End Times Prophecy Headlines: December 5, 2013

End Times Prophecy Report Headlines: Bible prophecy in Today's headlines.
Bible prophecy in Today’s headlines.

End Times Prophecy Report
December 5, 2013

CommentaryAnd OPINION

Even though events are bubbling just below the surface, a calm appears to have settled in over the USA and, to a lesser extant, the world.

Don’t let that fool you.


SLOVAKIA: River of Blood: Slovakian villagers shocked at river turning red overnight

CHINA: Is this the world’s thinnest building? Shanghai house where residents cannot even fit a chair by the window<

The Coming Global Wealth tax – In 2007, then-Senator Barack Obama introduced legislation in the Senate (one of the only times).  His legislative project–which never materialized while he was a senator?  The Global Poverty Act (S.2443).  This was a bill to transfer untold billions of dollars of US wealth to poor countries using the power of the IRS to extract that wealth from the pockets of all Americans.

Obama’s idea of transferring wealth from the middle class to the “poor”–actually, into the pockets of the political elite of the poor countries.  The poor themselves, as is usual, would see very little of the money being raised in their name.  This is legalized theft and, at some point, it is likely to be enacted and one suspects it will be one of the contributing factors to the many calls for “revolution.”

SOMALIA: 9 killed by car suicide bomber in northern Somalia

AUSTRALIA: Indonesia, Australia agree “hotline” to resolve diplomatic spat

>NETHERLANDS: Amsterdam Has a Deal for Alcoholics: Work Paid in Beer – Always helpful!

How the Police State uses sin to create Slaves


40 percent are less likely to vote for an ObamaCare supporter; 38 percent are more likely

Oil capped near $97 on oversupply possibility

Biden: I was ‘very direct’ with China president over air defense zone “Direct” doesn’t mean what most Americans take it to mean.  “Direct” could mean Biden told the Chinese, “Hey!  Go ahead, do it!  We do not care what you do.  I mean it!”

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Ri...
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Richard Lugar and Committee member Barack Obama at a base near Perm, Russia. This is where mobile launch missiles are being destroyed by the Nunn-Lugar program. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Team Obama appears to change course; accept China’s new air defense zone – The only difference between the two American political parties is the speed with which they operate in different areas of American life.

The Democrats will destroy the country faster using oppressive tax laws and ineffective defense; The Republicans use over-effective defense (war) and wealth transfers by other means.

Are you looking for a political solution for a spiritual problem?  Then you are destined for disappointment.

Turn to the One that never disappoints.

Cry out to God: turn to Jesus.


New NYC mayor inspires “Leftist Revolution”

Actor Russell Brand calls for Revolution

NYC Union Leader calls for Revolution after De Blasio win – Lot of that going around these days

Bret Michaels to star in new NBC post-apocalyptic show: Revolution

Donald Sutherland: I want Hunger Games to stir up a Revolution

Is this a Revolution?

Expert testifies to Congress that Obama ignoring laws could lead to overthrow of government

Cato Institute expert talks Revolution in testimony before Congress -At some point, Americans might recognize that they’re being set up with all this increasing talk of “revolution”–especially Christians.  One hopes and prays for that point to be reached before people are in the streets and the predicted chaos is down around their ears.

It’s all fun and games and rhetoric until the shooting starts

Do you have the peace that passeth all understanding?

Will Evangelical Conference Blame Israel?

End of high-speed car chases?  Engineers invent system that disables a car’s engine using remote radio beams

BREAKING NEWS: Student shot at Florida high school – suspect still at large

History Channel eyes drama about “Jesus the Lost Years” that may involve exorcism – If it’s on History and its about Christianity, exorcism will be the least of a Christian’s worries.

Pope calls for Revolution of Tenderness

The History of Homeschooling – Interesting infographic history

Homeschooling Information and Statistics
Interesting infographic info

The Ultimate Christmas pastry! New festive Cronut flavor is made from chocolate, Champagne and GOLD DUST


Mark of the Beast: The Complete Guide to the Mark of the Beast, 666 – Everything else is just speculation and the imagination of man.

John MacArthur and the Mark of the Beast: Last Days ApostasyTeaching that one may take the mark of the beast and still be redeemed–in clear contradiction of scripture.

GM to largely pull Chevrolet from Europe

Mysterious, massive China-themed city planned for Catskills – Must be a coincidence, huh?  “Coincidence” is a word used by people as a SLEEP AID.  It allows them to put their heads back into the sand and continue sleeping.

The American population–especially the component of the population that labels itself “Christian”–should be an especially well-rested people.

Scientists discover radiation ‘bomb’ that could wipe out HIV – Promises, promises…

US Pregnancy rates near record lowsPregnancies indicate two things: 1- hope in the future; and, 2- affordability of the essentials needed for a family to economically survive.

Neanderthals were neat freaks: Inside the original man caves


-40 below in Midwest Arctic Cold Blast; DOT advises no travel along 1-90 as snowstorm lashes Midwest

Precipitation declines in U.S. Pacific Northwest Mountains

Cold Snap felt in Western half of USA

QUAKE: 5.7 south of Fiji Islands

QUAKE: 5.0 east of Kuril Islands

QUAKE: 5.2 Minahassa Peninsula, Sulawesi

QUAKE: 4.9 Santa Cruz Islands

QUAKE: 5.2 Unimak Island region, Alaska

QUAKE: 3.3 Central California

QUAKE: 5.1 Tonga Islands

QUAKE: 5.0 Santa Cruz Islands

QUAKE: 5.2 Kuril Islands

Ancient Roman tunnels could cause dangerous sinkholes

Bacteria-killing protein the answer to SuperBugs?

Earth’s gravity altered by 2011 Japanese Tōhoku earthquake

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by Jeremiah J. Jameson
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