Nephilim, Giants and Fallen Angels: The Other Side of the Story

Giants and Nephilim
The other side of the Nephilim stories that the American Prophecy Industry doesn’t tell you.


NEPHILIM, GIANTS, ALIENS & FALLEN ANGELS in Modern American Christianity

Sometimes, one reads a series of articles that leave one with the sense that something about them is not quite right–though it’s hard to pin down exactly what that might be.

Thus it has been with the raft of “super soldier,” Nephilim and alien stories that have been promoted by various Christian end times authors. This storyline has provided a brisk business for those involved in the telling of these stories. But, again, something just didn’t quite seem to add up.

And make no mistake about it: the stories of Nephilim, giants, aliens and fallen angels are very entertaining.  No wonder they’re popular. They would make great movie scripts.

But do they make good, sound Bible teaching?

The articles whose links appear in this post go a long way toward putting a finger on what it is about those fantastic end times stories which is not quite right.  I’m not prepared to state that everything the PPP (Postmodern Prophecy Paradigm) teachers are saying is wrong. But some of it clearly is not right.

One evidence has been their heavy reliance on extra-Biblical/mystical/occult sources to flesh out their teachings.  That should make any Christian uncomfortable.

Another is the sensational  exposure of “cover-ups”–mostly involving the government.  Speculation and “what if’s” also play a very large part, physical evidence and Biblical exegesis not so much, in their building of an end times eschatology about which the Bible is mostly silent.


* Attacking Genesis: The New Prophets of Science Fiction Eschatology

* Pagan Gods: Hybrid Eschatology and Pagan Gods Assault the Christian Church

Knowing the “other side’s” plans isn’t wrong (We’re commanded to “be wise as serpents.”). But a strong dependance on extra-Biblical sources in order to make your case is not very encouraging.  Another thing which is unsettling: one may educate readers about the meanings of occult symbols without plastering them on one’s own materials: seems occult or paranormal imagery dominates much of the PPP merchandise.

As stated, the listed articles are very informative. They contain much Biblical information that the PPP teachers are simply leaving out or de-emphasizing.

The following are provided as resources in order for readers to make more informed choices about the subject matter.  More links may be added to this list as they become available.

The Nephelim according to Plain Scripture

A Crash Course in the Emerging Endtime Prophecy Heresy, Part 1

Nephelim Eschatology, Part 2

Are ETs and UFOs Real?

Homo Nephilus, Part 1

Homo Nephilus, Part 2 : The Return of the Alien Super Soldier

The Rise of End Time Occultism, Part 3: Techno-Dimensional Prayer Combat

101 Questions about the Nephilim

Part 4: The Second Coming of Apollo

Part 5: Nephilim are from Mars, Fallen Angels are from Krypton


by Jeremiah J. Jameson
with Mondo Frazier

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Author: Jeremiah J Jameson

End Times Prophecy Report - Publisher and author

38 thoughts on “Nephilim, Giants and Fallen Angels: The Other Side of the Story”

  1. I read the article on giants above. I can’t say I agree with his conclusions. I believe Genesis makes the distinction between sons of God and sons of man for a reason. Angels who follow the course God intended for them would not consider taking women as wives but it was not these angels who did that. It was the rebellious ones. And, as we know angels elsewhere in the bible took on the appearance of men and also ate food. (It was not sons of man, it was sons of God – so clearly stated) I think men have more of a problem accepting this than women. I don’t know why. I think the author of this article did not really come to the conclusion from the facts he quoted as they don’t add up to the conclusion he promotes. No big deal really. The flood came because of wickedness. The offspring were just like everybody else, annihilated by the flood. I guess it could be speculated as to where the rebellious angels ended up after or because of the flood, as with their offspring. Are the offspring now disembodied spirits? I don’t think the bible is clear on that and I don’t think we need to know (perhaps) Anyways, just chatting.


    1. AJC,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I think the author of this article did not really come to the conclusion from the facts he quoted as they don’t add up to the conclusion he promotes

      Probably the only question to answer is the following about Genesis 6:4

      There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men…

      The question is: Were there giants before the sons of God and the daughters of men (whoever they may be) got together?

      There were giants before that happened.

      The sons of God and daughters of men had nothing to do with giants. They were here first. Also, the Bible clearly says the giants were men–not some half-human result of angels and earth women. The Bible tells us the giants were men several places; 1 Samuel is one.

      “And as he talked with them, behold, there came up the champion, the Philistine of Gath, Goliath by name, out of the armies of the Philistines, and spake according to the same words: and David heard them. And all the men of Israel, when they saw the man, fled from him, and were sore afraid. And the men of Israel said, Have ye seen this man that is come up? surely to defy Israel is he come up: and it shall be, that the man who killeth him, the king will enrich him with great riches, and will give him his daughter, and make his father’s house free in Israel.”
      — 1 Samuel 17:23-25

      Earth women and fallen angels would make an entertaining TV series. It’s not biblical however.

      Satan has invested much time, money and effort in promoting this antichrist deception. It’s one reason we might probably see such creatures in the end times. But they will be a deception, not a biblical idea.

      Thanks again for your comment.


      1. O.K. It is a mystery where the giants came from. The description of them and their size in old testament has them being quite large and apparently a land of them (numerous). There are too many of them in one place for it to be a happen so. It doesn’t really affect what is going on now and when Christians get into there will be giants in end time using the quote from bible “as in the days of Noah”, I point out the eating, drinking and giving in marriage thing as the major condition before end. I guess that is why we will be taken unawares. People will be eating and drinking. People want to talk about the wickedness increasing and MAYBE it has but I read about life in the past and it is a piece of cake living now as opposed to the past. I think the big thing now is going to be delusion. Yes, America is going down the tubes but our history has always been rough, depending on who you were. If I was a black American, I don’t think I would be a flag waver. I thank God my family was born in this country, but it is God I thank. Anyways, the happen so of giants is not that big a deal, just history. Thank you for your web site. AJC


  2. P.S. I get the deception thing about chip in hand, millennium, anti-Christ set up, all the distractions the enemy has set up to take our eyes off of the word and Christ. I think I was always aware something was off in this stuff but I didn’t know there were other believers that saw it this way too. I am scared about what is going on now (ISIS) because I think it has reached America and the ebola thing is getting scary. In that respect, I think things are going to get worse for America and all countries. Once again, I like your site. AJC


    1. AJC,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      True believers have peace in Jesus Christ, regardless of famine, war, pestilence or wild beasts.

      It doesn’t get better, it only gets worse.

      Don’t be scared, be prepared. Make your calling and election sure.


      1. AJC,


        IMO the big worries (for the world) are created problems.

        ISIS is a created problem. The “solution” which will be offered will be to “get rid of ISIS.” To get rid of ISIS, the USA will engage in a Big War, probably World War.

        Ebola is a created problem.

        All the created problems are meant to create chaos.

        Worse for whom?


        True Believers are in good shape no matter what happens.

        If a believer survives, then things will eventually be perfect. If the believer dies, then it’s 2 Corinthians 5:8 time!

        “Absent from the body, present with the Lord.”


  3. Jeremiah I only ask as I don’t know. How are they created problems? Ebola has the potential to become widespread if precautions are not taken. Is ISIS not really killing people that are basically defenseless? Should the U.S. not step in and help? If I lived over there, I would pray for help. What should we do about ISIS? Nothing? These questions are sincere. I think WW3 will probably come anyway. Not because of ISIS but directly related to whoever attacks Israel and I think Russia has gone a little whacked lately. I think ISIS might be a diversion (kind of). But I do think it would be good if we could stop them from having such freedom to act if possible. I would like to take the ones I love and hide in the caves but there are no more caves to hide in. So now we hide in Christ. AJC


    1. AJC,

      Jeremiah I only ask as I don’t know.

      Yes, that is a very good reason to ask! I was in here a very short time and had to leave and wanted to answer your comment before I left. I hurried it a bit.

      There are number of accusations that Ebola is a created “designer disease.” There is no record of Ebola before it was “identified” in 1976.

      Is ISIS not really killing people that are basically defenseless? Should the U.S. not step in and help?

      ISIS is killing people. As far as the USA goes, there are those who believe that the USA is responsible for ISIS. I would say ISIS is most definitely a creation of the mystery of iniquity–of which the USA is an integral member.

      If I lived over there, I would pray for help.

      If I lived over there, I’d pray as I do here: that God’s will be done.

      What should we do about ISIS? Nothing?

      Well, the USA is going to do what the USA is going to do. ISIS is a “cover” for what we are going to do. The Bible talks of a world war in Revelation 6 (peace being taken from the earth). That will happen. God’s Word is true.

      It appears it will happen in the not-too-distant future.

      ISIS is the manufactured problem. The USA leading a widespread war against Muslim nations is the “solution.” The only thing that remains is for the people of the USA to be convinced that the USA is fighting for truth, justice and the American Way.

      That’s the reason for the barrage of anti-Muslim propaganda. We probably have another 8-12 months of relentless anti-Muslim propaganda before we go to war. The people have to be prepared for war. When the USA goes to war, the nation has to screaming “Kill the Muslims! Nuke ’em!”

      But regardless of what will happen, true believers should have the peace of Jesus Christ.

      Good comment.

      I had a little bit longer to answer this one than I did yesterday.


  4. Most of the Americans I know, believers and non believers are scared of the muslim religion. They feel it is a false religion and set up by the enemy. Most feel that if America became a muslim country (hypothetical) women and anyone not of the muslim faith would suffer severely. I wonder what Christ would say about the muslim faith and I guess Mohammed. I’m against any religion, policy or doctrine that degrades or hurts people. I hate cruelty. As I never watch t.v., I will probably miss out on most of the dialogue. AJC I just watched an old Dave Hunt video where he debated with a muslim.


    1. AJC,

      You are correct: Islam is a false religion.

      I wonder what Christ would say about the muslim faith and I guess Mohammed.

      Probably what He would say to anyone who is involved with a false religion: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. Get yourself saved!”

      I hate cruelty.

      Agreed. I hate cruelty too. But again, just as there are those who practice cruelty in the name of Allah, there are those who do it in the name of Christianity (Westboro Baptist, the TV preachers, the Word-Faith people, anyone who helps distract or deceive those into going to hell, snake handlers, etc.)

      I’m always interested in what you have to say. Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments.


      1. Jeremiah People professing to be followers of Christ are sometimes so worldly. I only speak from experience. That is not saying I am anything because I’m worse in so many ways. I think I found your testimony. The Christianity thing has become somewhat complicated. So many different doctrines and interpretations. The difference in what believers believe is confusing. I am almost tired of it all. I don’t know how you keep up with what you do and don’t become discouraged. I like Pastor McGhee (even though I really differ in some of the things he believes in) because he has such a gentle and kind way and always talks of Christ. The big name teachers you named and are on t.v. defy explanation. Yes they are cruel. But I think the followers of Allah are crueler (maybe because they can get away with it). I am lonely for Christian fellowship but I think I may have to give it up and just fellowship with Christ. Even give up commenting. AJC


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