Judge Andrew Napolitano: Fired from Fox News?


Has Fox News fired Judge Andrew Napolitano?

That’s a rumor that’s going round.  We saw it first here:

FOX Host, Judge Napolitano: Fired for his Anti-Two Party System Views?

Seems unlikely.  BUT, IF JUDGE NAPOLITANO was fired, what could possibly be the reason?

How about taking on the pope?

Fox’s Judge Napolitano Lashes Out at Pope Francis

In an op-ed for The Washington Times, Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano lashed out at Pope Francis for focusing his attention on “youth unemployment” as opposed to issues relating to life and death.

Napolitano describes himself as a “traditionalist Roman Catholic.”

IF JUDGE NAPOLITANO were fired, maybe it was because he revealed a supposedly “vast conspiracy” recently on Fox’s website?

A conspiracy so vast — it’s not just the NSA, now the FBI, your local police are also spying on US citizens

The conspiracy he [Edward Snowden] revealed is vast. It involves former President George W. Bush, President Obama and their aides, a dozen or so members of Congress, federal judges, executives and technicians at American computer servers and telecoms, and the thousands of NSA employees and vendors who have manipulated their fellow conspirators. The conspirators all agreed that it would be a crime for any of them to reveal the conspiracy.

Actually, what Napolitano alleges is pretty mild.  In fact, the Judge’s piece at Fox might be considered “damage control” rather than some fantastic revelation.

A search of major media revealed no stories about the Judge, who is billed as “Fox News’ senior judicial analyst” being let go for any reason.

Our speculation is: Judge Andrew Napolitano has not been fired.  He is too valuable to too many people right where he is.  The Judge always seemed to be a sincere, card-carrying member of the Corporate Media.

Stay tuned.


by Mondo Frazier

image: David Castillo Dominici, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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