End Times Prophecy Headlines: November 22, 2013

End Times Prophecy Report Headlines: Bible prophecy in Today's headlines.
Bible prophecy in Today’s headlines.

End Times Prophecy Report
November 22, 2013

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IRAN: Western nations rush to restore business ties with Iran ahead of a nuclear deal and eased sanctions

UKRAINE: Ukraine, under pressure from Russia, puts brakes on European Union deal

NORTH KOREA: North Korea marks attack anniversary with threat on South’s president

ISRAEL: Netanyahu vows no nukes for Iran’s dark regime

SYRIA: US officials warn of insurgents streaming into Syria

EGYPT: Car bomb kills 10 Egyptian soldiers in Sinai – The forces of chaos are busy little beavers…

The world is still a bubbling cauldron of tensions and sin. Obtain the Peace that passeth all understanding.


Obama’s approval ratings sink to new low – So what?  The Corporate Media trumpet these numbers like they are important.  They are not important.  They may give grumbling Americans a momentary sense of satisfaction: “Oh good, everyone hates Obama.”

Again: so what?

Does it matter in the real world?  No.  The only reason it will matter is that the Corporate Media can begin to chatter about Obama’s “effectiveness” if the fairy tale numbers of the rigged polls keep descending (a media narrative in its own right).

Do you trust the Corporate Media?  Then why do you trust their polls?

“Happy Birthday to Vice President Joe Biden, who turned 71 years old today. Biden wore a party hat, carried balloons, and ate cake for lunch. So he was especially happy when they told him it was also his birthday.”
–Jimmy Fallon

The Dow is a House of Cards
The Dow is a House of Cards

Dow closes above 16,000 for the first time – The Dow is flooded with little green slips of paper called dollars–just like China.  For now, the house of cards stands.

But when it falls…

Air Force drops “So help me God” from their oaths

Air Force Academy drops “So help me God” from honor oath

“Members of the tea party gathered outside the White House to demand President Obama’s impeachment. The president said he appreciated their views and he is setting up a new website where they can voice their opinion.”

Senate passes nuclear option curbing filibusters – IF everyone weren’t playing for the same team, this would be a huge event.  As it is, it only means the Corporate Media will no longer be burdened with writing filibuster fairy tale narratives–except in a sort of alternate history “what if” manner.


Exclusive FBI Video: Al Qaeda in Kentucky handling heavy weapons – This is a storyline that will get HUGE exposure in the press in the run-up to the next domestic “terror attack.”  Think about it for one moment: why wouldn’t the FBI just bust the terrorists?

Maybe because things don’t really work like we were taught in school; like we’re conditioned by the press?

Terrorists are among, living on welfare – The media hungers for you to know this–and more importantly, to remember it when the appropriate time is come.  And not just ANY terrorists: they want Americans to remember MUSLIM terrorists.  Because if there were a terror attack, it would have to be by MUSLIM terrorists, right?

And how would Americans react?  Why, we would have to go to war against the entire MUSLIM world.  And that’s just what the NWO guys have in mind.  Aren’t you glad they have this all planned out so the rest of us can concentrate on the important things of life–like NFL, X-box and Facebook?

Do You Know Jesus?

Pittsburgh Diocese Wins Delay against Affordable Care Act – A couple notes:

1- ObamaCare’s very name “The Affordable Care Act” rubs salt into the wounds of Americans every time they will have to shell out hundreds of dollars more in premiums for thousands of dollars less in medical coverage.  There are two reasons for the name: a) Sponsors in Congress name their bills for their PR value of the name, not the accuracy with which it describes the law; and, b) Sometimes, the name serves as a little ‘inside joke‘ for the power elite in The DC (Den of Corruption).

2- Expect to see many Catholic institutions granted exemptions.  Oh, some will take it on the chin, especially those marked for obsolescence by the hierarchy.  But keep an eye on how many will be exempted.  A lot more could be said on the subject and may be said.  In the future.

Psychic who swindled many faithful dead – Here’s a question: How “faithful” can one be if one is consulting a psychic?

Her techniques are often mimicked by those who pose in church venues, hoping to garner funds from Christians who want to believe that they can tap into the spiritual world with a little help from a prophetic-type “seer.”

Game On: Humans vs ZombiesDaily Zombie Link

NYC: Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban Styrofoam – Bloomberg is the model of the public official of the near future: increasingly, public administrators will be in control of all manner of previously-personal decisions.  Their noose will get tighter and tighter while the grumbling will get louder and louder.

Do you know the One who can set you free?

City of Vancouver bans doorknobs in its future housing projects

A UNIQUELY AMERICAN HOLIDAY: Black Friday kicks off The 2013 Season of Greed.
A UNIQUELY AMERICAN HOLIDAY: Black Friday kicks off The 2013 Season of Greed.

Campers already staking out Black Friday bargains – In 2013 America, people trade their time–a finite resource –for a few trinkets or 30% off the latest bauble which will be forgotten by this time next year.

The Season of Greed is almost upon us.

Black Friday 2013 Promises Complications for Online Shoppers – Black Friday and the Season of Greed is so very far away from the little town of Bethlehem…

Thieves steal $500,000 worth of Red Bull energy drink from warehouse

“Thieves have stolen a half a million dollars’ worth of Red Bull. They’re described as armed, dangerous, and ready to go.”
–David Letterman

Bomb Threat Caused Panic at Muskingum University – Little taste of the future…

French weathergirl stuns audience with nude weather report – Worse and worse…

Americans need to stop Obama – Sad to say, Obama is not the problem.  Obama is the reflection of the problem.  The one who comes after Obama will be worse–whoever that one may be.

There are no political solutions to spiritual problems.

Lone Gunman or Conspiracy?  Americans are evenly divided in their opinions – This piece illustrates two things.

1- The sheer brevity of the American attention span.  Only last week, the same polling outift (Rasmussen) published a poll claiming that 61% of Americans believed in a JFK conspiracy.  But who remembers?  Even more, who cares for more than the 40 seconds it took to read both articles?  Other than the ones writing the narratives…

2- The complete and utter falsity of Corporate Media polls.  The questions are constructed in such a way that the narrative writers can build whatever story they want from the results.  And Americans–especially those with a smattering of education–have their collective mouths open ready to swallow any hook baited with Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics.

Boston Children’s Hospital kidnaps teen girl for 10 months, holds her as prisoner while threatening parents – (h/t:L)

(VIDEO) Seattle area schools using biometric hand scanners for students

“Grieve not the Holy Spirit.”
Ephesians 4:30 – (h/t:B)

Bioengineer: The heart is one of the easiest human organs to 3-D print, we’ll do it in a decade – It’s good to see human arrogance hasn’t disappeared in 2013 America.  Bioengineers continue to make grandiose claims, providing the foundation for one of the serpent’s original lies: “Ye shall not surely die:”

The enemy hasn’t changed: still offering knowledge in exchange for disobedience; still enticing with various and sundry versions of “Ye shall be as gods.”

As one Stuart K Williams, the bioengineer in the linked article demonstrates: as long as we live in a fallen world, there will be no end to the ones who will take the devil up on his offer.

The American Police State – Long ago, Americans made a bargain to trade their liberty in the living God for the false guarantees of man preserved on a sheet of paper.  After a few decades of decadence and excess, the bill is now coming due.

“Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”
2 Corinthians 3:17

The police state uses sin to first enslave its people–and sin is pleasurable “for a season.”  But once the populace is enslaved to sin, the police state, which is a construct of the enemy,  starts collecting its pound of flesh.

Costco labels Bible as “fiction;” apologizes

Free Yourself from the Media Mush!

Free Yourself from the End Times Confusion of the Alternate Reality of TV and Media

“If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

Cardiovascular Disease Decreased by Eating Nuts: Become Great Holiday SnackSunni Muslim Pope Sanctions Islamic Jew-Hatred Based Upon Koran 5:82 – The Sunnis have a pope?  Gracious!


Muslim Sees Young Girl, And In Cold Blood Fires A Bullet Into Her Heart

Muslims To Christians: “Your money is for us to take, your wife is for us to sleep with, and your children are for killing.”

Muslims Use Women To Lead Men On, Then Brutally Murder Them

Well, do you hate Muslims yet?  Are they somehow worthy of death?  Are Muslims almost less than human?  Because basically, that was the intent of these articles

A good working definition of propaganda: “when the writer appeals to the emotions instead of the logic of the reader.”

But Americans are too sophisticated to fall for propaganda, right?  Propaganda was so 1940s.

Thanks goodness we’re too smart in 2013 America to be deceived!

Ex-US Agent Claims Military Thwarted Obama False Flag EMP Attack this Fall – The “ex-US agent” in this article has been quoted in a number of articles saying a number of dire things.  Here’s the question: what if Dr. James Garrow, is not an “ex-agent?”

Once that scenario is entertained, then readers might possibly see where Garrow is trying to lead them with his “leaks.”

12 reasons not to fall for the Noah Movie hype – Unfortunately,  many Christians will fall for the hype–as they almost always do.


Radius expands around Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano after increase in emissions

Japan’s Nishino-shima volcano creates new island: first eruption in 40 years

QUAKE: Channel Islands region, California

QUAKE: 5.6 Kuril Islands

QUAKE: 4.9 near east coast of Honshu Japan

India prepares evacuation of 100,000 before Cyclone Helen hits

Video: Deadly new virus attacking dogs: What you need to know

Mysterious Fireball seen streaking across the Oregon sky?

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