Pre-Crime: What is Pre-Crime and Why You are Already Guilty

PRE-CRIME:  It's later than you think. The future is almost here.
PRE-CRIME: It’s later than you think. The future is almost here.


  1. WHAT IS IT?

The concept of pre-crime has been in the news over the last twelve months.  This article will attempt to give the reader a brief overview of pre-crime, what it is and why the concept is becoming reality and how it is related to the looming New World Order one-world government.

How pre-crime is related to the issue of free will will also be explored.

PRE-CRIME: What is it?


“Precrime” was popularized by Stephen Spielberg’s 2002 movie “Minority Report”, which was adapted from a science fiction short story “The Minority Report” published by Philip K.Dick in 1956. In the story “precrime” is the name of a criminal justice agency, the task of which is to identify and eliminate persons who will commit crimes in the future. The agency’s work is based on the existence of “precog mutants”, i.e. vegetable-like idiots, who have the gift of prophecy. As Anderton, the chief of the Precrime agency, explains the advantages of this procedure: “in our society we have no major crimes…but we do have a detention camp full of would-be criminals”. But he also cautions about the “basic legalistic drawback to precrime methodology. We’re taking in individuals who have broken no law”.

With pre-crime, the state doesn’t have to prove that one has broken any laws, ONLY THAT ONE WILL BREAK A LAW IN THE FUTURE.  No proof of actual behavior is needed.  The only evidence is what a computer print-out or perhaps an occult seer might provide.

Haven’t committed a crime?  Doesn’t matter.

You are already guilty.

PRE-CRIME: Pre-Crime and the New World Order

Pre-crime is definitely a concept a NWO police state could love.  No surveillance, no messy court cases, no trials: just round up the usual potential perps and imprison them.

From End Times Prophecy Headlines: August 13, 2013:

Pre-Crime And Mind Control Technologies Are Already Here  – No, it’s not science fiction.  In fact, most science fiction has been written as predictive programming.

Make that “…most science fiction has been written as predictive programmingby NWO shills.  And all of the very biggest names in science fiction were NWO puppets–such as Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein or Philip K. Dick.

H.G. Wells (“The Father of Science Fiction”)  actually published a book titled The New World Order (1939).

Aldous Huxley, who wrote Brave New World (1931) delivered a lecture to Berkley students in 1962 [The Ultimate Revolution] admitting that Brave New World and George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four were “not works of fiction but two different blueprints” for control by the coming New World Order one-world government.

The top-promoted sci-fi writers have all had many of the elements of a typical NWO background: tales of occult involvement, frequent moving around as youngsters, products of the military [Heinlein was a graduate of the Naval Academy.], early deaths in the family, at least one absent parent and being raised by others outside the immediate family, mental health issues, hostility to Christianity, alcohol use as “self-medication” and suicide/attempted suicide.

Philip K. Dick was responsible for the original pre-crime work, the short story The Minority Report.

Pre-crime allows the authorities to arrest and detain someone, NOT BECAUSE OF ANY BEHAVIOR OR CRIME COMMITTED, but because the authorities claim they can predict criminal behavior–either through computer algorithms, clairvoyance, or profiling [which has been upgraded to part of “Information Science.”  So clinical! So objective-sounding!].  Thus allowing the authorities to incarcerate anyone without the person having actually broken any laws.

Very convenient.

In fact, Business Insider committed a Freudian slip–if one believes in such things–about pre-crime’s originator in a February 4, 2014 article Israel: Cyber is a bigger revolution in warfare than gunpowder.

Some of the algorithms and technologies that the Unit have developed are so devilishly accurate that there are aims for deploying these algorithms for something entirely new: pre-crime prevention.

Two points for those readers who dismiss talk of a “New World Order” as a “conspiracy theory.”

1- Practically every world leader and US president has made public statements on the record in favor of the New World Order.  This would make these political members of the world’s elite “conspiracy theorists” as well.

2- The Bible predicts a one-world government which will involve a conspiracy whose leaders plot against removing Jesus Christ (the Lord’s anointed) and Christian rules for living from the public memory.

“The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.”
Psalm 2:2-3

PRE-CRIME: The Future is Now

PRE-CRIME: The government will keep the light on for you.
PRE-CRIME: The government will keep the light on for you.

From End Times Prophecy Headlines: September 30, 2013:

Met’s Minority Report: They use computer algorithms to predict where crime will happen – Remember the 2002 movie, Minority Report by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise?

The movie was a bit of predictive programming aimed at the masses.  In the future, everyone will have to be concerned with “PRE-CRIME;” i.e., crime that hasn’t been committed yet, but which someone MIGHT commit.  The authorities can arrest the potential criminal before they commit the pre-crime!

It’s to help keep society safe!

It’s the same thinking that brought about George Bush’s policy of “preemptive war.”  So, if you were one of the ones cheering on Bush to nuke the Muslims because of something they might do in the future, you have no room to complain when the authorities haul you off to prison for a crime you might commit in the future.

Watchers know that Steven Spielberg movies usually have the best predictive programming–especially if Tom Cruise is employed.

Do You KNOW Jesus?

As the following news reports demonstrate, pre-crime is a concept that is rapidly becoming reality–and just in time to help the New World Order police state control potential problems.

From End Times Prophecy Headlines: December 19, 2013:

In Texas, Search Warrants can now be based on predictions of Future Crime – The USA is moving closer to a judicial model of crime based, not on one’s behavior, but based on what one is capable of doing; what one might do. That moves closer to the real goal: Everyone is guilty.

IF everyone is guilty, then anyone can be picked up and jailed at any time without the inconvenience of laws, courts, Miranda Act, etc.  This is the ultimate in police state scenarios.  All based on pre-crime.

This action by a Texas court only confirms where the USA is moving.

From End Times Prophecy Headlines: February 6, 2014:

PRE-CRIME: Bay area researcher develops glasses to help stop crime before it happens

This is the type of article which causes one to ponder “How much time is left before the Second Coming?”

If one is looking at biblical signs, it appears WWIII could happen at any time.  Things will happen very quickly from that point on.

But if one puts any stock in the Corporate Media–and that’s a risky policy for sure–then the Arc of Evil surely has decades to run its course.  But then, will man’s depravity ever truly run its course?  Left to his own devices, man’s heart is continuously evil.  This directly contradicts all of the New Age, evolutionary, pseudo-scientific, Tom Horn-ish, Luciferian, NWO, pagan ideas about the perfectibility of man and his eventual “evolution” into godhood.

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”
Jeremiah 17:9

The biblical view of man as inherently wicked also goes against the thousands of American youth who have set up websites which consist of nothing more than sappy quotes they have read that sound good–but are lies about the wonderful, beautiful nature of humans without Christ.

Sadly, these youth will discover how they have been misled when Christianity goes underground and they get a look at people without the civilizing influences of a faith that they now mock.

Even then the Bible tells us most will refuse to repent and turn to God.

“Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.”
Revelation 9:21

The conclusion to this question (how much time is left)?

Don’t trust the Corporate Media except as a grand example of deception; and,

It’s later than you think.

Do You Know Jesus?

PRE-CRIME: What does it have to do with Free Will?

From Free Will: Debate over Free Will is an End Time Deception:


If humans have no free will–if our actions are predetermined by biology for instance–then the science fiction notion of PRECRIME is a reality.  The theory of “precrime” is that human behavior is so structured as to allow the prediction of individual behaviors–including criminal behaviors.

If criminal behavior can be reliably predicted–if there is no free will–then police, using computer algorithms or psychics (as in the movie “Minority Report“) or by whatever means, can arrest humans BEFORE the criminal behavior takes place and keep society safer.

This takes “crime” out of the realm of behavior and puts it into the realm of “who the person is.”

DUI laws have long paved the way for the precrime concept.  The person who is stopped at a roadside checkpoint and arrested for driving while intoxicated has broken no other laws.  The theory being that they are to be arrested BEFORE they get a chance  to break a law, such as being involved in an accident.

As Driving Under the Influence laws have become stricter, it is no longer the stereotypical drunk who has been snared by DUI precrime.  As the level of alcohol which triggers a crime has lowered, a person of small stature can be judged guilty after one drink or perhaps, only a partial drink.

This opens the door to “zero tolerance” laws where any alcohol in a person’s system–including the use of mouthwash–is judged to be a criminal action.

The entire DUI notion is built around precrime–the arrest of people based on the identification of their bodies’ blood alcohol content–NOT on any other criminal actions (running a stop sign, hitting a pedestrian, etc) they have yet committed.

If there is no free will, then the adoption of additional precrime statutes is one logical outcome.

With pre-crime, it’s Heads the New World Order police state Wins; Tails, you Lose.

Do You Know Jesus?

One suspects that readers will be hearing more in the news about the agencies of the state’s authority making the case for pre-crime.  Pre-crime will be one of the most effective ways the New World Order will have for controlling potential dissidents.

Therefore, expect this article his article to be updated frequently.

UPDATE: February 21, 2014

Chicago police ‘Minority Report’ model to predict who might commit violent crimes – When the one-worlders institute pre-crime–and they will–the initial cases will all involve famous or infamous violent criminals. Their removal from society (finally) will be cheered by the general populace. It will be hailed as a tremendous crime-fighting tool. There will be stories about “How Pre-crime Saved my Daughter’s Life.”

This is the Corporate Media’s usual modus operandi.

But then…


by Jeremiah J. Jameson
–with Mondo Frazier

Arvind Balaraman,

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