End Times Prophecy Headlines: January 22-23, 2014

End Times Prophecy Report Headlines: Bible prophecy in Today's headlines.
Bible prophecy in Today’s headlines.

End Times Prophecy Report
January 22-23, 2014

CommentaryAnd OPINION


IRAN: Iran reportedly sends two warships to Atlantic – One is tempted to respond “So what?”

IRAN: Official: We did not agree to dismantle anything – Of course not.  That may have led to a solution other than the one the elite have planned.

DAVOS, Switzerland: Israeli, Iranian jets parked side-by-side – Where the elite are concerned, there is only US (the elite) vs THEM (that’s the rest of us).

RUSSIA: US studying plans to rescue Americans if terrorists strike Sochi Olympics

FRANCE; French First Lady still in hospital as fresh allegations surface

“France’s first lady is suffering from extreme fatigue after learning of her husband’s affair with an actress. I don’t know why she’s tired. He’s the one juggling two women.”


‘I love Bill Clinton’: Barbara Bush reveals her affection for former president and says she and George have grown very close to him – It’s one big happy, incestuous family at the top of the political food chain.

68 percent expect NSA phone spying to increase or stay the same

Michelle Bachmann: Obama’s legacy is establishment of lawlessness in USA – Obama didn’t establish lawlessness.  He has however turned it into an art form.

30 percent of Americans think Terrorists are winning War on Terror – Sounds like it’s about time to dial it up a notch…


Bill Gates Ruffles Feathers, Defends Genetically Modified Organisms – Of course.

“Bill Gates said he’s a little nervous about his interview, but if we run into any trouble, I’ll just unplug him, wait a few seconds, and then reboot him.”
–Jimmy Fallon

Associated Press caught ‘restructuring’ old EPA news to mislead readers; mainstream media blindly plays along  – (h/t:L)

Trader Joe’s ex-president opening store and restaurant selling expired food

Food available will include fruits and vegetables that are expired and repurposed food that will be incorporated into hot meals.

“Repurposed food?”

Now what do readers suppose that might be?

From Garbage to Grub: Food waste repurposed as products – Companies that buy food “destined for the dump”–for pennies?  And sell it–for dollars?

“The former president of Trader Joe’s is opening a store that sells only expired food. The new store will be known as 7-Eleven.”–Conan

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse with the $400 CostCo food stash  – Daily Zombie Link

The Easter Island Giant Heads – Those giant Easter Island heads?  They have bodies that are being dug up.  Good pix.


ESSAY: BeforeItsNews, the Slow death of Reliable information, Food Stamps, the Coming Collapse of the American Safety Net and the Coming One-World Government

BeforeItsNews – Recently had a discussion that began with BeforeItsNews.

For the uninformed, BeforeItsNews is a large user-generated alternative news website.  At one time, BIN content used to be fairly accurate, with most of it being supplied by Average Joe and Jane Doe living in Your Town USA.  Although there was always reporting on “conspiracies,” on the whole it appeared well-researched.

As has happened with all user-supplied content sites, BIN has suffered from the death of real information.  For the most part, the media have always been tools of deception.  But formerly, there were small pockets of reliable information.  Those little pockets have largely been bought out, sold out or wiped out.

Originally, the thought was that BIN had been co-opted by the powers of darkness.  But upon examining the founder’s pedigree  (he currently serves on the board of directors of a “rapidly growing personal intelligence company”) maybe it was headed the way it’s going from the beginning.

The site is now an unappetizing gruel of sensationalism, scaremongering, dishonest reporting and in some cases, outright falsehoods.  Most days, it operates more as a clearinghouse of gossip and second-hand rumors than news.

Most “analysis” seems to consist of putting an ! or !!! after the headline and a slavish devotion to the deceptive narratives offered by the Corporate Alternative Media.

One tried-and-true trick is to post a story with a headline that calls attention to a legitimate concern readers may have; such as, “The USA is becoming less free every day”  Okay, good enough.  But after hooking the reader with the headline, the article then offers a video–or three or five–that feature Corporate Media or Corporate Christian talking heads offering deception as a “solution” to the readers’ concern.

Another is the “news story” which is little more than propaganda created to appeal to the readers’ emotions.   (Modern advertising consists entirely of propaganda.  Advertising is made up of appeals to the readers’ emotions and senses in an effort to bypass any decision-making based on conscious thought.)  Like advertising and propaganda, these “news” stories are written to persuade rather than inform.

One recent example is Guess What Group is Getting Food Stamps at an Alarming Rate?

“Food stamp rolls have been growing rapidly. But what many may not realize is that participation among able-bodied adults without dependents (ABAWDs) has been skyrocketing compared to the total number of participants. That’s just one reason Congress should reform the food stamp program in the farm bill now under consideration. In just four years, the number of able-bodied adults without dependents (ABAWDs) on the food stamp rolls skyrocketed by over 2 million.”

So, before readers become angry at these obvious ABAWD freeloaders, a few questions might be asked.

How have these “ABAWDs” come to be on the food stamp rolls?  Did they wake up one morning and decide “I’ll quit my job to get $189/month of “free” food!”  Is there any other information which might explain these people registering for food stamps?  Does the increase in ABAWDs have anything to do with the massive real increase in unemployment during the last four years?  How about the chronic unemployment rate?  Does that have anything to do with this increase?

Are these ABAWDs now considered part of the “welfare crowd” that middle class America has long been taught to look down on?  What about the person who has worked their whole lives and lost their job because their company is one of the hundreds which has moved overseas?  Are they part of this mad rush by ABAWDs to take advantage of the compassionate US government?

And the solution offered is “Congress should reform the food stamp program in the farm bill now under consideration.”

The insinuation is that “reform = cutting the number of people eligible.”  Yes, everyone knows the guy who abuses food stamps.  The Corporate Media never tires of running those stories.  ”

“They’ll just cut those bums out, right?  Just the druggies trading food stamps for drugs, right? They have to do something about those drugs!  Surely they’ll leave food stamps for the ones who really need them, right?”

The food stamp program has been chopped over the last six months and more cuts are on the way.

The writing is on the wall: food stamps are being slowly and silently terminated–just as many in the middle class (whose tax dollars enabled these “safety net” programs for decades) will likely find that they need some help.  As the pension and Social Security systems go belly-up, many retired workers will turn to the “safety net” programs they spent years deriding–and they will find that those programs are no longer there.

Or worse, food stamps will still be there for the professional welfare bums–but honest Americans who just need a little help will not be eligible.

And, to pour salt in the wound,  as food stamps were have been defunded, many of these formerly middle class Americans cheered.  Who ever thought they would need them?

“Hey, I worked my whole life!  I never asked anybody for anything!”

But what about the easy prescription everyone once offered (Get a job!)?  Plenty of jobs still at McDonald’s, right?

In 2014 America, “Get a job” is just so many empty words: Where the few jobs are becoming fewer by the day.

No job and now, no safety net.

Won’t that whole situation be–frustrating?

(NOTE: What will be the reaction of all of those “hard-working Americans“?  Might they be angry?  What’s the potential to manipulate millions of angry Americans into revolting against a government which obviously scammed them for decades?  (Does history record the manipulation of another people who were angry at the orchestrated collapse of their economy?)

Doesn’t that just make a patriot’s blood boil?  Might some of these angry Americans be led by a group which features a serpent on its flag and is named after a group of earlier Americans who revolted against the authorities and took the law into their own hands?

(“But that’s different! It was for a good cause!“)

Might these suddenly-broke Americans finally be persuaded that a benevolent one-world government is more to be trusted than the corrupt criminal cartels which have run the USA government into the ground?  Could anything be worse than the swindlers which confiscated everything these older Americans worked their whole lives for? Those crooks left them poverty-stricken!  What about their children?  What did they ever do to deserve this?  Somebody has to do something!

“Are you a man or a mouse?  We have to take back our country!  Are you a patriot or do you support the traitors?”

“You must be a Bush-lover!  Even worse, you must be an Obama-lover!  Doesn’t matter: they’re all crooks!”

Who will take care of those scoundrels?  Who will things right?  How about the UN?  We hate the UN, but what else is there?  Besides, it will only be for a very short while–just long enough to fix the good old USA.  Before you know it, it will be good as new!  The way it used to be!  It will be new and improved–but at the same time, it will be like it was when America was great!

The way it was intended to be!

As a Christian country!

Well, not a strictly Christian country you understand; we have freedom of religion and all.

“The US constitution is the greatest document ever devised by man!”

(Funny how the US Constitution is always used to protect previously-unheard-of rights for an unknown, unseen minority.  But Nine supreme court justices never seem to agree on the rights of the majority.  There’s never any “right” too small to protect–as long as it tramples on the majority’s beliefs.  The US constitution has been the primary tool to move America to where she is today.  It’s a document that made slavery the supreme law of the land for 76 years; created a right for killing babies and made homosexual “marriage” a legal possibility.  Sheer genius, actually.)

But seriously, the Brand New USA 2.0 will be a SPIRITUAL country.  Everybody knows Americans are a religious people. Always have been!  Our founding fathers were good religious people!  And most Christians know that “Spiritual” really mean “Christian.” Doesn’t it?

Well, doesn’t it?

Back to BeforeItsNews.

This slow discrediting of BIN as a reliable information source is a sad state of affairs (This writer still posts the very occasional article there).  But it is one that seems to have been a well-thought out strategy.

This promotion of rumors, gossip and sensationalized half-truths appears to have accomplished a few purposes.

1- The discrediting of anything that appears on BeforeItsNews.  There is so much unreliable information that good info gets sludged under–which seems to be the idea.  It is this writer’s experience that original BIN readers now tend to automatically discount anything that appears on the site–especially if its from a “Featured” contributor.  There is still some good information on BIN, though it’s very hard to find.  It’s not the type of article the site is promoting.

2- Though the traffic numbers are good (over 420 million readers in the last 6 years), the type of person who depends on BIN for their information has changed.  Where once the site was a good source of under-reported local news and a good source of unreported analysis, now it’s a vast swamp of unconfirmed and unsupported gibberish.  Again, this seems to have been the idea.  Serious readers have largely move on in search of places where the information is more reliable.  They have been replaced by those who have only the slightest acquaintance with research.

3- By repackaging the deceptions peddled by the Corporate Alternative Media, the BIN “Featured” crew has, over the course of five years, changed the themes which dominate the site.  The promotion of a “New American Revolution” is evident to anyone who spends a little time perusing the site.   So are “mysteries,” “physical prepping” (which naturally includes the ceaseless hair-raising narratives of the physical gold market) and the “unexplained.”  [Example: Starwater confirmed: Proves Life is Universal]  These are not presented as “conjecture” but as “news.”

There was always a sprinkling of such articles, but in 2014, these types of articles dominate the site’s front page.

And the verdict of the discussion in which this writer was involved?

BeforeItsNews has become more of a social media site than a news source.  The information obtained from BIN is every bit as dependable as that which can be found on the average Facebook page.

Sad–but expected.

Do you know the One who will never fail you?  Do you know Jesus?

ETPR ESSAY: BeforeItsNews, the Slow death of Reliable information, Food Stamps, the Coming Collapse of the American Safety Net and the Coming One-World Government

Poverty TV: Hit UK show stirs welfare debate

Dog diary VS Cat diary – Mildly amusing, but of more interest is the organization which maintains this website.

“Working for a Peaceful World for Humans, Animals and the Environment”

One knows one has arrived at true cynic-hood when such a tagline provokes images of the one-worlders…

Parents warned of alarming new trend of students snorting Smarties that can lead to NASAL maggots – More product placement journalism?  Rotting candy inside the nasal lining is attracting flies who lay their eggs in kids’ noses?!?

Come on.

Pro-Life Movement seeing major Youth Surge – How many marches over the years?  If demonstrations, protests and other visual shows of dissatisfaction could change the public policy handed down by the elites, abortion would have been outlawed years ago.  Just like it was before the supreme court made abortion a basic American right in 1972.

19-year-old college student has all her fingers amputated due to frostbite after passing out in subzero weather after playing drinking game

Propane shortage claimed “adding to winter woes” – And what’s the claimed reason for such a shortage?

“Propane stocks in many states have also hit disconcerting lows since the winter started with meager allowances and back-to-back cold spells have increased the energy dilemma for millions.”

This story doesn’t even make any sense.  It gets cold in winter.  That’s when most propane is sold.  But there is a “shortage” of propane (last week there was a “shortage” of Velveeta) and no reason is given.  SHORTAGES: this theme is getting more popular in the Corporate Media.

EPA targets coal plants that produce 40 percent of USA’s electricity – Another shortage coming–this one artificially created, but still real enough to those who will go without.

Jelly Belly releases new jelly bean flavor: Beer – That doesn’t even sound good…

“Then opened He their understanding, that they might understand the Scriptures.”
Luke 24:45 – (h/t:B)

News about ONE WORLD Events – January 23, 2014:

CLARIFICATION: Tuesday’s offering (January 21-22, 2014) compared ABC News’ George Stephanopolous slobbering over Russia’s Vladamir Putin to teen girls during Beatlemania.  The comparison was made without taking into account the history of the Beatles’ first arrival to the USA and the Corporate Media feeding frenzy that ushered the Brits into the American consciousness.

The Beatles visit--advertised on over 5 million posters across the USA–kicked off in February 1964. The media featured the group prominently in entertainment, evening newscasts and on movie theater news reels.  In short, no effort was spared to ensure that the “frenzy” was a newsworthy event that provided the Beatles with millions of dollars of free advertising.  One popular theme of this “news” highlighted the “generation gap” between parents and older authority figures and the youth.

Would like to take this opportunity to point out it will be 50 years next month since the Corporate Media launched this carefully-orchestrated event.

Historic, huh?

What he’s fighting for – The reality–not the hype.

Omaga-3 Fish Oils may protect brain  from Altzheimers, aging – Does this mean that there is little dementia in countries along the sea whose diets have historically consisted of fish?  Oh…

91 Pictures that Amazed us in 2013 – There’s something for everyone in this collection.  Some pix are truly startling.

Is a high-fat diet GOOD for the heart? Doctors say carbs are more damaging to the arteries than butter or cream – Remember the good old days when people knew what was good to eat and what wasn’t?  Adults knew that if one ate too much cotton candy that one would get sick.  Now, there’s people who live off the nutritional equivalent of cotton candy.

Popular breakfast cereals found to contain low levels of toxic heavy metals – (h/t:L)

The Sad Truth about Twitter Statistics – Maybe this one only interests those who are interested by such things?!?

Twitter is a content producing machine. With over 555 million users releasing 5,700 tweets per second, finding a captive audience for your company’s updates is daunting at best. A new report on Twitter stats has also revealed a depressing reality; active accounts (those that have posted in the last 30 days) have a median average of 61 followers. This begs the question – is anyone reading your tweets

Want to lose weight? Try turning your heating down: Being cold is a ‘cheap way to get slim’ – Confirmation: In high school and college, this writer wrestled. “Making weight” was always a challenge.  One trick: leave the window cracked in winter and sleep with only a sheet.  The night was spent shivering–which is actually the contraction of muscles.

Muscle groups around the vital organs begin to shake in small movements in an attempt to create warmth by expending energy.”

When morning came, a weight loss of 2-3 pounds was usually experienced.  But, in exchange for “exercising while asleep” one would arise and feel terrible.  The whole body ached. This method was therefore only utilized the penultimate night before a match.  That left the next night to recover from the sleeping workout before the match.

Overnight Workers Have Much Greater Health Risks Study Says – Easy enough to believe.

Snake-handling preacher dies from rattlesnake bite in WV – WV is the only state where snake handling is legal.

MORE: Once bitten, twice die – This occurred in May 2012.

“Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.”
Matthew 4:7

ADAM CLARKE’S COMMENTARY: “Thou shalt not tempt.  To expose myself to any danger naturally destructive, with the vain presumption that God will protect and defend me from the ruinous consequences of my imprudent conduct, is to tempt God.”


“7. Jesus said unto him, It is written again– (De 6:16), as if he should say, “True, it is so written, and on that promise I implicitly rely; but in using it there is another Scripture which must not be forgotten.”

Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God–“Preservation in danger is divinely pledged: shall I then create danger, either to put the promised security skeptically to the proof, or wantonly to demand a display of it? That were ‘to tempt the Lord my God,’ which, being expressly forbidden, would forfeit the right to expect preservation.”

By tempting God, snake-handling preachers fail on all counts.

Paraprosdokians – One of this writer’s favorite figures of speech.

A paraprosdokian is a figure of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected in a way that causes the reader or listener to re-frame or re-interpret the first part. It is frequently used for humorous or dramatic effect. For this reason, it is extremely popular among comedians and satirists.

A personal favorite: “I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather, not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.”

New Hampshire: Thieves raiding Wood Piles for Firewood – Waxing worse and worse

An argument that TV DOES NOT make one lazy – Didn’t say it was a good argument.

Senior Citizens Spreading STDs Like Wildfire

How to make an Igloo in your back yard – Neat photos!

What recovery? U.S. retail stores now in grim death spiral

COMIC: The WV water crisis – The media–and that includes those drawing comics–presents the “problem” as the WV company was “barely regulated.”  NOW, if only someone would draw a comic showing that there are NEVER any chemical spills in California, one of the most heavily-regulated states in the union.



Thousands of fish flash frozen in Norway by sudden temperature drop – Good pic.


Severe, life-threatening cold in the Northeast USA

2,900 flights cancelled as winter storm Janus sends country into another polar plunge – with up to a FOOT of snow expected today on the East Coast

China’s largest freshwater lake that is twice the size of London completely dries up due to drought

QUAKE: 4.6 offshore Northern California

QUAKE: 5.8 South of Marianna Islands

QUAKE: 5.9 south of Marianna Islands

QUAKE: 5.1 El Salvador

QUAKE: 5.3 Banda Sea

QUAKE: 5.5 Vanatu Islands region

QUAKE: 5.4 Tonga Islands

Vietnam reports first H5N1 bird flu death in 2014

China confirms medical worker dies from H7N9 virus: cases spike in China

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: End Times Prophecy Report: January 20-21, 2014


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