown, raise debt

Senate Debt Deal Weakens Congress on Debt Ceiling – One would think that, at some point, the public would catch on to the con that is being played.

Debt clock ticking, but default damage already unfolding

TED CRUZ: It's a set-up for 2016.
TED CRUZ: It’s a set-up for 2016.

Cruz won’t delay Senate Vote – Of course not.  And the narratives (“the news”) will explain why valiant Ted Cruz, the Champion of the Tea Party and All-That-is-Good-in-America, will be forced to admit the new reality and go along to get along.

The Wall Street Journal article claims that Cruz “…wouldn’t stand in the way of a Senate budget deal that includes none of the major changes to the health-care law that conservatives were seeking.”

It will be explained that the Champ (Cruz) was defeated this time, but that Americans clinging to Cruz as their savior should take heart.

Don’t worry: in 2016, Ted Cruz will stand strong and offer America a SHINING HOPE, a NEW CHANCE, CHANGE! from Obama and Minty Fresh Breath–if only you’ll vote for him for President and help him “clean up Washington DC” and make America safe for democracy once more.

Americans have heard it all before.

But hope springs eternal in the hearts of all those who have placed their faith in the solutions of man.

Do You Know Jesus?

‘TERRIBLE DEAL’ Tea Party lawmakers say budget showdown worth it  – Some call it “spin.”  We call it “narrative” and “following the script.

13 percent say USA headed in right direction – IF this poll is to be believed, this percentage is the true number of Obama supporters left in our fair land.

“Because of the government shutdown, the White House is under attack — by squirrels. They’ve invaded the White House garden because the gardeners were laid off. Michelle Obama planted a garden to show how easy it is to grow your own food. All you need is water, sunlight, and 50 full-time federal employees.”
–Craig Ferguson

“A lot of people got mad when Michelle Obama expanded the White House garden. That just shows you some people don’t know their history. When Eleanor Roosevelt grew a garden, it was a “victory garden.” But when Michelle Obama does it, it’s a “communist plot.”

–Craig Ferguson

Analysis: Washington becomes the biggest risk to the U.S. economyThis story could have been run any day over the last 50 or 60 years and it would have been accurate.

All National Parks Are Closed – Signs put up only eight to ten hours after the government shut down  – (h/t:L)

“Did anyone besides me wonder how they got all those signs printed and distributed far and wide, including to all the national parks and cemeteries overseas only eight to ten hours after the government shut down?  Take a look at this from someone who wanted to remain anonymous.”

Study: Poor children are now the majority in American public schools in South, West  – The rest of the country soon to join them…

News Site held responsible for readers’ comments – As determined by the European Court of Human Rights!

FRENCH POLITICIAN Le Pen: European Union will collapse like Soviet Union – But it will rise from the ashes to form part of the New World Order.  (She didn’t add this last part.)  This is publicizing the narrative ahead of time.

Kenya to microchip every rhino’s horn – Some headlines are creepier than others…

Al Qaeda’s rise in northern Syria leaves Turkey with dilemma – Yeah, like how to explain to your people that your “ally” (the USA) is funding a group that is at war with your people?

International Monetary Fund strongly suggests that countries tax the rich to fix deficit – Note to what’s left of America’s middle class: for tax purposes only, YOU are the new “rich.”

The Coming Food Stamp Riots – By George!  I do believe that a meme has been detected over the last 4-5 days: the coming Food Stamp Riots!

Pope Francis’ Fireman Hat Is Awesome

OOPS!  Training manual leaked showing Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms threatens agents who leak secrets with French-style firing squad

Billionaire Mark Cuban beats Federal rap – Lawlessness: it’s more than a funny concept for the witless.

Franklin Graham: D.C. Politicians “wicked;” USA is “in moral decay” – And who better to know wickedness and moral decay than the son of Billy Graham?

Confirmed: Chase bank drops the hammer on capital controls; no money allowed to transfer out of USA starting Nov. 17th  – (h/t:L)

Photo of couple engaging in public sex act actually picture of rape, female student says – Athens, Ohio is not a large town, but it is a college town.  The police chief is SHOCKED!

NECROMANCY: Forbidden by the Bible, embraced by many Christians.
NECROMANCY: Forbidden by the Bible, embraced by many Christians


A seven-part series of good reading about the inroads that spiritualism, necromancy and the occult have made into the Evangelical churches.  As usual, these practices have been “christianized” so people in the pews can more easily swallow them.

The series came out the first part of 2012, but it is very timely.

Necromancy, or communicating with the dead, is so clearly labeled in Scripture as forbidden it’s hard to imagine Christians partaking.  But they do–sometimes after a “softening up” process that includes introductions to such things as meditation, “contemplative prayer” and other occult practices masquerading as Christianity.

Slap “Christian” on the cover of an occult book and many American Christians will buy it and digest it.

Label a line-up of heretics preaching the Prosperity Gospel a “Christian TV network” and many American Christians will not only tune in regularly–they will support it monetarily!

Take the world’s metal and thrash music, insert “Jesus” in a couple of the lyrics and many American Christians are convinced that this is praise and worship to a Holy God.

“Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.”
Revelation 9:21

In Revelation, “sorceries” does imply drug-induced states of altered consciousness.  But the truth is, drugs are only used as a bridge to altered states.  Once the initiate learns to enter altered states without the drugs, the drugs are no longer necessary.  With recreational drug use, it’s always the altered state that is the goal.

“And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.”
Revelation 18:23

The end times are not only a period of great deception: they are a time of a great move of sorcery/demonic power.

Including, one supposes, necromancy and spiritualism.

Introductory Comments

Part 1- Normalizing Necromancy

Part 2- The “Canaanization” of the Church

This is our culture—one fascinated by the possibility of talking to the dead, by soul travel between earth and heaven, by the potential of transhumanism (i.e., that man can realize divinity), and by the possible existence of parallel universes. Fascination with the paranormal has become epidemic in our society for reason of the publicity the media and Hollywood give it (i.e., Harry Potter, Star Wars, White Noise, etc., ad nauseam). As such, one can expect that Christian personalities will desire to “get in on the action” and tap into the paranormal world people claim to be experiencing, despite the Bible’s warning against doing so (Deuteronomy 18:9-14).

This picture of the end times is same picture the Bible paints.

“Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;”
1 Timothy 4:1

What else can communicating with spirits–a practice expressly forbidden by the Bible–be?

Part 3- Spontaneous Spiritualism

Part 4- Interpretation by Imagination

Part 5- Spiritualism’s Slippery Slope

Part 6- Breached! The Symptoms of Seduction by Spirits

Rare Sea Creature Oarfish Discovered off California Coast – 18-foot-long…

Sham Crises Created By Congress Have Cost The US Nearly 1 Million Jobs

What exactly is a normal life? – A “normal life” was something illusionary that was pursued by many in the USA.  It’s another way of saying “The American Way of Life” or the “American Dream” which was always characterized by the world and having the things of this world; of living the lifestyle of the world; of having the “good things of life” as defined by the world.

In 3 words, it meant: more, more, more…

In 2013 America, when people say they just “want to move on,” most mean they want to return to the pursuit of a “normal life;” of The American Way of Life.  They want to pursue the things of this world.  They want to live as the world expects them to live.  They want the temporary, many times calming delusion that making peace with the world brings.

What will many Americans do when their reality radically changes from what they’ve been taught is “normal?”

Do You Know Jesus?

“This week at New York’s Comic Con, Sylvester Stallone charged fans almost $500 for a photo with him. So far he’s made almost $500.”
–Jay Leno

7.1 magnitude earthquake strikes region of Papua New Guinea

QUAKE: 7.1 Papua New Guinea

QUAKE: 5.0 Off the coast of South Island, NZ

Death Toll in Philippines Earthquake Rises to 144

QUAKE: 5.2 Negros Philippines

QUAKE: 4.9 Leyte Philippines

QUAKE: 4.9 Solomon Islands

Typhoon Wipha sideswipes Tokyo, at least 17 dead

Three Fallacies of Third Wave Spiritual Warfare Teachings – Which would you rather have: an ‘anointed’ stake with Bible verses driven into the ground around your home, or the protection of the Son of God, who came to earth to die for the salvation of all who believe on Him?  Do You Know Jesus?

‘Forcefield’ technology controls computers Minority Report-style A new ‘haptic’ technology developed in Bristol allows computers to be controlled by mid-air hand movements

Colorado Governor To Gun-Control Groups ‘Don’t Come Around Here No More’ –  Backlash!  (This is the word used whenever one side gains a victory and wants to consolidate its win.  They attribute the consolidation phase of their victory to “backlash!” by the other side. After they consolidate, they move forward and the “backlash!” mysteriously disappears.)

I Have A Saviour, Kind And Tender, Full Of Grace And A Smile Of Winning Sweetness. Jesus Christ.

FEMA Camp Round Up Has Begun: The Homeless First – (h/t:B) This has been making the rounds, but the facts in the article are legitimate.  The FEMA camps were staffed and bids were let in 2012 for such things as sanitation services.

At some point, they will be used–for somebody.

Russian Children After Transfer to Mental Institutions

Why God did not cut a covenant with America

Is America a covenant nation with God?

This was the premise that Jonathan Cahn tried to force onto readers of The Harbinger.  If America was not a covenant nation, then The Harbinger was only a collection of words–which it was. [A Commentary on The Harbinger]

In spite of popular teachings–and this is being force-fed in many American churches–the facts are as follows (from The Baal Covenant: Divorcing Baal.  We’ll quote several paragraphs because 1- these are important points; and, 2- there is no way to improve upon what Herescope has already written.):

The simple answer is God never initiated a biblical covenant with America. The Mayflower Covenant is assumed by the Dominionists to be the cutting of a covenant with God. But the Mayflower Covenant was not a covenant with God but a covenant between men, and they were still beholden to the King of England. In any case, other legal documents of our founding fathers supersede anything done in Plymouth, Massachusetts. In the Declaration of Independence there is no reference to a Christian God. The god of the Declaration of Independence is derived from the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” and furthermore this unnamed Creator has given to ALL men “unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Note the next statement: “to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

NOTE: “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” (not God).

Take that, God!

The Declaration of Independence was not binding law. It was a statement of intent. For binding law we need to look to the Constitution. Apart from the date, which reads, “The seventeenth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven,” there is no reference to God in the Constitution. Further, a goodly number of the Constitution signers were Masons, including Washington, Franklin and others. How could these men make covenants with both Baal and Jehovah at the same time?

Indeed! God ONLY made a covenant with one nation. He initiated it, and He ordered it, and it was with the nation of Israel. The form of this covenant was also unique. It was a suzerainty treaty with some obvious similarities with ancient Hittite treaties. When we read Genesis-Deuteronomy we are reading a suzerainty treaty between God and His nation Israel. The form of the treaty bound a weaker nation to a stronger suzerain. To consummate the Old Testament treaty/covenant, blood sacrifices were made.

The NAR Dominionists and their cohorts confuse ancient Israel with America in alarming ways. They misapply Old Testament covenant laws to modern American government. Al Dager explains:

The Dominionists equate Jesus’ commandments with all the Old Testament laws. To them, rejection of the dominion mandate constitutes rejection of Jesus’ commandments and, therefore, the whole of God’s Law.(p. 211)

[T]he crux of the dominionist mandate [is] that God’s civil laws must be imposed upon all governments so that the whole earth will come under the lordship of Christ.

NAR Dominionists have transformed the “Great Commission” mandate (which is where Jesus told His church to spread the Gospel Word to the nations) into a “covenantal structure.” In this structure, the “earthly governments” under this “covenant” are to be conquered

Dominionists believe that “the New Covenant merely established the Church as the new means by which God would implement his dominion over the earth.”

Dominionism (New Apostolic Reformation) has seeped through the walls of the American church in dozens of ways.  But the Bible warns believers that doctrines such as this will be prevalent in the last days.

The only antidote is a strong gospel message and a continual emphasis on Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

Pride is a sin.  “Proud to be an American” is a proclamation.  At one time, this proclamation seemed to co-exist with “I’m a child of God.”

Not for very much longer.

The time is fast approaching when American Christians will have to make a choice.

The battle has been going on for awhile now.  Most are still not aware of it. Many Americans believe that we are still living in the 1950s.

Do You Know Jesus?

[Bill Salus Defends Jonathan Cahn – Salus is a member-in-good-standing of the Modern American Prophecy Industry.]

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