End Times Topics: JANUARY 2020

ETPR end times Topics


A collection of Corporate Media headlines linked to stories gathered throughout the month of January 2020 on particular aspects concerning the end times.



WEEK OF 1-26-2020

Before she was a clown and a witch, she was a Marine

Woman with 31 fingers and toes cruelly branded ‘witch’ by neighbours

‘The residents nearby, who are too much into blind faiths, believe that I am a witch and keep away from me. They sometimes come to see my condition – but never help.’

The DruWitch Way: Spells and the Witch’s Power

I’ve never believed that science and magick are mutually exclusive. Far from it.

Traditional Witchcraft 101 (9-week series)

Sabrina Part 3: Patriarchy, Paganism, and Female Power

Illumination, Inspiration and Imbolc

Hecate, The New Goddess In ‘Sabrina,’ Is A Real Deity

Former Witch Jenny Weaver Feels The Need to Warn Parents Against New Disney Series ‘The Owl House’

(Podcast) How the Art World Fell Under the Spell of the Occult

Are Our Gods Listening?

Double, double toil and trouble – help a witch escape Selby library

Brighid the Dawn Goddess of Imbolc and Spring

Working with Brighid as a Water Goddess

Pagan Community Notes: Petition for national St. Brigid holiday in Ireland, “witch bottle” found in Va., Machu Picchu vandalized and more!

A Witch in Fantasyland

The Chocolate-Brewing Witches of Colonial Latin America

Herbal Magick : The Witch’s Willow

The Southern Illinois Pagan Alliance presents Imbolc

Middle Winter: Working With Hermit Energy

Australian Pagans Respond To Bushfire Crisis

Witchcraft or magic? Mysterious fraudsters causing panic in Limuru

A Practical Guide to Pagan Priesthood: A Book Review

Nyamira granny killed over allegations of being a witch

Astrological Sabbat and Esbat Calendar for 2020

Trump’s spiritual adviser calls for ‘all satanic pregnancies to miscarry now’

AfAW And Witch Persecution In Africa – It is ALWAYS the witches who are “persecuted” and NEVER their victims.

Shamans, Witches And Resurrections: A Conversation With Richard Stanley, Part 3

From obsessed with movies to making one of my own, a ‘Mermaid’ tale Part 1

Grail-Hunting Nazis And Bleeding Space Stones: A Conversation With Richard Stanley, Part 2

Sabrina Continues To Fight For Her Coven In ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Part 3, Episode 5 — Recap

Man arrested in connection with ‘occult’ sheep killings in New Forest


WEEK OF 1-19-2020

Authenticity and Rituals

Alleged witch doctor’s accomplice to stand trial in killing of father of ‘possessed’ teen boy

‘We are the weirdoes, mister’: Why women love witches

Ozzy Osbourne reveals he’ll see a ‘witch doctor’ in a desperate bid to find a cure to his Parkinson’s disease

Foundations of Modern Witchcraft: Hermetic Cosmology

You Can Find Rare Gems & Hippie Treasures At This Tucked Away Witch Shop In Orlando

You Can Get The Most Bewitching Trinkets At This Spooky Oddities Shop Near Tamp

Christian chiefs break from pagan practice in Ghana

A Letter to Beginning Polytheists

Magick IRL: Now Get to Work, Witch!

Ex-Witch’s Warning About New Disney Show: ‘It’s Not a Joke… That Realm Is Very Real’

Living the Liminal: Balancing Anti-Consumerism and Ye Olde Witch Shoppe

What exactly is Suspiria trying to say about witches and feminism? We’ll take it apart for you.

MORE: Feminism = Modern Witchcraft

MORE: Feminism is Witchcraft by Another Name

Dutch dad allegedly beat kids on farm to drive out ‘bad spirits’ – Not biblical.

Pagan Breakfast God Mask Celebrates Bacon, Eggs, and Toast

Acts of kindness and love: Australian Pagans respond to the bushfire crisis

Former MAFS star Tracey Jewel promotes ‘free vibrational aura scans’ as she embraces her new age lifestyle

Pagan Community Notes: GA white supremacists have possible ties to Paganism, ATC State of Church address, and more!

Sunshine Coast Satanists Could Teach Kids About The ‘Dark Lord’ If New Laws Pass Parliament

How Do You Work With Multiple Goddesses?

‘Becoming a Pagan helped me feel more accepted’

Satanists play devil’s advocate with religious discrimination bill

‘My mother-in-law is a witch and put a curse on me’ most bizarre expense claim excuses heard by HMRC

Book Review: What is Remembered Lives by Phoenix LeFay

Witches and wizards can become Triwizard champions at Harry Potter celebrations in Wrexham!

Simple Witchery: You Are What You Think

Between The Worlds and Sacred Space join forces: a conversation with Gwendolyn Reece

Stories are Myths – Gods are Persons

Step Into The Land Of Dark Magic In India

Mushindano Witch Doctor admits possessing charm

How a fairy tale and the book of Proverbs offer insight into what drives the abortion industry

Police: Man mixed dead mother’s ashes with drugs, ingested them

Imbolc: Honoring Brighid. Welcoming Spring. Cleaning House.

What matters most

This church is 100% Star Wars, and it’s legit

Hail is East Nashville’s home for everything odd

Why would someone add bodily fluids into rice? Nasi kangkang, explained.


WEEK OF 1-12-2020

The Endless Judgmentalism of Paganism

Are We Too Judgmental?

Witch Wellness Ep. 1 Magic

The Witch’s Compass: Finding Direction With The Seven Winds

Healing Earth Mother: Employing Natural Climate Solutions

Are Cubs at Risk if Search for Practitioners of ‘Electronic Dark Arts’ Expands?

The Curse of Haiti

Man rams Jeep through the doors of a church, says he was seeking shelter from demonic “possession” (videos)

I Spent A Week Becoming A Witch: A Saga Of Arrogant Bitterness

Juan Sebastián Verón: the witch who cast a spell on football

This Hidden Gothic Oddities Shop Near Orlando Is Filled With Witchy Wonders

Foundations of Modern Witchcraft: Hermetic Philosophy

Tarot review: Play your occult cards right and you’ll wake up laughing

Review: The Little Work

Irish-American Witchcraft: Random Q and A

Disney Introduces: ‘Demon’ who Trains Children to be Witches

How to Do Paganism Wrong – Nine Arrogant and Offensive Ways

Pagan Community Notes: ACLU files human rights lawsuit against NM public schools, Invictus denied bail in S.C.

6 Minutes of Witchcraft: The Body as a Conduit & Magical Essence

Foundations of Modern Witchcraft: Hermetic Philosophy

Serial killer: Murdered sheep found with satanic symbols could be work of Hampshire Horse Ripper

I Spent A Week Becoming a Witch and the Results Were Troubling.

Becoming A Witch In A Week? Not Even Close.

Police: Witch Doctor and 3 Suspects Involved in Murder of Texas Physician

Disney Launches New TV Show Featuring Demons and Witches

This birthday boy accused Kangana Ranaut of being a witch, practicing black magic

Pagan & Shinto News: Teacher Wins Shinto Shrine’s New Year Good Luck Race

Pumpkin Spice Magick Spells

Extra Extra: America’s Witch Population Is Growing Wicca’d Fast

Self-confessed WITCHES and African voodoo ‘specialists’ are caught charging vulnerable alcoholics £500 for deadly ‘addiction curing spells’

2020-2030: Decade Of Activism Against Witch Persecution In Africa

First-look: Kass Morgan and Danielle Paige team up for witchy sorority novel

Living the Liminal: Does My Potion Bottle Collection Offend You?</a

The Cage in St Osyth: We spent a night in Essex’s most haunted house and this is what happened

Am I Really a Pagan?

Exorcisms make a 21st-century comeback

Powers of Fire


WEEK OF 1-5-2020

Warning to Parents: New Disney Cartoon Teaches Kids How to Be Witches, Using a Demon to Do So

Christian Group Warns Of New Disney Cartoon’s Witchcraft

Witching Hour: We need to talk about white witches

Witchin’ In The New Year

Awaken: The Earth Needs Her Wise Ones

You Can Go Home…Sometimes

Former New Age adherent spells out why ‘New Age’ is spirituality of post-Christian West

Witches Against Trump: Details on Our 2020 Spell-Casting and Social Mixer

Mind Your Ps and Qs: Reclaiming Pagan and Queer

Florida man wakes up to find stranger sucking his toes

Who Am I?

Italian Exorcist: Satanist Mentality Becoming Normal Among Youth

Grandmother allows paedophile cult leader to abuse four underage granddaughters to win lottery

The Fortuneteller’s Den

‘Witch’ plots ‘death ritual’ against Trump to stop war with Iran

Daily Practice – Blessing Bowl

2020 is the Year of the Witch

Pagan Community Notes: Pagans doing magical work against Australian fires, Cyndi Brannen post reported, and more!

Spirituality Has Long Been Erased From Art History. Here’s Why It’s Having a Resurgence Today

New Year, Witches: Elevate Your Craft

The area of Leicester that may be named after a flesh-eating demon witch

9 Ways To Improve Your Paganism In 2020

Pioneer Witchvox shuts down and ends an era

Pagan prisoners fuming over cell ban on candles and incense used to worship gods

A Conversation With the Spirit of James Lee Byars (1932-1997)

25 Most Anticipated Witch Books of Early 2020

You Can Get All The Witchy Vibes At This 2-Day Hex Fest In New Orleans This Summer

The New Book That 36 Witch Elders & Authors Have Praised

Witchcraft Pet Peeves

What 2020 means in numerology

SPOONS: Self-Care In Paganism

This is why the Christmas season technically lasts until January 6

Saving notorious occult house of Crawley one brick at a time

So You’ve Set Your Intentions – Now What?

No arrests yet made after sheep dies in ‘satanic’ stabbing in New Forest


WEEK OF 12-29-2019

The Magick Of Food – Rituals, Offerings, & Why We Eat Together

A Witch’s Guide to the New Year: Practical Magic 2020

The Pagan and Anti-Semitic Roots of New Year’s Day

Between Two Worlds: Reflecting on 2019

Traditional Astrology Is Very Gendered. These Astrologers Are Rethinking That

Evil Archaeology: Demons, Possessions, and Sinister Relics-A Review

Queer witches embrace alternate spiritualities

Shrooms, and the Shaman… Winter Folktales

Use Color Magic for Next-Level Good Vibes at Home

Pagans and Christians in the City

Pagan shop, taproom, caterer expanding

The Best Of The Decade: Top Ten Voodoo Universe Posts

Superstitions and a little magic and for the new year

Woman charged with possessing sorcery materials

HOW I fell for witch doctor’s promise to win my ex back – Nairobi woman

My Top 5 Magickal Moments In 2019 -This writer styles herself “the witch next door.”

That circumstance is more true than many readers could believe.

A ‘defining feature of masculine men’ — soldier’s Norse pagan faith earns beard waiver

Army National Guard soldier, 34, becomes the first ever to be allowed to serve with a beard because he is PAGAN

Pagan Community Notes: National Guard boots two Asatru guardsmen with ties to white supremacy, another religious exception for service members, and more!

Temptation is more dangerous to the soul than demonic possession, exorcist says

The Witch And Social Comparisons: How To Avoid Buzz-Killing Your Craft

Saturnalia: The Dark Pagan Truth Behind Christmas, James Vandrau, Whitgift School

Just Begin Again (and Again): A Spell of Beginning, Centering and Breathing

Pagan Tama Author Discusses Paganism In London Magazine

The true history of the conspiracy theories about the Knights Templar – Apparently, those who call the shots eventually become thin-skinned: ANYTHING which is not fawning PR becomes a “conspiracy theory.”

Witches of WeHo: ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Stars Katie, Kristen and Stassi Reflect on How Far They’ve Come Since Season 1

2019 Hornie Awards (Mostly Random Pagan Superlatives)

Witches perceived as threat to settlers in what’s now W.Va.

10 sapphic YA fantasy books coming out in 2020 to add to your TBR – Now is the perfect season for the world to use every opportunity to promote the open rebellion that is homosexuality.

Satanimals — Naughty Nippers

One theme that we’ve seen a lot of in board gaming recently is that of small box games dealing with the occult, with previous reviews for Crazy Cultists, The Blessed Dark and Banishment.

Two US National Guardsmen Dismissed Over Links to White Supremacist Pagan Group

New Year: Looking Back. Shaping Reality. Moving Forward.

Yule Ball attendees rejoice in the pageantry, camaraderie and dance jams

Nevada Guard grants uniform exception for Norse pagan believer

Praying For Life – Top 10 Ancient Fertility Goddesses


“Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

And that he was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve: After that, he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once; of whom the greater part remain unto this present, but some are fallen asleep. After that, he was seen of James; then of all the apostles. And last of all he was seen of me also, as of one born out of due time. ”
1 Corinthians 15:1-8

“For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.”
-—1 Corinthians 1:18-19



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