End Times Prophecy Headlines: May 19, 2014

End Times Prophecy Report Headlines: Bible prophecy in Today's headlines.
Bible prophecy in Today’s headlines.

End Times Prophecy Report
May 19, 2014

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RUSSIA: Crisis in Space?  Russia and USA square off over International Space Station – yawn…

VIETNAM: China evacuates nationals from Vietnam over unrest

UKRAINE: Jews leaving Ukraine

KENYA: 10 people killed after bombs strike market in Kenya’s capital

INDIA: India’s new prime minister is a dangerous man

DENMARK: I’m making $21 an hour at McDonald’s. Why aren’t you? – Land of the Free, baby!

NORTH KOREA: The photos North Korea didn’t want you to see

NORTH KOREA:BACK FROM THE DEAD: Kim Jong Un’s ex-lover, reportedly executed for breaking pornography laws, spotted on state TV addressing rally <

NORTH KOREA:‘Kim Jong-un is so upset he can’t sleep’: Hundreds feared dead after 23-storey tower block collapses in North Korea

World War 3 Watch: May 19, 2014


Former NSA Chief: Odds of Terror attack growing – You mean all of the unconstitutional police state measures since 911 haven’t worked?  Must be time for a new round of repression.

Former Military leaders worried kids too fat to fight

US conducts nuclear response exercises

Chris Christie calls for more aggressive foreign policy – Is Christie the Strong Leader Americans are being taught to hunger for after the 8 years of Barack Obama playing the part of President MomJeans?  It’s strongly suspected that the next president is being set up to lead America into foreign adventures.

The Corporate Media and Barack Obama have taught Americans to despise metrosexuals as leaders.  Barack Obama has played the part of the preening, arrogant 21st century Jimmy Carter wonderfully–he really does deserve an award for acting.  But there is still plenty of time left for something to go awry and for Obama to exacerbate the situation–priming frustrated Americans to elect a No-Nonsense Strong Leader.  Then, Americans will cheer as Mr. No-Nonsense takes on the Muslims in the Middle East.


Whore of Babylon: Is Your Church Preparing for Whoredom?

Always Hungry? Here’s Why

The Case For Eating Whatever You Want

METEOR SHOWER: Memorial Day Meteor Show Debuts

Does experience determine Truth? – A short history of the Charismatic movement in America over the last 50 years or so.

The Five Biggest Lies about Liberalism – Written by a “conservative”–or one playing the part.  The Corporate Media churns out articles like this 24/7 every day, day after day.  Their purpose?  To further the false dichotomy of Conservative vs Liberal.  This splits the country–at least the part of the country that identifies even casually with politics–into two opposing camps.  The sad reality of the entire situation: both groups always have a zillion ready reasons why they are ineffective and cannot accomplish what they had previously promised, vowed, solemnly swore, etc..

Except when they are fundraising–then all doubt is gone!  If only the donors will open their wallets, great and glorious things might be accomplished (through them, of course) for the Land of the Free.  The heavy hitters of both sides alternately threaten/promise and the other side uses what they say to raise great wads of cash in order to prevent the other side from carrying through with their widely-promoted threats.

What a racket.

The Odds You’ll Join The Ranks Of The Long-Term Unemployed

Preparing for the worst – More scary bedtime stories about climate change from the Corporate Media.

Mystery signal from outside the galaxy baffles astronomers – Ohhhh!  Could this be the alien savior for which the Nephim Guys have been getting their fanboys ready?

Attacking Genesis: The New Prophets of the Science Fiction Eschatology

Never forget a face – The New York Times details the wonders of biometric ID.

The Anatomy of Judgment

As the day draws near and we are barreling toward a certain and inevitable judgment, I’ve found myself contemplating what the judgment of God looks like more often than I would like. It is not merely a philosophical or intellectual exercise, but a true and honest searching, especially in light of the fact that everywhere you turn you have preachers and pastors calling one thing or another the judgment of God, then summarily retract their statement and apologize for their insensitivity the following day.

How can we define the judgment of God? Will we know it when we see it? Will it look like what we’ve always expected it to look like, or will it be something wholly unprecedented?

Saving Marriage – Marriage has been in trouble.  How long until “something else” replaces marriage?  When that “something else” occurs, look out.  Will God allow it to get to that point?  Is it to that point already?

“Thou art My servant; I have chosen thee.”

Isaiah 41:9 – (h/t:B)

How To Win Millennials: Equality, Climate Change And Gay Marriage – Whenever you see “Why?” or “How” in a headline, what follows is a narrative, a fable, a media fairy tale.

(VIDEO) The Return – (h/t: LDD) About 4 minutes. Worth the watch.

20 Interesting facts with sources – The Internet has become a ghetto of interesting fact websites. The majority of these sites recycle the same “facts”–a great many which simply are not.  This site is different: it provides sources for its facts.  That was a novel enough approach to warrant a link.


Anti-IHOP author is suddenly silent?

IHOP isn’t your regular Sunday morning church, and neither are its off-shoots. How many churches do you know that have armed guards and escort folks who are asking questions, off of the premises? Isn’t the entire foundation of Christianity based upon a “seek and ye will find” premise? That doesn’t seem to apply at the International House of Prayer, where if ye seek ye will be thrown out by thy armed security guards. Something’s wrong with this picture.

 Members of these groups believe they have been hand-selected by God to pray in the Apocalypse, the Second Coming of Christ and become a raised up End-Times army. They are taught to expect opposition from those that are not chosen of God. The greater the opposition, the greater the proof they are on the ordained path.

MAN OF SIN: Satan is raising up an end times Army

Former member, Beth Cavete, blogged this: “To discern IHOPKC’s fruit, you need to track its impact. Not its entrants. Despite all their protests, Tyler and Bethany Deaton are IHOPKC’s fruit. After almost a decade of faithful ingestion of their teachings, Tyler’s blog was in its doctrinal skeleton, pure IHOPKC doctrine. The perverse “cult” was formed years after their whole-hearted jump into IHOPKC teaching, doctrines, and practices. THIS CANNOT BE IGNORED. The bright new faces are not IHOPKC’s fruit, the state of the faithful adherents over years are.”

This is the highjacking of Christianity which is taking place before the eyes of the people who sit in the pews of American Christian churches.  Self-appointed self-anointed “apostles and prophets” are poised for a takeover of the Church.  The Bible foretold it.  Take heed.

Whore of Babylon: Is Your Church Preparing for Whoredom?

EXPERTS: The Secret to living beyond 100

Swanky former Hotel which was playground for rich and famous and is now owned by Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) up for sale for $57 million

Historical Accuracy of the Bible revealed – Although it should be pointed out that one’s faith–contrary to the contention in this article–should not be based on whether men consider the Bible “historically accurate.”

“To be divinely inspired, a book must be historically accurate.”

Validating the Bible by holding it up to the flawed measurements of men (history–which has proved to be very elusive) is a recipe for disaster.  The Bible is validated as the Word of God and is the measurement by which one can validate the truth of history.  Not vice versa.  Using the world’s measuring sticks puts one at the mercy of the world–of which the author may or may be aware.

Google Glass Could Tap Into Your Brain To Sell Ads  – What’s a little brain-tapping when there’s fashion to consider?

These Bones Might Be The Biggest Creature That Ever Walked The Earth

A Testimony: How God rescued me from Bill Johnson’s cult

Drinkable Sunscreen Is Something That Exists

WATCHMAN NEE: Watch Out for Watchman Nee


“Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:”
-–1 Corinthians 15:1-4 – (h/t:B)

Florida pastor found dead in apparent suicide amid $200K embezzlement investigation: cops

How Pfizer Helped Make ‘Spice,’ The Deadly Fake Pot

Evolution, Quantum Physics and the New Age/New Spirituality – The link is repeated because this writer noticed a few hours ago that one social media site had a category for submissions titled “Astrology/Physics.”  Isn’t that odd?  That spirituality and science would be so blatantly linked together? That just happens to be the subject of the linked article.

Co-ed bathrooms going statewide in Maryland

Americans Back Death Penalty By Gas Or Electrocution If No Needle  – Guillotine, anyone?

A Utah Lawmaker Wants To Bring Back Firing Squad Executions  – An incredible amount of media space is being devoted to future death penalty options.  Wonder why?

Beware of Jack Van Impe who is a false Christian

On the Loneliness of The Remnant (Comfort and Encouragement)

Conspiracies in Our Times: Revealing Quotes from those who know

Conspiracy: Revealing Quotes from those who know

37 Quotes on the New World Order and the Coming One World Government

One World Government: Revealing Quotes from those who know

10,000 Toddlers are on stimulant drugs for ADHD – America the Medicated.  What did mothers ever do before society started doping toddlers?

More Deception from IHOP – From Just to make you Think

IHOP Words: “Strategy”, “Catalyst”, “Infuse” and “New breed”

Will The Rich Always Get Richer?

“For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good: but me ye have not always.”
Mark 14:7


MERS found in Illinois man

METEOR SHOWER: Memorial Day Meteor Show Debuts

QUAKE: 5.6 North Pacific Ocean

QUAKE: 5.5 off west coast of Northern Sumatra

QUAKE: 5.5 Somoa Islands region

QUAKE: 5.6 southeast of Loyalty Islands

QUAKE: 6.0 off west coast of Northern Sumatra

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